English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  

The year was 2003, August fourth. This date marked my grandmothers eighty fifth Birthday. For her birthday we took off to the bright lights of New York City. We had never been there before so we were anxious and ready to embark on a great weekend. and my nana was in for a big surprise.

We booked two rooms at the Marriott in Time Square. And bought our train tickets. It all began on the ride to Penn station. When we arrived we called out a cab, traveled through cars, people, and traffic to finally reach our hotel. We then quickly unpacked, raced to the elevators, and went to explore the city. After a couple hours of shopping we then went back to the hotel and changed for a play on Broadway called gypsy.

This was the firs time Nana and my family had ever been to Broadway play .we were all excited and anxious to see how good the play was going to be. As we suspected it turned great. Thankfully my Nana found it great and hysterical. After the play weaving in and out of people just to get away from the crowd, we then found our way to the street and a waved down a cab like a couple prisoners of war sighting a U.S. helicopter. Breathing heavily in the stifling humid back seat of the cab it was almost as if we were a couple of miners in a Cole mine on a ninety-degree day.

I was astonished my Nana didn’t have a heart attack.finally after fleeing from the crowd we were off to little Italy, which is a small-town in New York, which resembles Italy. It consists of Italian Restraunt’s and, bakeries, and even old fashion Italian pastry shops. This was great for my nana because she was born in Italy but has not visited it for many years. Our dinner was great but unfortunately my nana doesn’t have the alcohol tolerance she use to and ended up having a few too many glasses of wine, not to mention a Martini. This was a little hard to deal with between my family and especially my mom. Unfortunately by this time it was to late to talk sense into to her but it was her birthday and were glad she was having a great time.

After dinner we walked down the street to a pastry shop while my mom dragged behind us helping my grandmother keep balance.. However on the way there my nana came across something she liked in a store window and walked right into the glass. I thought it was hysterical but apparently my mom wasn’t to happy , she tried to hold it in however I could still see her holding in some laughter. But it wasn’t over yet. She got worse. Nana was having a little trouble keeping her hands off others belongings and even tried to pursuade a man to give her his umbrella for it had been raining earlier that evening. Finally we reached the pastry shop.

When we got there we ordered our pastries and went to a small table outside. We were all enjoying our desert and I happen to tell a joke about Bruce Armstrong and the scandal of those famous words, (Good luck Mr. Corsey). After I explained the story behind this and what even made it more funny was that it was true. My family laughed but nana couldn’t stop laughing and accidentally wet her pants. Although she probably wouldn’t of found it so funny if she hadn’t of been drunk, But unfortunately she was.

We then went back to the hotel so my nana could change and by eight o’clock we were back in Time Square exploring the city. That weekend my family had a great time. Especially my nana. it was a great weekend we will never forget, well atleast my Nana will.

















Dear Molly Holden. This is the hard part. I am sorry to inform you that you will not be included in this year’s prentice hall British literature addition 2005. The prentice hall board of directors has voted unanimously on this decision. We feel that you do not supply the texts that we are looking for.

We find your poems sloppy and hard to understand.you do have good subjects in your poems but you lack the skills to express it, and most importantly, put it on paper. Numerous critics have said this.

Although you are a well know published author you do not meet our standards. We have to high of a reputation to let some sloppy poet come into our texts. I personally do not enjoy reading your poems, mainly because they are not that well written. Your paragraphs are well put together but the body is horrendous.

At Prentice Hall we will only except the best. And unfortunately you are not. Good luck with your poems. If the person you submit it to has any knowledge of poems or novels he will feel the same way we do at Prentice Hall. We do hate to be the bearer of bad and unfortunate news, but you’re a horrible writer, and please never write again. When we read your poems we feel as though it makes everyone worse at writing just hearing it, Good bye then. We do appreciate your submittal to our book and maybe if you get your writing skills in order you possibly could be in next year’s addition.

P.s. have a nice life, well atleast outside of prentice hall.

















The story that I picked is one of the many on Irish mythology. This is a very well written piece of Irish mythology however is not very well known. This story is about an Irish man named Oison who was the son of the great Finn Mac CumHail. Oison had experienced many adventures in his life but this particular story is one of his birth. This story consists of very supernatural events, such as animals speaking and turning into to people, to horses running on water. The author ( Skip Ellison ) is very serious about this story because of the message it gives.

This story begins one morning when Finn was hunting in the forest when he came across a doe. He immediately sent his dogs on it but the dogs stunningly they didn’t attack. He followed the doe to a magical hill only to find that this doe spoke and turned into women of a his tribe. he immediately apologized and gave her his word of protection.

This first paragraph of the story shows both the personalities of the women and Finn. This is a very good quality of the author. Soon after meeting Sadb and Finn fell in love. Nine noon’s later she gave birth to a human baby boy, (Oisin) which in Irish means little deer.

