English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  

It was about 4 years ago and it was Christmas day. My family and I were all at my grand mothers house for dinner and a party. This story shows how at times my family can party and drink a little much. It involves my Uncle Chris, my Dad, My mom, my Grandmother and I. It starts at my grandmothers and ends at the hospital. After opening presents in the mourning my family and I headed to my grandmothers house in south Boston. My entire family was their having a good time. We all had a beautiful dinner and handed out presents to each other. By this point my family had been drinking pretty heavily and my Uncle Chris was making a fool out of himself. In My grand mothers house there is a step going into every room, Chris was walking into the kitchen and tripped not noticing the step and landed on his chin. He hit the ground like a fish out of water. When he got up we noticed that he was heavily bleeding from the chin. My mom who was sober drove my uncle with my dad and me to the hospital. My uncle went into the emergency room and we stayed in the waiting room. We were all concerned with my uncle’s health but we were also laughing extremely hard that we were in a hospital on Christmas night. As we were waiting my dad gave my mom a diamond ring for Christmas. He said, “There was no other place he could think of more romantic to give it to her then a hospital waiting room”. My uncle came out with stitches and we drove back to my grandmothers for the night. This was the funniest thing that could ever happen to my family and also the most memorable Christmas of my life. It wasn’t about the presents this year it was bout spending three hours with my family in the hospital. I learned from this that first you shouldn’t drink to the extent of falling over yourself and getting hurt. I also learned that you could have a great Christmas no matter where u are. My uncle is a little embarrassed and he apologized for it but it all went over good.