English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  














  Out of all the funny stories that have happened to my family, I am picking this one, because I think it is the funniest. This story will show you how foolish my family can be. I did not have to ask my mom about this story I remembered it from family gatherings. The story takes place in Fall River, Mass on Reney St. I was about three, or four years old when the incident occurred. It was a cold night on the day of December 25, 1991.

This is when it happened (If you do not notice it was on Christmas). It was about six p.m. and my family was filled with food and liquor. While everyone was having a good time chatting over old memories, I went exploring around the familiar house. All the coats and purses were in my grandmothers bed room. When I noticed that the door was opened, I went on in. While I was in there I pulled down a couple of coats and found a half unzippered purse and reached in it. As I was looking in my aunt’s things I pulled out some of her belongings, like her pills, mints and make up. I struggled to get the pills open but could not. As I was in the struggle I heard my older cousin say no put those down. So I did, when I did she left the room. When she came back in she noticed I was putting some thing in my mouth. I was putting in some of my aunt’s mints, but my cousin thought I was eating her pills. My older cousin rushed out of the room and told my family I had just taken some of my aunt’s pills. As they all rushed in my mom grab a hold of me anxiously, and I began to cry, because the jolt scared me. My asked me what I had just swallowed. I told her it was candy. My cousin reinsured her it was pills, because she saw me playing with them, and pointed out the pills on the floor. A short time after that I was shitting in the emergency room waiting to be checked out. After waiting for a while I was called in. The doctor did not find anything and I was released early in the morning. When I got back home my mom called all the family and told them I was all right. The next day my aunt called my mother and told her I might have eaten her mints, because they were all gone.

This story shows how foolish some people can be when they had one to many sips.


















Dear Robert Browning, I am very sorry to tell you this, but I have to do what I have to do. I am cutting you from my new English books that are being sent out to schools this up coming year. The committee and I have decided your work does not meet our criteria, for the new books. This is a business, not a fun activity. If it was I would love to have you in my book, but it is not. If you are not satisfied with this, and you still believe you should be in our new book I will, tell you more in detail why you are being cut.

Your work is decent, but it does not appeal to young men in high school. In my opinion it is for a much older audience. Your work has a very violent theme to it. Also I do not like your life style, because you are a very strange man who likes to be alone. You are notorious for being strange and I do not want kids reading about you, before they read your poems.

In many of your poems you talk about killing your wife. For example “My Last Duchess.” In this poem you do not come out and say you killed her, but u hinted toward it. Also in many of your other poems you talk about strangling your wife to death. That is a very obscure subject to talk about, because normal people will be horrified by that thought. To me that is not poetry it is straight insanity.

I will show you a critic who almost feels the same way as I do about your insane work. I will leave his name anonymous for his safety. He wrote this about you in one of you biographies; Browning is obscure and dull in the self-analysis of his early poems and the moralizing of his late ones (1). The critic later writes: After his wife’s death in 1861 Browning settled in England and enjoyed an established reputation, although some of his later works, prompted opposition by their rugged obscurity of style. As you have seen, the committee, and I are not the only ones who believe your work is obscure, and bizarre.

Here you have seen in this letter why you do not fit my vision for the new books. Also you saw the opinions of your work, and how it is not just me who believes that. As I have said, I am very sorry to let you go, but I have to do it.

Sincerely Yours, Jonathan Rodrigues.































One piece of writing in British Literature that has to due with superstition is “The Ghost,” written by Richard Hughes. Some people believe in superstition, and some do not. If you do not believe in superstition, you probably will if you read this magnificent story. Super-natural beings were a hot topic of British Literature during that time. As you read it on, it will be pretty evident to you that Mr. Hughes was affected by this topic when he wrote this work.

The first line of this story lets us know right off the bat, that this is super-natural story. The first line reads, “He killed me quite easily by bumping my head against the cobles.” This story is about a woman who becomes crazy after murdering her lover. He haunts her, but she thinks she is haunting, because she thinks he killed her. In fact she kills him, for finding him with another lady. This story tells the readers you will have much guilt on your shoulders, and you will not be able to take it, thus you become crazy, and eventually get caught for your crime.

This story reveals that British people at this time believed that if u killed somebody you would become insane. You would become insane, because your victim would haunt you, until you gave your self up. And if you read this story, the woman does get caught. She follows the ghost of her lover that she killed all the way to the police station. While there, thinking actually that she is the ghost, she is arrested for the murder. During the arrest the woman the woman is taking to the ghost. One of the officers says “Holy Mary she’s seeing him.” Another police officer says, “Did you see her condition, poor girl.” Thus showing she was haunted by her lover, and became insane. And also as you know eventually caught.

The reason why people did not take this story seriously, was probably because, they were a numerous numbers of murders were the killer was never caught. This story should be taken seriously because there are enough that are caught for murder, and the few that are not, are probably haunted everyday by the ghost of there victim, but their fear of getting caught is much more than their fear of the ghost.

This story is very superstitious, and super-natural. You also notice how this author was affected by it, and if you read this story you will also be affected by it.




































O Beawulf, how great you are,
Your fame is from your courageous acts,
You have battled great beasts, and fierce dragons,
Every were you go; every body knows your astonishing deeds.
When there is trouble, you are there to solve it,
People have doubted you, but you defeat all odds,
Even when aged you never backed down.
You are a great hero,
People from all over look up to you,
They hear through mouth of you breath taking battles.
You are loved by all.

You are a legend and, and idol,
People will know of you till the end of time.