English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  
  A funny story that happened to my family takes place at a family reunion at my aunt's house. I was only young, about nine. Aunts and uncles were talking and conversing with each other, the young children were swimming in the pool and the old grandparents were sitting around a cigar-filled room, preaching about their childhood.

As I wondered around the house I was frequently stopped and talked to, bye people I didn't really know. As a matter of fact, I really didn't know anyone really. I then walked outside, immediately my eyes caught a glimpse of a chocolate cake and I knew I had to have a taste of it. I maneuvered my way by uncles talking about the Sox game and I then found myself in heaven. After being reprimanded by my aunt who had caught me licking the cake, I figured it was time to go in the pool. I put my suit on and jumped in. There was a few people in the pool I didn't know. I then saw a man I never had seen before make his way to the diving bored. He was a rather heavy set man who had a bald and shiny head. I had overheard my aunt who was hosting this family reunion say, she didn't know who he was and that no one seemed to know this man. He was now on the diving bored with his tight bathing suit on. He hopped on it once, twice, three times and then snap! Splash! Everyone turned there attention to this fat guy who no one knew franticly trying to get to the side of the pool. Everyone was in hysterics seeing this man fall and brake the diving board.

I thought this story was very funny because a man who no one knew fell in a pool and not know how to swim. I personally thought the fact that not one single person knew this guy was funny. From this experience I found out that my family really does have a sense of humor because no one ever really finds my jokes funny. Well maybe its just me and my bad jokes or all you need is a fat guy in a tight bathing suit breaking a diving board to get my family to laugh.



















In the story The King That Was Not by Edward John Moreton Drax, there is a supernatural element. In the story there are gods that are chiseled into the walls of the town. The king ordered the gods to be chiseled into the wall. The king thinks that the gods are supernatural and they can talk to him. This story can make you think that the people in 1906 believed in supernatural things.

The superstition of gods talking to you because they are chiseled into a wall is pretty absurd I think. This king and the people of 1906 might of thought different. This could make other people believe in it though. High Lord moreover of all the lands near by, to whom be the gods belong to.” I think that this line and other lines in this story might really think that there are really supernatural exist.

The superstitions revealed that in this time (1906) people wrote stories about supernatural things because maybe these people really did believe in them. I mean who would just write about something like that if they didn’t really think about or believe in it. “ These be indeed Pegana’s gods, whose faces we are permitted to see by the will of Althazar the King.” I think this line speaks for itself. Who really writes about god who are in walls that talk to you. Edward John Moreton Drax must if believed in other supernatural things if he wrote about this.

This work might not be taken seriously because the things he writes about are just so obnoxious. But the gods laid their hands upon his shoulders saying , let this man live and not die.” I think this is an example of how people wouldn’t take this seriously because who’s going to believe that this king did not kill this guy because a god touched his shoulders and said not to.

In conclusion I think that people could go either way on this story. They could start to believe in supernatural things or they could just think that this story is obnoxious and wouldn’t be taken seriously at all. That’s your call. I personally think that I didn’t take it seriously. Mike Jones of the Lit Finder Review said “ this is a silly story.” Apparently he agrees with me and thinks that it shouldn’t be taken seriously.