English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  

This funny story is one of many funny experiences that have happened to my family or me. This experience happened last summer when I was visiting my grandparents in Virginia Beach, Virginia. A nice summer day my dad and I decided to go golfing at Hell’s Point Golf Course in Virginia Beach, this one day I wish I didn’t go golfing. This is a funny experience because whenever I play golf with a member of my family and we see geese they bring it up and almost die laughing.

So my dad and I have both been doing well golfing until we drive up to the 13th hole, a water hole with a lake to the left. I got up to tee off, I hit it down the left side of the fairway. So I’m walking up to my ball when I noticed I was near a nest with a mother goose was sitting on her eggs, so I’m getting ready to hit my ball when a big dark shadow created a shadow over me and my ball. Well I guess this was the daddy goose because all of a sudden he started hissing and flapping his wings at me trying to like land on me. He was chasing me up and down the course I swinging my club at him, and I look over to my dad and he’s falling out of the golf cart laughing and rolling around on the ground laughing hysterically.

Meanwhile this goose was still chasing me and all I could think to do was swing my club at it and run as fast as I could. So I got away and tears are coming down my dad’s eyes and his face had turned bright red like he was choking but it was all from laughing at his son getting chased by a geese up and down the 13th hole of Hell’s Point golf course. I still made par on even though I was brutally attacked.

This reveals in my family how dumb some people are in my family, I should have moved the ball away from the nest, but I didn’t and I paid for it. The lesson of this experience is, if you see a mother goose on her eggs get the hell out of there do not go near it. Some thing like this to happen should have been in a movie or something, I think it should have been in Caddyshack!, this is an experience I will never forget.
















Dear Mr.Browning,

I am sorry to inform you that we have rejected your poems in our textbooks. You are a very creative writer, but we do not think you are for our kids in highschool. We think that our textbooks should be cheerful, upbeat, about love and caring towards one another and fun to read.Your poems do not show any of this. We should want to read your poems when we come across them in our books, but after reading your work which is so dull, boring and feeling of jealousy of other people. It just makes us want to skip over your work. We are sorry to in form that you did not get into our textbook and please keep writing and try again.

Your poems are very dull and boring because you mostly talk about death. Such as the poem Prospice, in line 1 ''Fear death?'' our young students think death boring and do not want to be think about death at such a young age. We understand about your wife dieing and it is hard to bear her death, but you do not need to keep writing about it. You should remember the good times you had with her and write cheerful and upbeat poems about that, which includes love and caring of her and about life. These kind of poems would be more suitable for our kids.

In these poems you have written your narrators are very cocky and jealousy of things. Such as the poem My Last Duchess, when in your poem you say ''She thanked men-good! but thanked, Somehow-I know not how-as if she ranked, My gift of a nine-hundred-old name.''Meaning your werejealous thank she did not thank as she thanked other men, so you would get mad. Our students do not did to hear about jealousy in poems. You should to write more pleasant of life and be happy. You sound so sad and depressed with your writings and they did to change if you want to be in our textbooks.

We are sorry to inform you that you did not make our list of authors we encourge you to write more and more. PLEASE be happy when you write. We are not the only people who think this wayabout your work, as John Stuart Mill said abaout your poem Pauline, was '' This poem showed a morbid state os self-worship.'' Please try again next year and keep writing.

Thanks,Nicholas Maddron.


























Some major authors use superstition in their poems, plays, stories or even songs. Such authors as Yeats, Milton, and Shakespeare all use superstition as a base for at least one poem or story they have written in the past. They use it to send a message to the people of Britain and Ireland. Throughout these countries many people do believe in many superstitions, such as witches and leprechauns, not so much of superstitions, but legends past down from generation to generation. Not many people have heard of is " The Secret of the God's" by Edward Plunkett. This work resembles the legends of the leprechauns trying to find a pot of gold.

