English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  
  One day, I was sitting in my room, thinking about what I would do for this weekend. Then my mom and sister decided that the family was going to take a camping trip together for the whole weekend. I thought it was a great idea because I have never been camping with my whole family, and just to think of the fun we will have.

We left on Friday night at 6 o clock. We were going to Brimfield Mass, it would take about two hours just to get there. When we finally arrived I thought the place was great, and when we finally got settled we just sat around the fire just to close out the night and all we could think about was the fun we were going to have on Saturday. On Saturday morning I woke up around 9:30 and all I thought about was going fishing in the lake with my dad and sister. I had a great time, and when we got back my mom was preparing lunch. After lunch my sister and I went back down by the lake to fish. Then all of a sudden a head poked out of the water and it was a turtle. I jumped to try to catch it and I did. When we got back I was so excited and so was my dad, but on the other hand, my mom hated turtles. It wasn’t going to be easy for her approving it so we just didn’t tell her.

Sunday morning was the same we woke up ate breakfeast but instead of going fishing wee went by the pool to lay out. This whole camping trip was fun, we all had fun, I thought to myself and I’m glad we came. When we returned to our camper we went to go check on the turtle. It wasn’t there so we went to go ask my dad and he said I thought you hid it from mom. Then we went to ask my mom and she said she let it go. We wanted to take it home, but mom said she wouldn’t of let us. My sister and I were coming up with a plan to get back at my mom. She said before we leave tonight make sure you start a fire, so I listened to her. It came to 5:00 and we were about an hour before we leave, and it was already dark. My sister told my mom she would be right back and I figured she went to do whatever payback she had in stored for my mom. Then I heard a noise in the bushes it was a bear first I freaked out then all of a sudden realized if this is my sisters way of getting payback on mom.. I went up to it talking to it thinking it was my sister then all of a sudden my sister came up from the stairs and said ready to go. My sister freaked out to then I started running told my mom lets go and we left. I looked pretty stupid telling the story to my family in the car. When we finally got home I asked my sister what payback she had on mom then she said look in the back. It was a cage with 4 turtles in it. I knew then that my sister went back down to the lake caught more turtles and put them in the car. Then my sister said we won’t get caught now.

This story has taught me that never be so sure of yourself because if I didn’t run I could of been seriously injured. My family has decided that it will be a while until we go camping again, and when we do never leave left open trash near your camper.


















Dear Thomas hardy, This year, i plan on doing a lot of revisions for the 2005 prentice hall literature sophmore level textbook. My staff and I feel that your work is not needed in this year's edition. We first came to this conclusion because we took a survey on our internet site. We feel that out of all the poets in our book you were one of the last that the children felt that your work was unexplainable and feel that it was to hard to read your text and understand it.I think a good textbook should include short stories, novels, and play writes just too add a little more fun with the kid's life in literature. Under all these circumstances we do not feel the need that you should be included in our textbook. You are a poet a good one i might add but not suitable for the sophmore level. A reason why we will not be including you in our 2005 textbook is because your style of writing is tremendous but we feel on the sophmore level that you do not have enough imagination or creativity for kids on a sophmore level.The writers in our book we not just picked at random they were chosen because they have shown dedication and hard work into creating their masterpieces. These are some of the words that do not come up to my mind when i am reading your poems.Thomas Hardy i feel that you have not come up with any good stories or poems and since your past times all the poems you have wrote were already put into our 2003, 2004 textbook. If you were in my position would you put in work that kids have already seen before? Another reason why we will not be including you in our textbook is that this year we feel that in the 2004 textbook we had too many poets in our book. We felt the need that we should add other activities other than poems. In our meeting about this we took a vote on what poets to take out and i am sorry Mr. Hardy but you were the first name my staff came up with. This was not a competition on who we like and dislike this was a decision based off what we thought was best for the kids, also when we see kids reading browning, tennyson, and other poets they have fun with what their reading, but when we see kids reading yours they think its boring or can not really make out what you are trying to say. I am not the only who feels this way about your poems as stated by Robert B. Shaw. He quotes "Hardy's poems are at a level of immaturity and from this his style has not changed overtime."(20). You see Mr. Hardy no one feels that your work is great but this letter is not to discourage you, but to inspire you into writing great poems and if i feel that they will be great and i do have hope that we will put you in our 2006 edition of prentice hall literature.As an editor you do not know how much pressure was on me into making this decision, but know this you have a great talent poetry and Mr. Hardy use it as a hobbie not a profession. Sincerly, Anthony Johnson



















The poem Wedlock: A Satire is presented with many themes of superstitions. It talks about ghosts, Satan, and curses. The theme that is presented the most is curses. The poem generally discusses how Satan became the way he is and how when things happen to him he takes an unexpected turn to get back as what as happened to him. As a result Satan in this poem is kicked out of heaven for not being a true follower of god. The poem creates a interesting plot of how Satan plans on getting his revenge.

The theme that is present in this poem is the idea of curses. Satan since being kicked out wants to curse the good and rid the evil. He is furious of the way people had treated him and he wanted to show what it was like to not be known or liked. Satan now wants evil to rule the human race because as he says if God is good why did he kick me out of heaven? He knew that jesus knew he in his heart was evil god just figured it out before Satan did something he really regret.

