English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  
  My favorite funny story did not happen to my family but it happened to a very close to friend of our when we were all over in Nantucket for the weekend.

The story took place during the summer and we were staying in the same part of the island it is called Sconset. It was a very fun weekend but the only thing I remember is the red wave tragedy that happened to our friend. My family and I were driving to the hotel and I said “I hope something good happens today” because I did not want to be there. The reason I did not want to be there was because I could be going tubing that day. When we got there we had lunch then we went swimming in the hotel pool which was not that bad. After all that exciting stuff we played a game which you had to say something about The Simpsons while keeping a beat to the music we are listening to. Then we go down to the beach and everyone goes to the beach. The waves there at least 7 feet and they are crashing right on shore. The only reason I did that is so that I could get knocked around by the powerful waves. One time I got knocked out for a couple seconds and I did not stand near the shore for the rest of the day. But the time that we were all out of the water my mom’s friend goes and decides to walk along the beach and she get to close to the break and a huge red wave filled with sea weed and she get taken out by the wave. The only thing my friends and I could do was just start laughing and my sister and my mother went in to save her.

The things that I learned about my family and I was that I will laugh at any thing that does not happen to me when someone gets hurt on a stupid reason. The other thing I learned is that I will never walk along the beach which has 7 foot waves that could take out Shaq. The things that I learned about my sister is that she is a very caring person by going in and saving her from almost drowning. The thing I learned from my mom is that she is very helpful to her friends that she has known for a long time. That is my faily story I hope you liked it.





















Dear George Orwell,

 Here at this textbook company we think that writing about violence, sex, and dictators is too strong for the minds of kids. The things that we want in our books is comedy, and fun stories. We are sorry to say that you are not going to be put into our literature book. Some reasons that you are not in the book is because we think that your way of writing is too mature and scary for sophomores in high school.

A reason why we think you are not good enough to be in our textbook, because you are too graphic and mature. For example, when you talk about the girl, who Winston was in love with, you describe the scene when she takes off her clothes too graphically. The readers are high school students who are not mature enough for a book about sex. The readers may be uncomfortable or offended by what you have written. That is one of many reasons that you are not in this textbook.

Another reason that you are not going to be in the textbook is that your writings are too scary. Again the things that we want in our textbook are fun, comedic stories and poems. Some scary things that you write are that people are getting killed by their own government. You invented hate week so the people will really hate the country of Eurasia more than ever. The people think they are at war but they are really not. Also you write about a torture room that is worst than ever and many different ways to die for example, “ It may be burial alive, or death by fire, or by drowning, or by impalement, or fifty other deaths.”(Ch.5 Book 3), and that is a specific reason why you are not in this text book for next year.

We will not be adding you to our textbook because of the sex, and violence you write about in the book 1984. I also agree with Louis Menand who wrote in the New Yorker “ as a writer he was often hardest on his allies.”(1-27-03). We think that you need to be kind to the people that trust you or they will turn their backs on you and ruin your life. Once again, we are sorry and try again.

Regretfully, Patrick White












































The English language is the world’s largest language with 800,000 words. The English language will probably be like the Latin, and in many years it will die out, and not be used. If it was used it would probably be by only a few people. A word that will. probably help the language is “lacrosse” because it is a sport and it growing very rapidly. So in many years from now this word will be used in every language like baseball and basketball is used now. This word is very helpful to the English language.

The word “lacrosse” has really only one definition and it is worded in many different ways. For example, the word lacrosse in the Webster’s New World School And Office Dictionary, defines it as “ a ball game played by two teams using long-handled, pouched rockets.” The origin is French, and it means “ the Crosse.” Another definition is from the American Heritage Dictionary which says “ a game played on a rectangle field by two teams of ten players each, in which participants use long-handled stick that has a webbed pouch on one end to maneuver a ball into the opposing team’s goal.” The American College Dictionary defines “lacrosse” as, a game of ball of American Indian origin, played by two teams of 10 players each, who strive to send the ball through a goal by means of a long-handled racquets.” These definitions are all mostly the same, yet they word it differently.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word “lacrosse” as, “ a North American game introduced to England from Canada. In the general arrangement of hockey and football.” Also they use it in the same way which is good because you do not have to learn to many different definitions. It was first used in the English language in 1763. The people where describing as the French origin came to America.

The first time “lacrosse” was used in the English language was in 1763 when A. Henry wrote, “ the Indians call it baggataway, by the French in Canada is named ‘le jue de la crosse.” It was not used for another 42 years, when in 1805 Pike wrote in his book Sources of Mississippi , “ 18 passed… a prairie called le cross, from a game of ball played frequently on it by the Sioux Indians.” Also one definition this word is very easy to remember because it has one definition.

There was only one definition but the way it is used in speech is very different to certain people. For example, my mother Mary White when asked she said, “ It’s a sport.” My father Jack White said the same when asked. A different way was from my grandmother Kathleen Dacey she said, “ lacrosse is French for the cross, so it means cross.” my two sisters where not very kind when asked they said, “ It’s a stupid sport that you play.” My cousin Will Cushing said, “ A sport that no one pays attention too.” Two of my friends John Hynes and Ben Franich both have very good and positive words to say about “lacrosse.” Also in a bad way Joe McGonegal used the word “lacrosse” he said when asked, “ wanted a lacrosse stick, never got one, now a negative thought .” There are many different ways it is used and they are both negative and positive.

Writers are using the word “lacrosse” in more creative ways today. For example, James R. Healey from USA Today used the word “lacrosse” as a car when it is mostly used for a sport he wrote, “ Lacrosse a step in the right direction for Buick.” Buick is a car company again it has a positive way of writing about and they say it is in the right direction. The word even when not talking about the sport is still in a positive way.

The word “lacrosse” is also in the right direction for the English language, by having only one true definition and having it spread through out the world. People use it in different in many ways but they mostly always use it as a positive and as a sport. The word “Lacrosse” is very helpful in the English language the centuries.