English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  
  For my family to learn anything, they must learn it the hard way. Here is a perfect example how, when my brother gets mugged by a bird. How does that happen. Like if the bird actually pulls out a gun and says,”this is a stick up”, not necessarily. Any ways it was a hot sunny day at Sea World in Orlando, Florida. I was with my family on a bright, sunny, Friday afternoon. We had done almost all the attractions in the park.

The one thing that we didn’t do was feed the seals. So we went to the pool, where the seals were. My father had bought a bucket of fishes. Everyone had about five fishes to feed to the seals. We would toss the fishes into the pool to see which seal would get it first. Some seals caught the fishes in mid-air, like a wide receiver in the end zone, jumping for the ball.

My brother, on the other hand would give the fishes to certain seals that he favored. There was one, particular seal that my brother liked, but I guess the seal didn’t want to eat. Maybe the fish had a great portion of fried shrimp or sushi before we got to him. Any ways my brother would not give up. So, he would wave the fish in the air, trying to get the seals attention. Of course, instead of getting the seals attention, my brother got the attention of a hungry, beak-like scavenger. All of a sudden, a bird came swooping from the sky, onto my brothers shoulder, snatching the fish from his hand. As my brother screamed and yelled, we laughed our rear ends off. From being scared, my brother ended up throwing is fishes in the pool at once, giving up all of his fishes to the other seals.

This story teaches me that my family is really picky. It also teaches me that for my family to learn, or to get something, they must do it the hard way. In this story my brother is obligated to give this particular seal a fish. Instead of just feeding any seal, he had to learn the hard by having his fish eaten by a bird. Therefore, losing all of his fishes. The funniest thing about this story is when my brother was screaming and we were laughing because he was scared. That was funny because the look on his face was comical and terrifying at the same time. That it how my brother got mugged by a bird and how my family is so hard-headed.
















Dear Robert Browning,

I am writing this letter to you just to say how sorry I am. Not putting any of your work in my text was a hard decision. It took a lot of thinking and revising. I think a good text book should be easy for a student to understand. I am sure your work will make it some place better. Some place more challenging or higher of a education than a Sophomore level perhaps. What I am saying is that your text should not be hard to understand.

Your work is very difficult for me and others at the Sophomore level to understand and comprehend. Try a higher level of education, it is crazy for Sophomores of any level of knowledge. Take for instance, this line”Stranger like you that pictured countenance, The depth of passion of it’s earnest glance”. What Sophomore would understand that, I sure can not.

I am sorry I can not insert your work into my text book. Like I said earlier, your work is good enough to make it somewhere else, not in my textbook. Maybe a higher level of education. I hope you do not think that I am the only person that does not agree that your work is at a Sophomore level. Here is Lee Bock who also disagree with some of your work: "Robert Browning is one of the most beloved English poets--and one of the most difficult to read."(183) This is an understatement of your work.Thanks for your participation and your hard work.























Through out his school year, we have many stories, poems and books that deal with superstition. Like Macbeth which is of a man who is foretold to be king by a trio of witches. or like Lady of Shalott which is of a woman who is bound not to look out of her tower window or she will die. These are some of many works that we have read that have dealt with superstition. Here is a story that not many people(writers) are fond with that deals with superstition.

Charity, by Alfred Lord tennyson, is of a woman who cursed a man who is hurt by the man because he cheats on her. So to have revenge, she sends a curse upon him and his newly wedded wife(the girl he cheated on her with), who survives the train wreck but unfortunately, the man does not. The woman bears a child and goes to the woman who has put the curse upon her. They become great friends and the woman regrets putting the curse on her. The woman dies of a fever and the other woman has so much love for her, she than adopts the baby.

This story is pretty interesting and I liked it. There are many things this story can tell me of British Literature. One thing I know for sure is that many people of British Literature in the late eighteenth hundreds were very superstitious. Also another thing that I know is that they believed i a lot. there was not as much technology as there is today to prove a lot of the superstitiousness wrong. alot of the time people do not take this work seriously because not a lot of people believe in superstition today because it can be proven wrong. I think they should because some superstitions are true. I believe.

Charity is a good story that proves that British Literature authors somewhat believed in superstition. There are many others like Lady of Shalott and Macbeth(The Scottish Play), but I think Charity is the best. Here is a another person who agrees with men named Linda K. Hughes, this is what he said,”... he finds a kind of afterlife... ...after their own deaths through the ongoing life of text.” This is a great example of what others think of British Literature, Tennyson, and superstition.


























Language, I believe, is one of the most important characteristics of culture. All over the world there are many different kinds of languages. Language is one of the most important forms of communication. I believe that English the most dominant language in the world. Then Spanish. I believe that in a few hundred years that English will take over the world and there will be no more languages. I think that if this happens we will be losing a big part of our heritage or culture.

There are many words in the English language. There are about 800,000 English words in existence today. Out if 800,000 words I have chosen one word to view the whole world through. The word that I have chosen and that I believe will be a good word to look through is “Beauty”. Throughout the years the English language has changed its definitions of words. Some words even have multiple definitions. Beauty is a weird word. Beauty has definitions that relate to each other but are still different. Mr. McGonegal has said that the word “Beauty” has reminded of a “Beauty Shop”. He has also said that Beauty is a “make believe word or false” and it it “not as true as beautiful.”Here is a definition from the Oxford English Dictionary just so you could get a perspective on what the word means. Beauty means “ the abstract quality personified or the quality or combination of qualities which affords been pleasure to the senses, that of sight which charms the intellectual or moral faculties. Many words in the English language come from other languages or roots. The word “Beauty” comes from the French.

Every word in the English language has a history. Some words dating from the year thousands of years ago to fifty years ago. The word “Beauty” was first used in literature around the year 1275. Beauty was first used in the literature called “in Wright Lyric P.XVI 53. “Heo is cristal of clannesse, Ant baner of bealte.”[sic] The word “Beauty” was obviously “bealte”. There were many times the word “Beauty” were used. Here is another piece of early literature that Beauty was used. By “E.E. Allit. P.A 764” which was used around 1325. “He zef me mizt &als bewte” As you can see during this time the word “Beauty” was spelled as “bewte”.

Many people have different definitions for many various words. I have asked various people and about forty percent have said something relating to prettiness or appearance. Some people have given me very vague opinions of the word like Sasha Jardine who said that when she thought of the word “Beauty” she thought of the word “pretty”. Others like Neselle Aponte have given opinions of the word “Beauty” as “whatever the person thinks it is.” She says that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and also that “beauty is abstract”. These opinions let us know that the word “Beauty” is not a stable word and the word can mean anything that any body wants it to mean. This makes it harder for others who speak a foreign language to learn English.

The word “Beauty” has made it harder for many foreign language speakers to learn English. My cousin Neselle Aponte, who speaks the language Spanish very well has quoted a saying “tu eres bellisima” which means “your are beautiful.” In Spanish there is a word for beauty. In some other languages there is no word for beauty. Since Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn and is the fastest growing minority language, there should be a for beauty in it. There are also many other people who use the word differently then it should. Heck, some people us the meaning with opposite definitions. Ian Ogilivy who uses the word with opposite definitions like “A Great and Terrible Beauty” This makes no sense, but yet this lets use know that the word “Beauty”makes the English language a bad language for foreign language speakers.

Beauty has not made the world a better place because it has made it harder for others to learn the dominate language of the world. I believe that one day the dominant language will be Spanish. It is the fastest growing minority in the world. Beauty makes it harder because it is not a stable word. Beauty can be given many definitions depending on the beholder. This makes it harder to learn the language. Of course every English word makes the English language better but it does not benefit the rest of the minority world.