English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  

This story takes place in Roslindale, Massachusetts. It is the week of September 6th 2004. My uncle has been campaigning for Murphy all month. He saw something that shocked him in the paper.

My uncle has been bragging all month about how he was in the newspaper for campaigning with Murphy. It was all he was talking about. I went to his house Sunday to watch the redsox. I was planning on finding out what he was talking about.

When I got there we were watching television and I asked him to show me where he was in the paper. He came out with the west Roxbury transcript and put it on the table and said it was on the third page and then went into the other room. I looked trough the entire paper and I didn’t see him at all. When he came out I asked him to point out where he was he pointed to a picture of Murphy with the side of someone holding a sign. I said I still couldn’t see him and he pointed to the arm poking out of the side of the paper and said that it was him. I laughed at him and just told him that he was pathetic and he said “I know”.

This tells you that my family is comical. A lot of things like this happen all the time. My family is just fun to be around a lot of the time. This Is just an example of how goofy it is.

















dear Robert Browning, A good textbook should fulfill one of two purposes. One purpose is to have an upbeat feeling. Another purpose is to be very meaningful. Your work does not fulfill either of those. It lacks both an upbeat feeling and meaning.

Your work lacks an upbeat feeling. An example of this is in “my last duchess”. This story is mostly based on jealousy and anger. An example of this is when the duke says to the person “she had a heart-how shall I say- too soon made glad” (812). It is just another example of lack of an upbeat feeling in his work. Students need this to make their lives happier.

Your work lacks meaning. The stories don’t seem to be especially meaningful. An example of this poem “my last duchess”. This poem did tend to drag on without much meaning. It also did not have a satisfying ending.~maida