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Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  

















Robert Browning is a well respected and talented poet in the eyes of many but, unfortunately he will not be asked back for next years edition. The reason I will not be asking Robert Browning back for next years edition is because I can't understand his writing. He makes his poems to hard to understand for the average reader. If I'm going to have a text book, I want the reader to understand what is going on. The second reason I will not be inviting Robert Browning back is because he chooses topics that I don't find interesting. A critic of Robert Browning once said that "to say that Robert Brownings'poems are harder to read than any other poet is an understatement.


























Authors often use materials such as superstitions, mythology, ghosts, and supernatural for a couple of reasons. Sometimes they think by writing about one of these topics their work will become more entertaining, more popular and more readable for the average reader. Some think it is an easy topic to write about because it does not even have to be true and others truly believe in ghosts and supernatural things. I don't believe in ghosts or supernatural things. However, I would consider myself superstitious and I am sure that there are authors who are like me. Many people are superstitious, which depending on how superstitious you are, is pretty normal. I think that for an author it is very possible to credit his superstitions for his or her success. People in many different professions are superstitious and the most obvious example is professional athletes. I feel that certain superstitions are healthy if it makes something easier for you or helps you succeed. The author that I chose to write about who is superstitious is Charles Dickens. Dickens writes about mythology, ghosts and supernatural things quite often and it has helped him to be a successful writer. An author being superstitious is similar to an athlete in that they both have challenging work to do and by doing certain routines or rituals makes them more confident to complete their work. Dickens writes about ghosts and the world coming to an end. A critic once wrote an article about Charles Dickens and it was called "Apocalyptic Dickens". He criticized Dickens for talking about when the world was going to end. Rather than just living life while it was still there. I believe Dickens believes in supernatural events and mythology. He enjoys writing on this topic and it has helped him succeed as an author.

























The english dictionary has been around for a very long time.One of the earliest words to appear in the dictionary was the word "meadow." It was first used around the year 400.Websters' dictionary defines meadow as a grassy area.The word "meadow"is not often spoken about or heard in every day life, but when people hear it usually, the same definition comes to mind.







































School thoughts, from Abroad
Apologies to Robert Browning

Oh, to be in class
Now that school is here
and who ever reads in class smells some learning in the air
that the teachers are ready to teach rond the hallways
are the classrooms while the parents sing and jump as high
as they can reach the teachers wish they were still on break
and the students remember to miss school they must fake it
is back to doing homework and grading tests the students
start there procrastination and the teachers
already need a vacation.