This work gets us to believe in superstition by believing in gods and goddesses and that there is a powerful secret to reach in life, for example in Star Wars the first movie Luke Skywalker tries to find the hidden force to become a Jedi. This secret in the story is in the desert and no one knows where to the secret, but prophet goes to look for it: “the other men made secrets for themselves, but all the while none knew the secrets of the gods. Nor might any seek to find it, for if any sought men said of him: “This man sins, for he giveth no worship to the gods that speak to our prophets by starlight when none heareth." This quote means possibly that there is some secret power and or an unnatural force in the universe that if, we find or reach this stage in our lives, we to will become enlightened with the power of the gods.

British people on the subject of superstition is that do not believe in them at all not since before the olden days of King Arthur. A line that proves this theory correct is in The Wife of Bath's Tale it states "I speak of many hundred years ago; But now no man can see the elves, you know." This quote says that no one even at this time of King Arthur no one believes in fairytales or superstitions or curses or witches. This story "Secret of the Gods" must not have been taken seriously at all in 1906, when this was written.

His work has not been taken seriously is because it is about religion but Jesus is not in it and it says "gods" British people are mostly protestant and believe in one god. It should be taken seriously because of the message it is trying to send out to people that in the universe us and the earth are not the only thing here. He brings the thought out that maybe there is an unnatural force or power out there that we will find in time through out our life.

In the following conclusion another author agrees that he is not been taken seriously, as by Millard, Andre she says that” he was not taken seriously because this is a new day and age and people do not believe in such nonsense."(journal of popular culture) As what was said before some people would believe some people would not.





























The “word up” in my mind for these past few weeks has been the word sick. This word has been around for years, saying and hearing this word you are probably ‘’sick’’ of. This word is turning over the language and making it more confusing to the people today. Even though the word has been circling the earth and making it more confusing to understand.

The word sick according to the Merriam-Webster’s Pocket Dictionary say that the word sick, an adjective means “not in good health.” The American Hertiage Dictionary states that the word sick means “suffering from a physical, illness.” The Webster’s Intermediate Dictionary says the word sick means “affected with disease or an illness.” The word sick through these many definitions looks to be a good word for English, but it is not. The word sick is evolving throughout generations and the word is meaning other definitions.

In the Oxford English Dictionary the word sick means, “suffering from an illness of any kind, ill, unwell, ailing.” The O.E.D. states that it also means “of parts of the body: not in sound or healthy state.” Then the slang meaning from the O.E.D. is, “of a drug addict, craving for a dose of a drug, suffering from with-drawl symptoms.” The word sick is being used in new ways and the definition in the O.E.D. is becoming more obsolete on the street.

The usage in speech is very confusing because the word sick is being changed from one definition to another completely different meanings. As my mother Susan maddron says, “that the word sick means not feeling good.” As my dad Bryan maddron states that being sick means, “not being able to go to work.” All my family members about 95% say the same thing some form of not feeling well or being unable to do your daily activities. Except for my two cousins Mike and Sarah Sacehetti says that the word sick means “something wicked cool or awesome.” As you see the word is changing from generation to generation, and now getting more confusing for older people.

When the word sick came into the cocktail parties was about the 888s, this was by k.Aelfred he said “Swa swa laeca zewuna is, donne hi siocne mon zesioo. Does not sound too familiar around here. Then Shakespeare in 1593, said, “Thy deathbed is no lesser than the land, where in thou lyest in reputation sicke. In the 1974, the Times said, “I have been wondering who qualifies for the title of the Sick Man of Sound Broadcasting.” The word is making its circle around the cocktail parties in London, by now people are hearing the new ways the word can be said and used in speech.

The critics I have found that are changing the way the word sick is used in sentences today is very different and confusing for older people. One critic Rich Karlgaard of Forbes magazine says, “One-third of Los Angeles residents now tell polls that they are sick of their city.” Another critic of the Model Airplane News says, “The off-road track will have a longer straightway for high-speed action and larger jumps for sick big air.” The new definition is taking over the word more than the old one and making it harder to get accustomed too.

In conclusion this word sick is being taking to new cocktail parties and is being used in a new ways. The word is becoming more hip and cool as they say, then have it be the same old definition, but its making it more confusing for other people who are learning the language. They will say how the word sick can mean not feeling well then have it mean something cool. Its too confusing.