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Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  
  This is a story about my 2 grandparents, Charlie and Laura and a really big mouse that didn’t really last long. It was about may, 1965. It was in their old 2 story house in Bridgewater. Laura found a mouse and asked Charlie to get the mouse. The mouse got him. I have learned a lot about my family, that they are a little clumsy with their feet and they don’t have a stomach for rodents.

The year is 1965, its about 2 o’clock in the after noon and my grandmother opens the closet door and is putting away towels. She moves a pile of sheets and there was the ugliest mouse she had ever seen. It was big black and had huge feet. She was petrified out of her mind. She was stiff as a board, She slammed the door and ran down stairs.

She got Charlie. He said “what is it Laura I’m really busy.” she asked him too just come upstairs. He said “ I’m really supposed to get this letter to the boss by tonight what is it.” He was pretty mad but got over it and came upstairs. She said “ “There is a really big mouse in the closet” He was astonished “there are no mice in this house you must be mistaken.” “No, I swear, I saw a mouse” she Said. He ran upstairs and tripped on the last step and knocked the door open, the mouse was right there. It was as if the mouse was just as stunned to see my grandfather as my grandfather was to see him.

The mouse ran up the pant leg of my grandfathers pants and he started screaming like a girl. “get it out, get it out” he repeated over and over. He was kind of doing a jig across the floor. He did it over and over again and again until finally he unzipped his fly and the mouse flew out and ran like speedy gonzalez on Looney Tunes. My grandfather had a bone to pick with that mouse after this incident. He had a pretty good idea get a mouse trap and bait it. About a week later he found the mouse in the mouse trap and he had the last laugh on that mouse.

I have learned a little about my family that they are a little clumsy with their feet and they don’t have a stomach for rodents. I have learned this even more because after that my grandmother used to check for rodents and mice to make sure there were none before she opened another door. After that my grandfather used to spray for roaches and put down traps for rodents. It was passed down to my mom because she is so cautious about mice and other things. This is what I have learned about my family.






Dear Mister Charles Dickens,

This was a very hard decision to make. With over fifteen hundred pages to this book it weighs over five pounds. There are so many factors that we must research and we have to go very in depth to make sure it is a good book. It should appeal to the children so that the schools will buy our books and we will be able to be a sufficient company and not out of business. Mister Dickens you use too many satirical examples in your story. Your use of the working class is just over bearing. You use too many weird names like "Mr. White" in Romance, where kids ruled the world. This is where you got a little lazy in thinking up names. Your stories are too long, and you try to make as many plot turns as you can because your paid by the word. This is just a suggestion. This is why we regret to inform you that you have not been chosen as one of the lucky few that will grace our pages in our British literature book.

Mister Charles Dickens your use of satire is just too much and the way you use the working is over the top. You use satire and the working class in just about every single one of your stories that I have read so far. You try to hide it so you really can not notice it in your story. So if we did put it in our book than no one will really get your poems and then they will just throw away our books and not buy anything else form us. Like “ In the school boys story like two pound ten a quarter for his salary of old cheeseman.” Another example “ Romance With The Pen of Miss Nettie Ashford, A huge paragraph just for satire on page five So… to be fetched.”

You use too many easy names. You use very plain and dull names like “red,” “white,” “blue,” and “lemon.” You get a little lazy when you name your characters. For example, Mr. Chokeumchild and Mr. Gradgrind in Hard Times. These are some of the key factors my staff and I examine. We try to see if writers put passion and time, and love into your paper. Maybe if you had put time and passion into your work, maybe we would have picked you for one of our British writers.

Your stories have too many plot turns and are too long. When we tried to read your sample paper, its too hard because its just run on after run on and you need to stick too a few plots. Every other paragraph there is another plot turn you need to limit theses a lot. The way you use plot turns in hard times is when old cheese man gets his job than he is a teacher then he is rich then he dies it’s a little over the top of the rest of the story. This is why you need to limit plots in your stories.

 You used words that are made up and use long narratives like “You make up words like fistic in Hard Times” and “Use the dictionary definition for a horse to make your story longer.”

You also use self conscious characters which is something a little new for your readers it makes them not want to read your books like us. This is a weird concept and is juxtaposed in these stories you have written.

We also have found a few critics that don’t think much different than us. His name is John Burroughs and he writes “A sheer dead pull from start to finish” this is a review of A Tale of Two Cities.

My staff and I have tried to get the best of the best into our books. We also have to try to appeal to the kids and with your stories in it we think it will lead the students away from our book and make them not want to learn English. We try to lighten the books for the student by getting only the best. We have read over yours and we think your not up to standards of our book. We have read your story and it has too many plot turns. It has too many dull names. Also it has too many plot turns and leads the reader awry. Sorry Mister Dickens but we can not allow you to be in our British Literature book.