This is one of my favorite paragraphs because it shows relations between different races and ethnicity’s. And what they both made. This is a very controversial thing to write because during this time period being intimate and sexual out of race was forbidden. Writing this shows yet another trait of the author, this one is courage. Skip Ellison expressed his feelings in writings despite of what the society thought.

Oisin grew up to travel with his band not only becoming a great leader but also becoming a doer of good deeds. On his travels he came upon a beach and took some time to admire the sand and the sea. In doing this he was noticed by a queen of a fairyland called Niahm. As she saw him she thought he was the most wondrous man of all. She rode swiftly across the sea on her gleaming white horse and said to Oisin will you be my lover and live with me in my home across the sea. She then says…

“ Delightful land of all that there are under the sun; the trees are stooping down with fruit and with leaves and with blossom. Honey and wine are plentiful there; no wasting will come upon you with the wasting away of time; you will never see death or lessening. You will get feasts, playing and drinking; you will get sweet music on the strings; you will get silver and gold and many jewels. You will get everything I have said … and many gifts beyond ken which I have no leave to tell."

In saying this author comes up with a basis of a heaven and incorporates both religion and romance in this sentence. This is a very important topic in this story because he comes up with his own aspects of a heaven. And during this time people did not want others opinions they wanted facts.

Oisin then decides to go with her. He is there for nearly there for three months were back then it was three hundred years. He then met with her in the morning and agreeded to going with her. After a few months he regretted his decision. He went back to his homeland to see his friends once more. The only condition was he could not leave the hoses back he arrived on or he could never go back.. Everyone he had known was now gone. He spoke to some boys and the sattle on his horse broke and he immatley turned old. He then spoke to St. Patrick who had heard of this incident and told him that his friends and families had gone to hell as pagan sinners. he then responded that he to wanted to go to hell to be with his friends. This action sent him to heaven and he was with his friends forever.

This story has many different aspects of both Irish mythology and mythology of other cultures. However this goes a little too far with fantasy with a white unicorn and magical lands. In doing this he makes the story more interesting and fun to read. One person who agrees with my point on the fantasy aspect of Irish folklore stories is Steenie Harvey and his article (twilight places: Ireland’s enduring fairy love. In the article he explains how everything in Irish folklore is charged with symbolizing the supernatural, gentle, and magical. Many of the places in Irish folklore give the aspect of a fairyland. One sentence in this story that proves this is when the doe he was hunting becomes a woman of a tribe. This proves that Irish folklore has a lot to do with fantasy.























Karma is a word that was born of Hindus and Buddhists, and comes from the Indian language. The word karma in the English language has been defined consistent in its definitions. This therefor, makes this word less confusing and more understandable. I think karma benefits the English language not only because it is a word from another country and language that we have adopted to benefit English but it gives us a one word to describe (what you give is what you get in return), (you get what you deserve). The first time Karma was used in the English language was by H.T. Colebrooke in 1827 in (Trans .R. Asiatic Soc. I111). B.H. Hodsgem later used it in 1836.

Karma in the (American heritage dictionary) means 1) ‘the effect of a person actions’. 2) ‘Fate or destiny’. In the (random house Webster’s dictionary) Karma is defined as ‘bringing upon ones self inevitable results, either in this life or in reincarnation.’ and in the O.E.D. (Oxford English dictionary) Karma literally means 1) ‘the sum of a persons actions is one of his successive states of existence regarded as determining his fate in the next’. 2) ‘Fate or destiny, following as effect from cause’.

 Karma in the O.E.D. was first recorded and used in English in 1827. However this word also has been used much earlier in that in the Hindu languages and in Hindu and Buddhists religions. Although this word belongs to many faiths its meaning remains consistent throughout time and its travels and adoptions into new languages.

Karma as well as every other English word is used in different parts of speech with different meanings. One person that I can think of that used the word karma was joe McGonegal. When asked about Karma he responded with “ John lennon, Karmic Circle, and when things are coming back to. Another person’s opinions on this word was Jenn. Her definition of Karma was Good character. After researching Karma i was unable to find any new definitions of the word. The only reference I had of it being used in a new way was the purple Karma Golf ball. This was found in Golf magazines forty seventh volume, third issue on pages one eighty-four. The meaning of this ball was to give golfers “good juju”. “The new Mojo has a softer core under its firm Surlyn cover, which combined with 32 more dimples provide less spin and lift for a trajectory that's more clothesline than rainbow.

Mostly people of the Indian, the Hindu, and the Buddhist religions have used ‘karma’. However it has been getting more popular in the world, mostly in the use of songs, Magazines, and books. Research shows that the definitions of’ karma’ stay consistent. This is why Karma helps the world. It has come from religions thousands of years old and then found its way into the English language. I find it very interesting that over all these years and transitions this word’s deep meanings stay strong and consistent.