English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  

I find this story funny because it has to do with my family. This story has made my family laugh many times. This story was the funniest story I could find in my family. This story takes place in my dining room, in Braintree. This story involves my dad and my brother. Some people might think this story is not funny. Although the only thing that is important is that I think it’s funny.

My story is about my dad and my brother. It took place in 1990 when my brother was a little under one. It all started when my brother was left alone. It took place in our nice dining room, in Braintree. What my dad thought as a good idea, ended as a bad one.

This is how my story goes. My dad was changing my brother’s diaper. Then he left my brother alone, in the dining room, to turn on the bath. So he left my brothers diaper open without thinking about it first. Then my dad thinks while he is up he might as well shave. My brother, being his usual self, likes to move around. So he starts rolling around. When my dad comes back the look on is face is an uncertain one. My dad is a man who is choleric and irascible. My brother had rolled around in his own crap. Then my dad had to clean it up. From then on he never left my brother alone.

This story has revealed something about my family. It has revealed that we can be careless. It also shows that we can laugh about a funny story. Even though it wasn’t funny at the time, it shows that are family is not perfect. Only we are a family who can make mistakes.

This has taught me a lesson in life. For instance, never leave a child unattended. It has shown me that mistakes can be made. It taught me to be more responsible. Not just for that event, but for everything. I also learned not to get distracted on silly things. If I follow these rules then hopefully I will not mistakes in my future.
















Dear Robert Browning, We the authors of the Prentice Hall Literature are looking forgood pieces of writing to put in our book. You don't fit this vision because my book is reserved for those only with the best writing. My writing that I favor involves nature, humane things, love, feelings, and thoughts. That is why you have not been selected to be put in this book. Although I feel your poems are strange and too complicated for this book. I think this poem doesn't appeal in interest to readers at this level. Especially on one certain poem that I feel is grotesque in its nature of plot.

This poem is called "My Last Duchess." This is the poem that I feel strongly about not putting in my book. The reason is because it is overly described in a way no one can understand. You state in your poem "I gave commands than all smiles stopped together.” This in my mind makes no sense. You should have explained this statement in a better way. There is no way readers at this level are going to understand what you are saying. As I was looking over this piece of writing I had to look it over a couple of times before it sunk into my mind. The duke was jealous of his wife's happiness. He doesn't like how his wife is so happy. The duke thinks there is an affair involved because of his wife's happiness. Then the duke finally has her killed later in the poem. This in my opinion is insane. If you think this is just my opinion, I strongly suggest you look alot harder at what some critics say. For example, “Many of Robert Browning’s early poems were part of what Isobel Armstrong has called a systematic attempt to examine many kinds of neurotic or insane behavior and in particular the pathology of sexual feeling”(Ross, Catherine, Browning’s Porphyry’s Lover, Explication, 2002, 68).This is supposed to be one of your best poems. The duke has no evidence on his wife having an affair. This poem, in my mind, just keeps getting worse. Not every poem you write should contain insane manner that is just not understandable to readers. I have come to the conclusion that I would never in a million years put this type of writing in one of my books.

Hopefully now you can see why I didn’t put your poetry in my book. There is only room for the best in my book. We think this piece of writing is a terrible one. It is expressed through insanity and love, which in my mind don’t mix. It is beyond expressing how much we reject your acceptance into this fabulous book. Why if we put this piece of trash in our book, are entire corporation would go bankrupt. It is nothing personal, but we don’t like your poetry. I also don’t like the way your poetry is based on. In conclusion, I wish you the best of luck in the future, and good health. Sincerely, Rich Flynn
















British Literature involves many different subjects. These subjects include comedy, love, hate, drama, and much more. Although, this piece of writing is about superstition. Superstition is applied to British literature in different ways. It can range from mystery, ghosts, monsters, and more. For instance, in the story called “Macbeth”. This piece of writing also uses ghosts, like in this story. Superstition can be referred to in many ways (as in ghosts, monsters, and much more). Charles Dickens calls this piece of writing, which many of you have not read, “The Haunted House.” This story is about a haunted house. This haunted house contains many mysteries’s that have gone unanswered. The main character sets out to do this. In this story he encounters all kinds of things. Such things like monsters, noises, and mysterious figures. The man keeps on seeing his dead father. His father has his head in his hand and tries to talk to the man. The main character hears noises all around the house. An old woman with an owl keeps stalking him. Wherever he goes this owl will go. This makes the man nervous and eventually drives him away from the house. Superstition revealed a lot about people back in those days. It gave me a better look at the people and what they liked to see. Then it dawned on me what these people were like. These people liked a little mystery and fright. They liked a little fiction in their stories. It made the stories more interesting. This is why these types of writings were read often by the common folk. People liked to read about mystery and horror tales. It gave them a sense of drama and eagerness towards the story. It was the type of writing many people liked back then. This work has not been taken seriously enough. That is why it is not one of the poems that was published fully and displayed everywhere. This piece of writing has not been taken seriously for many reasons. It is mostly fiction. When you put some real thoughts to it, you will probably think it’s foolish. For instance, a critic said, “This situation would be no more than an uninteresting personal confession” (By: Joseph Gold, in “Charles Dickens and Today’s Reader.” Some things are just too hard to believe for some people. For others it can be quite exciting. Some people love these fictional stories that contain a lot of mystery. As you can see, superstition comes in many forms. It can come in the forms of monsters and mystery. Mysteries may never be solved. Monsters will never be proven to exist. It all depends on what kind of mysteries you would like this one. There are many that are like this, but they are all unique in there own way. All that remains in your head is superstition.

