Jacob smith


























Superstition is a key aspect of our lives even god is intertwined into this one way or another. Superstition has played a role in lots of things we have read. There is Dickens, Shakespeare, Mary Shelly. Their works are The Signalman, Macbeth, and Frankenstein. Quotes from Macbeth include “is this a dagger I see before me” in response to an imaginary floating dagger in front of the main character Macbeth. The dagger in which the witches may have something to do with is what intern kills the king. These stories all have a long running relationship for being involved in the supernatural and if you didn’t know they were fact based stories, they would seem real to you. Thurnley Abbey makes you believe in the supernatural by introducing visions, thinking they are merely a trick, but it is much more than that.

Superstition may not be superstition at all it may be a real thing but we are shadowed from it. Here we are asked to believe in many type of genres and visions. “I looked at it, and it looked at me, and my brain turned dry and hot in my head.” (pg7) This figure covered in a seaweed swathing looks at him with a funny face and then disappears it is trying to play mind games on him, with half of its face was missing. He has a sort of twitch in his head a he is surprised he didn’t faint as of yet. Then he punches it and it cuts his hand to the bone. But it was nearly a trick his mind had played on him. “Skulls flying around my head trying to take a bite out of my hair.” (pg 7-8) This does play a game on his mind but it shows him the mind is full of mysteries.

This reveals many ill-conceived ideas about the British culture. Some may say it is childish to write about fake, unnatural things. They believe heavily in mysterious items of weird premonitions. The skulls flying around his head as in Macbeth where there is a flying dagger act as a sort of taunt to what he is about to do in the story. This is showing a lot about Britain culture of the 1860’s-1900’s. They were just getting to know the ideas about how science was and how it worked, so maybe they just ignored most superstitions and looked to science to help. This shows that they are all using it, so they must all really like it. Or as Percival Landon has seen from Shakespeare, that the people really clung to this idea so he is trying to play off of it and make a few dollars more in the process. People mostly are of rich descent. This is showing they are writing to the rich as if it was a social construction. They are trying to relay a sort of secret message saying this could happen to you as much as me.

Thurnley abbey may not have been taken seriously because at the time there were so many things going on in the world. The new sciences were being investigated. The people were learning a lot more . New socialistic type of surroundings were being evolved. Also the new sciences were proving that most of the supernatural was really natural and they probably read this and said hey its not worth reading we have science to prove these things aren’t weird they are naturally occurring.

This should have been one of the spectacular authors that we have read. This is a very great story, Thurnley Abbey, it uses many of the key ingredients that you must have for a supernaturalism story. It might not have been taken serious for a whole assortment of reasons. Some could have been reading it and said hey he copies too much from other authors. Some could have seen it as a mockery of Shakespeare and William Blake, some could have even seen it as a mockery of The Signalman of Dickens. It should be taken in consideration as a good piece of work. There are an assortment of reasons why it wasn’t taken into consideration as good to the readers and editors of the English book we use.

There is also someone who agrees with my point of view. Scott Allie publishing for dark horse comics states “the text story thinly abbey is a very traditional haunting story --right down to its archetypal hook of the narrator being told the story by chance acquaintance. It works responsibly well because a short story can, in some cases, cover more ground than a comic( a picture isn’t always worth a thousand words). He shares some of the key views that I have bestowed onto Thurnley Abbey.


























The English language it is a very stupid language with not to many rules it has four times as many worlds as French and it grows by the day. English was a really stupid language way back in England, if you spoke English you were a commoner and it was a disgusting language. There were no rules and it consumed Latin and now not one person speaks it anymore. As we look at the word “jerk” you may think it is a lot of word but they have either become obsolete or they rarely are used in every day speech. The English language is really corrupting the world as it destroys the root meanings of words in every day speech

The word “jerk” has many meanings and its origin is unknown, even though its only about 500 years old. They range from, the strike of a whip to lifting weights with a jerking motion. These words are all used as a sort of motion of the body. They imply the movement of some sort of muscle either with moving a whip or just moving weights. These both use the body and only one is still around and that is weightlifting. Now there are over twenty ways to use the word “jerk.” They way that you mostly hear it these days is you’re a jerk which is slang for you a stupid idiot or something close to it. As the Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary states the word “jerk” is, “A quick sharp throw thrust pull twist or the like of a sudden movement.” As Webster’s dictionary and Thesaurus states the word “jerk” means “giving a sharp twist or pull to a sudden movement as a tug or twist involuntary contraction of a muscle resulting from a reflection or reaction.” Also The School Dictionary Macmillan states that “jerk” means, on one hand it says that it is a “sudden sharp pull, twist, or push, or a sudden contraction of a muscle. On the other hand it states that it is to cure meat by cutting it into little strips and drying it in the sun, beef jerky.” This is why I think the word “jerk” has really upset the languages in the world.

