English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  
  Whenever I was younger, I would here stories of my mom’s father. Then when I heard one of his stories, I began to think of how he began when he first came over from Ireland. I also thought did we have any similarities.

One story about my grandfather is about one of his first jobs, when he came to America. The farmer boy from Athen Ri came to New York by “boat” then to Boston. His first job was a gravedigger for quite some time, but then joined the gas company. Then it was called Boston Gas but now Keyspan.

“Thomas we have a problem with today’s burial”, said Mr. Riley.* “What’s the problem” said my grandfather full knowing it be something hilarious.* “The body won’t fit in the casket” said Mr. Riley* “What is he a giant” said Thomas

“No he is a hunchback: said Mr. Riley* “Well get the rope. We will have to tie him down so he doesn’t reach for all the ladies” said my grandfather sarcastically* So all was fine…..they tied the ropes around the casket and the ropes were holding…, but when the Priest began to speak the ropes began to untie and POP goes the corpse. The women shrieked as loud as a Celtic battle cry and the priest in the fetal position holding his cross out in front of him and shouting, “MAY THE PRESCENE OF CHRIST SEND YOU AWAY!!!!!!”

After about fifteen minutes, they all stopped noticing that the dead man who flew out of his casket wasn’t their beloved Harold. A few minutes later everyone found out that Mr. Riley accidentally got the bodies mixed up and the Hunchbacks funeral wasn’t till two days time. My grandfather sarcastically said, “We have to do this again…..god we might as well straighten his back by giving him a few whacks with a hurling stick.”

What this teaches me about my family, is that though my grandfather started with very well something you don’t discuss over dinner kind of job, but later in life found a job that he liked. This is similar to me because well I hate my job which is bagging groceries by the way and I plan on not having it for much longer. Something else this teaches me is that my grandfather made sarcastic comments and as do I from time to time. So ends the essay.






















































  The Lonely Lands

(inspired by alfred lord tennyson)

In this these lands So spoken of by one so long ago

Lies an open field yet Not full of green not full of many

Not full of beauty Yet Polluted These lands hold nothing of value

Nothing for any to build Just barren Yet For few these lands can be changed

And become The lands of many So many lands

Drift on this azure world of ours They of the wise,

They of the terrorized They of the foolish, They of the peaceful.