English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  
  This unusually funny story happens between me, my aunt Nicole, her daughter, and her friend. It is about the cicadas that come to Maryland every 4 year. This happen to me last summer. During this ordeal I learned a lot about my self, my family. Also who I can count on in a bad situation.

Let me tell you what happened. This story starts on a long and boring ride to Fredericksburg Virginia. The car was quiet as we sat in traffic. As it was seaming like we would never get there we decided that we would stop and stay at my uncle Lloyd’s house in Maryland about two hours out of Virginia .We proceeded to get out of the car and walk to his apartment. As we were walking a old man told us of an insect type creature call the cicadas . This insect was said to come every four year around the same time. We pay the man no mind and figured that the insects we insignificant and probably already past by now. When we got to my uncles apartment we discovered that he was not home. He was at a cookout that had ben cut short by these insects. So we decided to climb the hill and wait for my uncle to get home.

Just then, we saw a black, brownish cloud bearing down on us. As we began to figure out what it was, my phone rang. It was my uncle, telling me he was home and that the cicadas were approaching us. So we took off running, cicadas hitting us in the back. By the time we got to the hall, the walls were lined with them, thousands of them. My cousin, who is a little on the heavy side, was falling behind. We dashed down the hall, got into the apartment, and closed the door, followed by the thud, the sound of hundreds of them hitting the door.

Soon, we came to realize that we were one short. My cousin was still in the hall. We debated who would go and get her. I refused to go, so my aunt and uncle went. They found her in a heap of bugs. They then burst into the room, covered with them, and my cousin was whining about how we had left her, and that's how it ended.

In this occurrence I realized a lot about me and my family and about my self. I learned that in a dilemma I can count on my family to run into a hall filled with bug and drag me to safty. The sad thing I learned is that I can’t even count on myself for anything. Also I hate anything small and that crawls. Babies beware.










Dear Mr. Dickens I am sorry to inform you that you will not be included in of sophomore text book this year. The students think and I agree that your style of writing surpasses the tenth grade level. Your stories are hard to read and to understand by students and myself. Your stories are also very long to put in our book. Even to take out a portion of one of your short stories, and have it be understandable, would be impossible. We, in our text book, are looking or poem pros and short stories that are readable and understandable by the average tenth grade student. These are our expectations and I sorry to report that your stories do not meet our criteria. Yours stories are just too hard for our students to comprehend. If the students do not get what they are reading they do not learn. If they do not learn I am not doing my job. Just take for example in the signal man you say, “The monstrous thought came into my mind, as I pursued the fix eyes and the saturnine face, that was a spirit.(871) So I think you can agree when I say that the sophomore at the schools that we distribute to would not appreciate being confused by your style of writing. Also a problem I have with your writing style is that all your books and short stories are too long to even print in our book. If wee printed two or three of your short stories it would take up half of our whole book. Your books are made in excess of 800 pages and your short stories get reach of 100 pages or more. You can see that it is imperative for us to small pieces of writing in our book. This is another reason that we cannot include you. I am truly sorry that that we cannot include you. I myself am a fan of your work, but even I know it would be ridiculous it add you in our text book. Maybe If the book was called Charles Dickens the book we would put you in, but even then they would be able to add most of your. So due to the circumstances were unfortunately will not be adding your in our book. Yours truly, Noel Mckinnon