English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  
  It was about three weeks ago when i sat down at the dinner table and asked my father to tell me a funny story about our family. He then told me how he had a great about my uncle Richie and his father. It showed me that my family is actually a pretty funny group of people when u get to know them.

It all happened when he was a young boy. The family was at the beach and my father and my uncle Richie were playing around and throwing sand and balls at each other. It was all fun and games until Rich got some sand in his eyes. So he started running around, screaming crying and maligning my father.

After hearing what his sone was saying my grandpa called Richie over, but he just started running down the pier. Still claiming that he couldnt see he continued running with his father not far behind him. All of a sudden he stops and his father didnt expect it and tried to get out of the way of his hurt son and went flying off the sid eof the dock. Richie just all of a sudden started laughing histerically at thier dad. They ended up helping him out of the freezing cold water. Obviously they were grounded but my dad did say "it was worth watching." He thought it should have been put on Americas Funniest Home Videos.

All in all what I learned about my family is that they are exactly the same way today. I learned that they're funny and funny things that happened to them as they do to me even today. I deal with these funny things by laughing about them and remembering them all the time beacuse they make me laugh and show that my family is a pretty funny group of people.

















Dear Charles Dickens,

I am sorry to inform you that we have decided to not place your work in our upcoming sophomore english textbook. We feel as if a good textbook need work that is not as long and with out the use of old english that high-school students these days do not understand. A good textbook should have more short stories and poems instead of a few long novels like many that you have written. We do not want to use alot of pages on one single story and if we were to enter your work we would have to use many pages for one single novel.

Kids today do not want to read long stories. They like to be able to finish the stories as quick as possible. Also it is not just the kids who feel this way, much of the general population feels this way as well.

Also the language that you use is as you already know old english. To people reading your work today, they have no idea what half of the words that you use mean. We do not speak or write like that anymore. for example "halloa" not many people know what that means and they do not want to spend the time looking it up so they can understand the rest of the sentence. Many people are not choosing your work becuase of this and if we feel that they are not going to read or enjoy your work then we might as well not add you into the textbook. i hope that you do not think that Iam the only one who feels like this because Deidre Donahue said " when I read his work i had trouble understanding a good chunk of the vocabulary and im forty three years old!"

I am not saying that your work is bad but it is just not what we are looking for in this years edition. Once again Iam sorry for this news and I hope you can understand why we made this decision. Sincerely, Steve Polizzi