Language is used all throughout the world for people to communicate. English is one of those very broad languages. It is used all over the world. This language is one of the most dominant languages spoken. It has corrupted the world we know today. Everyone is trying to learn English. People hate the fact that this language is intruding on their culture. A strong word that supports these ideas is the word “money.”

The roots of the word “money” reveal something about its cause in hurting the world. It is said that the word “money” comes from the Latin root “moneta.” Some definitions include “Webster’s New Dictionary- current coin medium of exchange. Also there is “Readers Digest Great Encyclopedia Dictionary-officially issued coins and paper currency that serve as a medium of exchange and a measure of value and may be used as payment.” One other dictionary is “The American Heritage Dictionary-a commodity that is legally established as an exchangeable equivalent of all other commodities and used as a measure of their comparative marked value. Looking at these definitions you can clearly see that English is hurting the world. It just makes things more confusing, for those who are trying to learn it.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines “money” in many ways. For example, “Money-any generally accepted medium of exchange, which enables a society to trade goods without the need for barter.” Another definition of money is “Money-any other objects or materials which serve the same purpose as coins or bank notes.” One of the last definitions that were found was “Money-means of payment considered as representing value or purchasing power; the power of purchase or means of exchange represented by coins, bank notes, or checks. So you see none of this would help anyone. It is used in such a primitive way that is truly barbaric.

I asked many people, what they thought about the word “money.” Everyone had very interesting answers. I asked these people what the first word that came to mind when I said “money.” For instance, Frank Flynn said “dollars.” This represents the form of currency in the U.S. Next I asked what Trisha Flynn thought. She thought of something and then said the word “greed.” Greed plagues those who have money and don’t desire to share. Billy Flynn said “fame.” This shows how people only like you because of your money. Julia Flynn said “wealth.” This would describe the rich, who some people dislike. Catherine Flynn said “debt.” This shows the problems there are for many people. Brian Zaleski said “power.” This shows how some people are feared because of their money. Steve Hughes said “monopoly.” Meaning the business of monopoly in many things. Nick Madrin said “life.” Showing that life is all about money. Jack O’Connor said “desire.” This shows how people desire money. Last Felicia O’Connor said “lies.” Describing what people will do for money. It is shown how these words are powerful and convince people about the English language.

Literature has to do a lot with the word “money.” It was first used in the “Northern Passion, Cambridge Gg., 1.1, 160. It said “bei iyef him brythi plates of gone mone.” The second use of the word was used in 1425. In the Mandeville’s Travel (Titus) 157, “Make the no money but have lether emprinted or have papyre.” The last use of it was 1325. It took place before the second one, but was discovered after. It was used in St.Mary of Egypt, 41, “nabbe ich oper moneie bote mi sulve her.” As you can see this would make no sense to someone who is trying to learn English. It is impossible to understand. This would just confuse more people.

There are many foreign language speakers out there, but I am going to talk about one. His name is Andreas Vasquez. He was born in Columbia. I asked him to say the word money in a sentence. He said, “I would like to have lots of mooney.” Obviously his dialect throws off some of his English words. This would hurt him out in the world. Some people who don’t listen that well might not understand what he are saying. So he will get trouble and problems, when wanting to talk. People will not quite understand him.

Some articles show how the word “money” is used badly. Such as the Gas Grill, “more for your money” article. It says “Assertion that high priced grills aren’t necessarily better than inexpensive ones.’ Now whom on earth trying to learn English is going to care about gas grills. Another article in “Found: money’ says “Presents information on ways to save money.” Last article is called “Your children ask to borrow money.” It says “ Advice to parents with regards to lending their kids money.” I hope I showed you how English is a barbaric language. By the powerful words and confusing sentences, it is shown that English is a complicated language.