English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  

It was during a hot summer day of 1997, when we were playing football on a narrow street, where my cousin was very clumsy.By him being so anxious to make an heroic , he ended up geting hurt and embarrased. After the incident, everyone laughed except for the family. There was even an incident, which inolves me being clumsy, also. Because my clumsiness, we ended up not taking a family photo at the time.

On the hot smmerday of 1997, we were all playing football on a narrow street, that which we all lived on. everyone were playing, even my slinky cousin, whom I never claim, was playing. No one threw the ball to the slinky kid, so he began to get madand whined about it. But, when the ball was finaly thrown his way(a deep, long, and high pass) he ran for it. Like an idiot, he didn't look foward to see where or what he was running into. As he kept running top speed and looking up, he kept yelling "I GOT IT, I GOT IT!" then, BOOM! he hit a parked car. And the embarrasing thing is, he ran into his own mother's car. Everyone laughed except for the family.

One day while taking a family picture, the photographer had set up the background. As my brother and I posed, he took the picture, FLASH! It was like I seen the light. I had got so dizzy from the flash, I had knocked over the whole background that was set up prior to the picture. We ended up not being able to take the family picture because the photographer got mad and told us to leave. My parents were mad because we coudn't grt thruogh one picture with out being embarrased.

I learned that there are alot of clumsy genes floating around the family and I happened to have it. Clumsy accidents are always funny, as you can see, and thats why my family love retelling stories of the clumsy family members.


















Dear Dorris Lessing,

I've come to a hard dicision that leaves me to tell you, tou have been excluded from next year's textbook. I think a good textbook should have good writers whose stories are reletively interesting and important to sophomore students. I don't think your sense of interest fits my edition. Your story,"The Mild Attack of Locusts" is a story thats: lacking interests, senseless, way too long, and everything is compared to a specific color.

First of all, I don't think your sense of an interesting story fits my decription. The "Mild Attack of Locusts" is not a story any student can relate to. My view of a good story are funny, an inner-city story, gang relating, and mystery stories. Your short story don't fit any one of the descriptions listed. Because your story is way too long, it makes the story even more boring.

Secondly, I don't like the fact that you compare every little thing to a specific color. It is boring to see everything compared to a color. Change things up and compare things to a material or animals. For example, "there was long, low cloud advancing, rust-clor still," or, "it was a half-night, a perverted blackness." If all of the things I've just mentioned were in your short story, you would have been included in the next year's edition.

To conclude this rejection letter, I have come to a decision to excluded you from next year's edition. Simply because your story is boring, senseless, too long, and the pattern of comparison is one dimensional. Someone else who agrees that your work is senseless is Margaret Mcfacken, and she quoted,"the book's greatest weakness is its sometime extreme allusiveness."























You might have heard some major works of Charles Dickens such as: “The Christmas Carol,” “School Boy,” and “The Signalman.” Well, this story, "The Haunted House is a not so well known story. It is a story that deals with a ghost of a dead person, named Mr. B, haunting the house in which he used to live in. The person who lives in the house is being haunted by the letter B.

Dickens gets us to believe that ghosts can and do haunt people and that there are such things as haunted houses. The man living in the house was frightened by Mr. because whenever he would close his eyes or look into the mirror, he would see the ghost. "I was standing shaving at my glass, when I suddenly discovered...that I was shaving -not myself-I am fifty-but, a boy, apparently, Master B.!"

The story sort of reveals that in the British society, during the 17th century that many people believed in ghost and spirits haunting people. This story relates to Dickens life because he seen a lot of spirits, such as his dead brother's.

"The Haunted House," is a story of Charles Dickens that people did not take seriously because it is one of the many works that was not published or spoken about. The story resembles "The Christmas Carol," which was a better story, and maybe that is why everyone overlooked this story.