There was really only one way that people use the word “jerk” in every day speech and that is you’re an idiot and so on. I asked ten people what is the first thing that comes to your mind and they all used some form of the word “jerk” as a slang word. I asked my Aunt Rose Catrone She answered “idiot.” Marion Smith answered “bossy.” John Smith he answered “ you are very mean.” Laura Kisor she answered “ you are stupid and arrogant.” This is how the world of today is being corrupted by the words of English and especially the word “jerk.” The word “jerk” drives people insane on a daily basis. There are some cases in which people kill themselves because they are called the word “jerk” to many times in school or they are picked on with the slang words of today and kill themselves. These words fueled the Columbine shootings. So as stated there was about 89% of the people surveyed say it is slang and about 11% say it is to move a body part.

Also look at the Oxford English Dictionary, it defines “jerk” as “To strike with or as with a whip, switch, or wand; to scourge, whip, lash, switch,” and “To lash with satire or ridicule” these are both also Obsolete in defining these ways. It also categorizes it 80 different times and different dates and from a lot of different authors. These are all mostly obsolete. They also use the word “jerk” to say “you are doing exercises” as in “I am “jerking the weight.” These are just some of the many ways it is defined in the O.E.D.. But The O.E.D. states that, its not until 1805 where it is used in the context of “you are an idiot [jerk].”

The word “jerk” is used in many literary scripts such as,1799 J. SMITH Acc. Remark. Occurr. (1870) 116 We jirked the lean, and fryed the tallow out of the fat meat, which we kept to stew with our jirk as we needed it. He uses it as a food. Just as it was stated in the OED. 1851 W. DE HASS Hist. Early Settlements VII. iii. 389 As soon as daylight appeared, the captain started to where they left some jerk hanging on the evening before. This is using it as the slang word “jerk.” Some famous writers use it as a sharp witty speech, 1588 SHAKES. L.L.L. IV. ii. 129 Smelling out the odoriferous flowers of fancy, the ierkes of inuention. Others use it as the name of a dance The jerk a lot of writers have used it as a dance , 1966 N.Y. Times Mag. 9 Jan. 106/2 There is the Watusi, basically a side-to-side stumble, the Shake, and the jerkwhose movements come as no surprise to old fans of burlesque. 1969 N. COHN AWopBopaLooBop (1970) ix. 85 Dance-crazes bossed pop right up until the Beatles broke... The jerk and the Block. 1972 T. KOCHMAN Rappin' & Stylin' Out 161 Names for dances (Rock and Roll,. jerk, and Black Power Stomp) all embody kinetic elements. Then there is the weight lifting use of it, 1986 Weight Lifting (‘Know the Game’ Ser.) (ed. 2) 13 The feet should then be stepped in to hip-width prior to the jerk. There are so many other uses of the word “jerk” but there terminology is mostly all obsolete. There are many ways that the word “jerk” is used in literature. They range from food as Beef jerky to he is a jerk as in slang use. Also more writers here in this paragraph use it as a very famous dance as the jerk.

Itza Farfan she used the word “jerk” in a sentence as “I jerk my hand away when it is too hot.” Jose Rivera “he used it as I think you’re a stupid “jerk.” Madelena Goffiara she used it as “I am eating beef jerky.” I have sum it up that 66% of the people I asked used it as a knowledgeable answer. iPod Shuffle TV campaign propels Caesars album into the spotlight. Music Week, 4/23/2005, p18, 1/4p; (AN 16835054) it is used as how people jerk/burn illegal copies of music. . By: Ramsey, Nancy; Bechtel, Mark; Cannella, Stephen. Sports Illustrated, 4/4/2005, Vol. 102 Issue 14, Following p20, 2/9p; (AN 16622146) also this critc says: Forty years later, when Barry Bonds hit his record-setting number 73, two fans went to court to dispute whos ball it was and it was a knee-jerk attempt to convert the baseball to money.

This is why the English language is like a thief in the night and a backstabbing language. There are so many words we have taken from so many different languages we lost track of where jerk is from. This is why I believe that we really do need to have bilingual classes so that everyone that would like to speak English has a chance in life and is not just pushed a side. English shouldn’t be just the one language of America because we would be casting aside all of our allies and friends from all countries. Just as stated before there are numerous ways to use the word “jerk,” if we make the English language the official language everyone would have to learn every single use and discard the obsolete definitions and sort through to get the right definition. This is why also we need to have bilingual classes to have some kids be able to communicate with Spanish and French and all types of languages that they encounter. These are the reasons why the English language is deteriorating the world down to its knee in communicating with other.



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As the fortnight approaches I looked on
Dazed I precipitate the way it will happen
as I snuff out the candle I have to read with the night comes a chill
I bolster my head with a bolster to sleep on
I am in a subordinate class but I can still read and write just as a noble would

The foreshortened days of winter approach unannounced as we pray for life
I don’t like the cold comes then the warmth comes just to tease us
I think over and over about one thing as to ruminate it again and again until perfect
These saturnine nights of cold are just like the book ice where the world freezes over
The salient icicles cut as I run by and break at the warmth of my hand
I am very sad as the snow went away

It came and gone like a cloud of the warmer days
It was snuffed out like my candle
This is the life I live
I try not to think too ahead