The theme of curses presented in the poem show that people of 1876 really did not care much for religion. Although their were some who probably worshipped for religion but to show the theme of curses britsh society must have had a lot of hatred or lot of love because curses back then were either to solve a probelm or help ones who are in need.Most of the time curses were used to punish those who have done wrong as would Satan do but not towards the bad only the good.

The poem is another way of expressing a metaphor for hatred. Satan is presented in this poem as good until when he is released from heaven he has nothing but evil intentions for the good people and now he wants the world to be filled with evil. This poem was not really known by a lot of people because the idea of the poem is great but does not give a logical explanantion for everything told, also Mehetabel Wright is not a poet known by many throughout his life he has had only 23 works published. The average writer will probably in his lifetime write about 30 published works. Mehetabel did not live very long because he died of a heart attack he was 31.

Although this poem was very interesting, many have not read it. One man who has read it named Charles P.G Scott a librarian of Iowa State University writes " Meheatbel Wright's poem Wedlock: a Satire lacks the quality of good writing and that the poem has too many thems in it." He writes this to show Mehetabel Wright presents too many thems in this poem as he does in all of his poems. Charles also said that every poem of Mehetabel that he has seen has too many themes in it and does not focus on one main topic but Wedlock is the closest to presetnting only one theme.
































The English language today is a very confusing language because they have words that can mean the same thing but also have different meanings. After knowing to this present day that there are 800,000 words in the English language and counting I picked one specific word and witness was the word I chose. The word witness is helpful to our language and world because a witness is very important to a case because sometimes its what it takes to catch a bad guy. What would happen if there were no witnesses? A person would not know who killed their loved one or a local store owner would not know who robbed their store yes many different uses of word witness but all helpful to people and our language.

In the dictionary it is said to be “one who can give a first hand account of something seen or heard” in the American heritage dictionary 4th edition. In the riverside Webster’s dictionary it says it means “one who has personally seen or heard or experienced something”. In the old English American heritage dictionary it is defined as “one who can furnish evidence.” All of these meanings are different.After asking my mom (freda johnson) she supposed the word witness meant someone who sees something suspicious. My dad (Anthony Gannetta) believed the word to be someone involved with a crime. My uncle and aunt both thought someone important to a case. The other 6 people in my family all had related answers, they all said that the word witness means something or someone who has seen something important. Yourself Mr. McGonegal described as the Harrison ford movie, and usually a witness is someone who is stupid no clue.

I also looked up the word witness in the oxford English dictionary and there were two parts of speech to it (V, N) as a noun it means “knowledge, understanding, or wisdom.” This form of the word was first used in the year 950. The 2nd def for it meant “attestation of a fact or event or statement,” but after the year 950 this word was officially known as dead to the English language. As a verb first used in 1300 it means “to bear witness, to testify.” This word as it seems is used a lot in the court of law. After reviewing the word witness in dictionary.com its up to date def means “one who can give a firsthand account of something seen or heard.”

Back then describing the word witness was very difficult because the people felt that its actual meaning gave the context a different meaning. Writers were cautious in which ways they used the word witness. As Wycliff a writer wrote out of his seldom works II in 1380 described the word witness as “Whanne a symple man sei a treue, we trowen it not for he sei it,..but Crist is man of greet witnesse.” it Means that Christ is a man who can see everything. In 1482 the monks of evesham described witness as “His owne seyng that he had tolde before to a few persons of wytnesse” This phrase is saying that whatever man had told people something and they are now witnesses. As a verb in 1338 R. Brunne in the chronicle says that William of malmesbirie is a witnes to his own writing. In 1507 fisher a writer for a local funereal home writes that she had witness it until the hour of her death, meaning she had a suspicious feeling her death was coming soon.

A way that you know that the English language is confusing is that they could take one word and have it mean many other things. After recently going online I found one source very different. Mark Souder a U.S representative shows that the word witness is also tied in with intimidation, also known as “witness intimidation” it is the problem of protecting harmless citizens from domestic terrorism and criminals. Ina a article about illegal drugs in sports Dick Patrick of the U.S.A today has an article from April 28th, 2005 in the NFL they have a group known as the witness panel that controls everyone’s drug use and non drug use.

I was really getting tired of asking all Americans and U.S natives what they thought so I asked my mom’s boyfriend John Primes dad is from Greece. He was raised and born there when I recently saw him last week I asked what you thought the word witness meant to you. He said a witness is someone important to a case someone who sees something. I didn’t stop there I also asked my next door neighbor who was from Spain Tomas Cierdo and he said that witness was not a word used a lot in Spain but after being here he says someone who goes to court of law to put the defendant in jail. In conclusion, The word witness is not a word that is hard to comprehend it comes from the Latin root (wytnes) meaning to see yes many definitions for witness but it all ties in and you never know maybe in the future the word will find another meaning.




















































King Arthur IV of Sweden

The nobelest of princes
air to the throne wonderful family support
to call his own to be the king
you have to be the best know what you have to do
get it off your chest you could be the best of all
take good strides never fall and you never know some day
maybe your brother charlie could have the throne
come his way