English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  
  When I used to go out with my family, we sometimes found ourselves in some funny situations. This would especially happen when we went out to a restaurant, baseball game or hockey game. This is one of those stories.

This story took place back in the day as I was in the car going to my brother’s baseball game with my family. I, my brother and my sister were all in the back seat. My sister and my mom were having a typical argument over the mess in her room. We finally arrive at the baseball field. My family goes up to sit in the stands. I was sitting in the stands with my family watching my brother play for the championship in Hyde Park baseball. So my brother steps up to bat. He hits a high foul ball.

So everyone around me backs off. From up in the air I was like a bulls-eye in the middle of the circle. So the ball comes down and drills me in the head. Then my sister starts laughing at me for just sitting there and not moving. Still to this day when my family and I go out to eat and the subject of baseball comes up they bring up that foul ball. I wasn’t even that old. I was only about 10 years old.

So whenever the story comes up I just start laughing because I was so dumb that I thought “what were the chances that the ball was actually going to hit me in the head.”



















Dear, Mr. Arnold, I am sorry to inform you that your poems were rejected. A good text book should have a good story and poem on every page. Your poems were not selected because they lacked energy and they were too long.

My reasons for rejection your set of poems were that they are too boring. They lack a little bit of energy. Dover Beach could be one of the worst poems I have ever read. This line from Dover Beach shows you how bad this poem is “Come to the window, sweet is the night air!” It is such a bad poem because it is a tiring and boring poem that is a waste of time to read it.

My other reason for rejecting your set of poems was that they are too long. Your Self – Dependence poem is 32 lines long and it is also wide. One long line from Self – Dependence is “At this vessel’s prow I stand, which bears me Forwards, forwards, o’er the starlit sea.” It just takes too long to read this boring poem.

One critic I recently read also doesn’t like your work. His name is William H. Pritchard. One line from his criticism is “By contrast, Arnold’s poetry has little humor, its ironies are unsubtle, its prevailing tone elegiac.”




















Many great British stories have to do with superstition. Superstition is beliefs or practices resulting from ignorance and fear. A couple of writers that use superstition in their writings are William Shakespeare and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. William Shakespeare wrote “The Tragedy of Macbeth.” Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.” A work not many have read that gets us to believe in superstition is “Bill Grimes His Soul”, by the British author, Rolf Bennett.

“Bill Grimes His Soul” gets us to believe in superstitions. One superstition is the devil. A line that has the devil in it is “Throught how the devil I got here, or where I am, I don’t know.” (pg1, line 39) That line had to do with the devil because the devil brought Bill to a place he did not want to go. Another superstition is ghosts. A line that has the ghost of Bill Grimes talking is “Grant, Graham - mum - mum - Grimes.” (pg3, line 106) This story makes the reader believe in the devil and ghosts while you read it.

“Bill Grimes His Soul” is a British work written in 1924. The superstitions of the devil and ghosts reveals that British people believed in life after death. The superstitions could also reveal that society around 1924 believed in life after death. This is true because if you see the devil or if you become a ghost it will happen after you die.

This work has not been taken seriously enough because the author, Rolf Bennett is not a known author. This is a good work from Rolf Bennett, but it does not compare to major authors. “The Tragedy of Macbeth” and “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” are better known because they have been around a lot longer than “Bill Grimes His Soul.”

Edward J. O’Brien in The English Review has discussed this work and says that ““Bill Grimes His Soul” by Rolf Bennett is one of the best British short stories of 1924.” I would agree that it is a good short story. Maybe if Rolf Bennett was better known as an author, this short story would be in our text book.


  English is one of the dominate languages in the world today. English has been around for hundreds of years. English has many great words, for example, car. The word “car” is a helpful word because most of us say it as least once a day.

The American Heritage Dictionary says that a car is an automobile. The Webster Dictionary says that a car is a vehicle moving on wheels. The Word Net 2.0 Dictionary says that a car is a 4 - wheeled motor vehicle. The word car comes from the Middle English word carre, which comes from Old North French, from Latin carra.

The Oxford English Dictionary says that the word “car” is used as “a wheeled vehicle or conveyance.” But from 16th century to 19th c. chiefly poetic, with associations of dignity, solemnity, or splendor. A car was then applied locally and it special periods to various vehicle in particular. A car was also known as miniature carriage or truck used in experiments. Then finally a motor vehicle.

I asked different people what comes to mind when they hear the word car. I received different answers from Ford to Bentley. I asked people from Bobby Dashner to Tyler Miller. What comes to mind when Mr. McGonegal hears the word “car” is he 1982 Dodge Colt.

The word “car” was first used back in 1382 by Wyclef. The sentence was “His foure horsid carres.” The word “car” was used by Tennyson in 1852. The sentence is “And a reverent people behold the towering car, the stable steeds.”

An article in the Habitat International, titled “A study of computing patterns of new town residents in Hong Kong” used the word car in September 2005. The line in this article is “ . . . and fuel wastage due to the relatively limited use of private cars.” This article is negative against cars.

I would have to say that the word “car” in the English language has a positive affect on the world. The word “car” is easy to remember for foreign language speakers because it is a three letter word. You use the word “car” at least once or twice a day, so a good short word like “car” is perfect.
























Kicking the Bucket

The bucket was made long ago
Sixteen years to be exact
For now the bucket will not spill
Unless it gets kicked
But the day it does
Get kicked
I hope to see the kicker face to face
When the bucket gets kicked