English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  

I was in the second grade, my cousin Meghan and Matt were up from Texas. Therefore, my family and I decided to go into Boston harbor. My two brothers my mom, my dad, my cousins, and I went to lunch at a restaurant. The restaurant was a boat, with an upper and a lower deck. We were sat on the upper deck because it was a summer day warm and sunny and there was no reason not to or so we thought. I have learned a little about my family like the more you question a situation the more likely what you do not wont to happen will.

“EWW! It’s so gross up here look at all the bird poop.” Cried Meghan* “Well we’re still eating up here it’s to nice out not too.” Stated my Dad* We sat up there as my Dad stated when we finished ordering my cousins noticed all of the seagulls flying overhead. Being the loving younger brother, he was to his older sister.

“I hope a seagull poops on your head just to shut you up. It is gross up here. EWW! There is no way I can eat in these conditions!” Matt said sarcastically.

When it was just about time to leave PLOP! Sure enough, Meghan had a seagull use her head as target practice. Meghan screamed for a good twenty minutes. When she was done, she chased Matt around the boat yelling at him that it was his fault entirely, that he jinxed her.

This is a story that is often reflected back upon in admiration of the days when it was good to be a kid. I say in the days that it was good to be a kid because now there are all sorts of pressure added to every aspect of life and it is hard to have a laid-back attitude or outlook on life. If you can think back to when you were a kid that even counting random items, throwing rocks into the ocean or a lake just to see if you could reach, these simple activities could keep you happy for hours or until you lost count or your arm began to hurt. Now, playing in a game of soccer, hockey, baseball, or any other sport for that matter you need to be at the best of your abilities or you will be sat. What happened to the times when a game was a game?

Through this family story, I learned hat the more complaining my family members do the worse the punishment is going to get. This is why I try not to complain at all, unless there is some sort of in justice. This just shows how unlucky and stupid my family can be. It shows that we are unlucky because it is never lucky to have any animal or thing to use you as a bathroom. It shows how dumb my family is because to blame such an occurrence on something as silly as a jinx is beyond me.

















Dear Mr. Robert Browning,

In next years edition we the committee for the next edition of the Prentice Hall Literature Book Company we feel that next years edition should be up beat, joyful, and very entertaining. We feel that poems of love and of sad events are acceptable. I am sorry to inform you that the committee for the next edition of the Prentice Hall Literature Book Company will not be printing your work in next years book. We decided that your work is to advanced for the average 14-16 year old student. Your themes of jealousy and the extreme gruesomeness of your poems is the main basis for our decision, also your themes of deceit take your poems to a different level of sadness. Due to this, we will not be printing your work in next year’s edition.

The idea that your stories are to advanced the committee decided, that your work forces the students to think in a gloomy direction that is not necessary for the students to be required to do. As seen here “Fear death? -- To feel the frog in my throat.” This is leading the students to think about death. This is also seen “Must never hope to reproduce the faint, Half-flush that dies along her throat." It tends to lend the committee to the idea that you enforced some sort of violence towards your duchess.

The themes in your work such as jealousy, death, and affairs. Place a real damper on the task of reading. We would like our next edition to not be seen as a task of reading, but as a joyful time to unwind after a long day. Shown in this line “She had a heart -- how shall I say? -- Too soon made glad, too easily impressed; she liked whate'er She looked on, and her looks went everywhere.” In this passage, you say that your duchess holds the simple gifts from the workers, a bough of a cherry tree, to the same standard as his love and all his worldly possessions.


Michael DeBesse,

Prentice Hall Literature Company






















In British literature, there are various works that incorporate superstitions. Such as, Grendel, Macbeth and Frankenstein. These works are widely read. They all deal with superstition in a different way. To a lesser degree the poem by James Small Grandfather’s Ghost with superstition.

He deals with superstition, by having his poem be about a ghost. This poem tries to lead you to believe in superstitions,

“When my father came home I told him what I had* seen “The creepies” and he just shook his head “It was your grandfather,” says he.”

In this poem, the author goes into a lot of detail about the ghost trying to give the poem a more realistic feel. This gets people of the twenty first century to think that in 1956 there were many beliefs in phenomenons because when people now a day for the most part will simply say that ghost do not exist.

This poem is short and pointless; the whole concept behind this poem is just a waste of time. The poem is two paragraphs; one paragraph was just a description of the ghost. The second paragraph is a quick ending to a short story.

This poem has not read by many throughout the years. This is rightfully so, because this poem does not suck you into the story behind it or even grab your attention and hold it for the slightest instant. This was also realized by W. F. Garrett-Petts he says “This is a literary example of what you should not publish and I am only hard on this poem because I believe this author have true potential.”