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Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  
  This story takes place on the Sunday of the 2001 AFC championship game between the mew England patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The day also was my cousin christening and were celebrating it at my aunt’s house. My whole family was there from my father’s side and my uncle’s side also. This story says that my family is funny but also sets bad example for children and what the consequences are.

After walking out of the cold, dark and empty church every my father my cousin and I were all relieved and were happy to go watch the pats game back at the house. After getting back to the house we all sprinted in to watch the pats game. It was a very cold day out. My father likes to tease the little children s he tell my little cousin to call his grandmother his fathers mother “Big Grandma”. My father says that she is big in stature not in size. This woman is a big women in size so he really in size. That was the first bad ideas he gave the children. Later that day we were still watching the game. After the patriots turnover my father had a meltdown dropping f f-bomb after f-bomb with my younger cousin was in the room the same cousin who said big grandma. Me and my other cousin Paul who is my age were getting some food and we over hear my younger cousin who is four say its f-ing freezing out side. After hearing this I immediately told my father and he was speechless. So he tells my aunt who is the child’s mother who yelled at him. My father was blamed for him saying this after that I quote my uncle said “I want off the continent when he is a teenager”.

This story says my family is humorous but also gives bad examples to my younger relatives. The causal cursing and rude comments lead the younger children to repeat what my father or other older relatives say. This could lead to disaster but also could be a lesson to be learned .I have also learned that I have to set a good example for my younger relatives, but if I don’t my family will have more incidents like this To this day we have not had a problem with this now we send my father down to the basement to have his meltdown. This story shows different personalities of my family my father the person who can’t watch sports with other people and others who are normal like my cousin and I.

















Dear, Gerard Manly Hopkins After reading your work our text does not grant your work acceptable. Your poems are not bad, but a good text book needs a writer with visions his work and wants to write to a wider audience. A writer who brings meaning to his work and not just writes for a paycheck. A writer who’s work dos not just fade out but a writer whose work that will be around for centuries and mean something for along time. A poem that inspires a reader to write a work of his own. That is what a good text book want their readers to read.

The reason the text book did not accept your poem because it is hard to find a legitimate message in your poem. The message in your poem is not well identified. An example of this is in the poem “spring and fall to a child”. What is the message? Is it the seasons changing or the child growing older and leaner more about him or her self? If the messages were clearer we would of chosen you for our text book. The other reason we did not like the poem was the scheme of the writing of it. It is too hard to understand with the type of the poem you are reading if the scheme is really hard to pick up. The next problem we had was the use of your vocabulary in your poems. Our textbook wants poets who poems and vocabulary is easier for the student that are reading the work. An example where the difficult vocabulary is seen is in the poem “hurrahing in Harvest.” the words that are used is “majestic- as a stallion stalwart.” most student ages 14-16 would not know what this phrase would mean. It is hard to tell what you are saying in your poems when you use very difficult vocabulary. The difficult vocabulary makes it very hard for the reader to understand what the author is writing. If Robert Logins of U S A today says that you are “unreadable” we will if you are unreadable we will no let you and your works be in our textbook. What a good text book needs is good writers with good criticism.

Thank you for writing to our textbook. Again we want a writer who writes for a greater purpose and not just for the paycheck. We want, meaning in our selection, and work that is easy to understand and read. Again, we thank you for writing to us we hope you have better luck in the future.

























There are many words in the English language and the English dictionary. All of the word can help, or even hurt the language. Some mean very good things and some can mean very bad things. The word that I chose was the word record. This word is helpful to the English language even though it can mean many different things this word can help and show how the English word are diverse in their meanings and uses.

The word that I chose is the word “record”. The word record is used by a lot of people through out the English speaking world. The word record can be used in many different ways. It could be something that is written down and kept for a long time, or it could be a device that plays music, the word record come from the Latin root Re-. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines the word as “the state or fact of something being written down.” the next dictionary that I used was the American heritage dictionary. this dictionary defines the word record as “to register or ordinate.” the third and final dictionary that I used was the Cambridge online dictionary. The Cambridge dictionary defines the word as “to keep for the future by being kept in writing.” all of these dictionaries have very similar definitions. The word record is primarily used as something that deals with writing being kept for the future.

The word record is important to our lives because it can serve many purposes . the oxford English dictionary definition of the word record “the fact or tribute of being or having been committed to writings as the evidence of a matter of having legal importance in a crime.” the Oxford English dictionary definition show that the word record has a lot to do with the court system and the justice system. maybe it even means more to court cases. the word record dates back to the 1300s in England. the oxford English dictionary its the best dictionary out there and is very helpful. it helps show how the word record is helpful in the English dictionary used in the court of law and how it help the language and the people all together.

The word “record” is used a lot in the English language in speech and in writing. a phrase where the word is used is “Hank Aaron hold the all time homerun record” I asked ten people what was the first thing that came into their head when they heard the word record. The first person that I asked was my neighbor Paula Foley she said” something that plays music.” the second person I asked was my father Doug Ferguson he said “too have something written down for the future.” my father’s answer relates to the dictionary entries. the third person I asked was my uncle john Galvani he said” noise” he thinking of the music aspect of the word record. The last source I used was Mr. McGonegal and he said” written in language and speech. The word also has been seen in writing. there have been many famous writers who have used the word in their writings. It was first used by cursor in 1300 in 9711 “Ne dom agh haf right na record, Ar we ben all at an a-cord.the” the next writer to us it I s Fitzherb. Surv. 20 “Whan a mater.Is past by verdyt..And entred in the kynges recordes there it resteth of recorde, and also yf a dede or a patent be inrolled there it remeyneth of recorde in lyke mane”the last famous writer to use it is Shakespeare in 1603 measure for measure. II. ii. 40 to fine the faults, whose fine stands in record, and let goes by the Actor. Over the years the word record has had many uses in speech and in literature.

Many critics have critized the word “record”, or have used it I a different way. The first critic George Vass that wrote used record in this way explaining it for Hank Aarons home run record which is 755. “Worry about the records has been obviously heightened by the expectation that Barry Bonds, who entered the current campaign with 703 home runs, would surpass Babe Ruth's career total of 714 this season, and may even threaten Hank Aaron's major league record of 755.” (Baseball Digest; Jun2005, Vol. 64 Issue 4, p22, 9p, 5bw) that was how record is used in context to baseball records. The next critic used in the subject of music. Cyrus Farivar writes about podcasts and how to record them ”To record a Podcast, you need a few basic pieces of equipment: microphone, headphones, and software. Most iMacs, laptops, and eMacs have internal microphones.” these critic use the wird :record in many different ways to explain simple thing from recording music on you computer or talking about baseball records.

A big issue this year in bilingualism and if their should be an official language in the United States. their should be no official language in the united states because the English language comes from all of the romantic languages. Another reason is that in the United States there are a plethora of different languages being spoken at the some time by people of different cultures.












































Beowulf Poem

What events will we see? Will the story be about life? Will the story have a surprise ending? Will the story be similar to grendal? What will happen to the main character? Will something tragic happen? What will be the main characters struggle? Does this text relate to any other writings? Will it add the darkness of the Victorian age of writing? Will it share the tragedy of our other poems?