English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  












Dear Seamus Heaney, It was hard when I had to pick which authors would be included in this years 2004 textbook for literature but unfortunatly you were among the several authors that i did not struggle with putting you in the book. I strongly believe that a good writer of an sort be it poems short stories and novels should inspire and ultimatly keep their interest.In Seamus heaney you come away with a negative feeling, it is almost depressing and in a school enviorment that kind of energy is not useful.

 As James Manatal says " Sheamus Heaney poems tend to differ in authentic truth. I also agree with him your poems dont always sound like they are the truth if that is what you are trying to accomplish with your work. I am sorry for not allowing you to display your work in this years edition of the literary text book but i do not feel that you meet the standards to be included in it thankyou

 Sincerely, Desmond Weathersby.