English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  

The funniest time I was with my family, was when I attended a Boston Bruins game. Me my brother and my father were going to the playoff games, at the Fleet center. Because of the seats were so expensive, we had to get balcony seats which wasn't bad at all. The game was going great, until we decided we wanted to have better seats. So we snuck by the guard and just walked to open seats, like they were ours. The guard noticed that we weren't here earlier in the game so he tried to get our attention, but we just ignored him like we didn't hear a thing. Eventually the guard started to walk over to us, so we got up and started to run. My dad and brother were running while I was looking around, to see if the guard was looking for us.

The guard seen us but we were to far, so he didn't even bother to try and get us. Because we didn't stop when the guy was looking at us, we had to get a seat before we got into a problem. We eventually got seats directly across from were we were sitting first. The guard seen us and he smiled at me, and I just looked the other way. So me and my family made out because we got good seats and the Bruins won the game.

It was a funny time, because we new that if we got caught there would be a consequence. Good thing we didn't get caught, and we got to enjoy ourselves and watch the game. The game was good, because I got to learn more about my family. So this is a story about a funny time with my family.














Alfred, Lord Tennyson will not be remaining in next years edition of Prentice Hall Literature. He will not be remaining because his lack of work, not making sence, he isn't going to be in it. A lot of his poems don't make sence, or you are confused. A example of me being confused is the poem called the "Lady of Shalott" 'It mentions words that I dont no, nor should sophmores in high school". The words are willows,whitten,aspens, quiver, imbowers, shallop,and casement. I think that those words are difficult to understand, especialy for Sophmores.

I think in a good textbook such as the Prentice Hall Literature, it should have everyone haveing a idea of what is going on. It shouldn't matter the age, they stil should be able to have a picture of what is going on. Another poem that I had a dilema with is "blow, bugle, set the wild echoes flying". In this sentence were does it mention were the echoes will be flying to? If he was more specific he would of mentioned were they would be flying to. The student reading the poem should no what is going on at all time. By the author not fitting into next years addition it will show a example that Literature is serious. It will tell people that they have to be more detailed in what there saying.Because of there poems Alfred, Lord Tennyson wrote, he didnt have what I liked. "Not reaching my policies he will not be included in the 2005 Prentice Hall edition.

I am writting, about how I dont think Alfred, Lord Tennyson's poem's are being detailed. Because of this it will result of him not being in the Prentice Hall Literature book. A person that agrees with me, say his poems are not in deatil is John Maynard, he says"that words might be unknown or unclear". This is someone who agrees saying his words are hard to picture and unknown.














Superstition In the medieval time period many authors were affected by the writting. It affected there poems, and there long stories. I think that there writting wasn't there best because of the fact that superstition was a major role. I think that they lost out because they had to deal with going through superstition. I don't think that the authors explained their work enough it wasn't clear.

So by having the authors having to deal with superstition wasn't good. " I was there to share the expense, broth was put on the table with beef to follow in clean plates, much to Hendry's distress, for the comfortableand used practice was to eat the beef from the broth plates. Jess however, having three whole white plates and two cracked one's insisted on the moles to be taking genteelly". This was something he went through.

By having superstition it did play on big role for them. i think that it affected the way that they wrote poems. It played a big role on there stories. Medieval time wasn't a good period for poems, or stories. I think that if the time period was different you would have better writting, being expressed more clear and more info.

Another quote that came from my author was " Half a pound o' boiling beef an a " penny bone ". This was a quote. During the time of superstition it was deffinitly a difficult time for the writters, because they had to deal with it. I would just want to see how the authors would performe by not being in the same time period that they were in. I just think, that it wouldn't be as diffulct.

So I am talking about the authors, had to go on dealing with superstition. The author that I am talking about is James Matthew Barrie, he wrote the "Ghoost Cradle". I already involed the quotes. His critic that he had was Allen, Norman he said his writting was childish, and foolish. But I thought it was good.































English has been around for a lot of years. To some people the English language is very difficult to understand. To many people it is hard to learn because it is difficult to understand all the words, and pronounce them. The word I am doing is "hockey" which means a sport played by two opposing teams and trying too score a goal on the opposite net.

The word "hockey" has made a difference to a lot of people, especially the one's that never seen it played. Because the word "hockey" has many meanings on what people think the sport means. "Hockey" is a very specific meaning and all the meanings add up, to basically the same meaning. In Websters Dictionary "hockey" is described as a "sport played too opposing teams with a curved stick." In the American Dictionary the word "hockey" is described as "a physical sport played including too opposite teams trying to score." The American Dictionary described the word "hockey" as "a played sport that came from Canada very physical."

The O.E.D word that came up as the definition "hockey" they described it as "a sport that came up as physical,talented sport. It also said it is a stick you use to score goals." The O.E.D is very specific giveing mean and is explained is a way that helps people out.

People that I asked about the word "hockey" as usually had the same meaning. I asked my father what he thought the word "hockey" I also asked my mother of what the word "hockey" meant to her she said "a talented sport, very dirty, and fun sport to watch." I asked Stanley Demensmin about the word "hockey" he said that it "is plastic object you throw on the ice."

Mnay English writters used the word "hockey" and there poems,poets,etc. Jerry Odland he says it "hockey" it is "a sport that you throw a hockey puck, and it involves too opposing teams." All of the people that I have asked what they thought the meaning "hockey" they all had information what the word really means.

So as the people gave me the meaning of what they thought "hockey" they were very similar in the meaning. Hockey is a specific word that does help people out in life. Because it has many examples on the word it makes it easy to understand. It had made a difference to people now because they can look up the word "hockey" to know the meaning.