English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  
  It all started on the dreaded day of christmass 1995. My family and I have always had a great christmass at my grandparents house and nothin could go wrong. Now a days christmass is some what of a curse to my family. Never would you think so many people in the family could get hurt on this great day, but it does and some pretty bad. As you 1995 was the first of many and this one started with a boom. You know how uncles just love to pick on their on nephews, well that was my case. my uncle was trying to catch me not knowing there was ice on the ground, stupidly he flew right across the ice and landed right on his back. Laughin in pain he soon found out he broke his back. To me at the time i thought it was hillarious for him trying to get me and he ended up getting hurt. That was just the first of the dreaded family curse. The next year of the curse hit my brother, my brother being 4 at the time running around the house like crazy in the house clipping the christmass tree and having a glass ortament land on his head, balling his eyes out didnt stop the pain for him. Later that day he got stiches. As you can see for the past few years for the family have been a nightmare and many hurt. Maybe this year we can reverse the curse, and hopefully the curse doesnt land on me.















Dear Robert Browning, I regret to inform you that your material will not be making it into next years text. Your probally wondering why? Beielve me I can name a ton. It's not that your poems are terrible, I just don't think it's wut a true 10th grader really wants to read. Your words are to long and some very confusing for the 10th grade student to understand. If your still not mad at me by next year here are some tips to make it into my textbook. You have to make excitement in your stories, 10th graders want to read about action, sports comedy or love not things that'll put a kid to sleep. Robert, you also have to shorten your vocabulary, maybe you carry a dictionary around with you to find new words but 10th graders do not and never will. Robert if your just thinking its me that doesnt like your material you are truely wrong theres other also my friend and beilve me I have been nice. You don't even want to see wut these people have wrote. It is amazing how they all agree with me. As you can see browning if you want to make it into my text you must work hard and make things interesting. One more peice of advise, good luck and see ya next year.THANK YOU