English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature

Last summer I went on vacation with my friend Eric and his family to Martha's Vineyard. My family spends there weekends in Falmouth and have a boat that is kept at Green Pond Marina, which is in an inlet that is directly across from Martha's Vineyard. At the the conclusion of my vacation , my father, brother, sister, aunt, and uncle decited to come and pick me up in Edgartown on the Vineyard instead of me having to take the ferry.

Upon them arriving to pick me up my father was ppulling up to the pier so that he could dock and then I would board and we would leave. My brother was standing on the back of the boat holding the line and when the boat got close enough to the pier he was suppose to jump off and secure it. Unfourtunately, he misjudged the distance between the boat and the pier, jumping too soon and landing on the very edge of the pier. He then began to teeter back and forth, for what seemed like a few minutes, but in actuality was only a few seconds, before falling into the water. What was even funnier about this, is that when he emerged from the water his baseball cap that he was wearing was still on hiw head, and had never fallen off.

naturally, we were all happy that he was safe and didn't get hurt, but couldn't help laughing about the entire situation, and commenting about how the hat had never fallen off his head. After all this, as only his luck would have it, we are now on out way back, only to encounter a strong headwind which promptly blew my brother's hat off his head and into the ocean. I guess it was just fate for him to loose that hat.

The reason why I think this is so funny story, is you would have had to see my brother swaying back and forth off the pier only to end up in the water, and then to see him comming out of the water with his hat still on his head, and then only for him to loose it on they way home.

















Dear Robert Browning,

A good vision for this text book should consist of well-written poems. These poems should be an easy read that are, intrusting, have good vocabulary and have a catchy rhyme scheme. Your work unfortunately does not fulfill is vision. Your work does not fulfill this vision for a good textbook because your poems are difficult to read, have some vocabulary but not enough, and have little to no rhyme scheme at all. Therefore, with all this in mind here is an explanation why.

What makes your poems uninteresting is the fact that you have no rhyme scheme involved. For example, in your poem, "My Last Duchess’’, it has barely any rhyme involved, and if it does, the words are close to five to ten lines apart which does not grab the readers’ attention. In addition, your poems are difficult to understand. For instance in your poem "My Last Duchess", an example is, "over my ladies wrist too much". For a tenth grader they want to be able to easily understand what they are reading, with out having to breakdown the sentences to find what they mean. Also your poems are far too long. This in tern boards the reads at our age level. An example of this is from your poem "My Last Duchess". A tenth grader does not want to read a two page poem. They want the poem shot and to the point and sadly your poems don’t have that.

From these reasons, this is why we are not putting your poems into next years English grade 10 literature books. A person who agrees with this is John Stuart Mill who said, “your possessed with a more intense and morbid self-consciousness than I ever knew". Thank you for sending in your work. Sincerely, Danny Palladino











There are many British stories that have superstitous aspects of them. For example the storiesand poems of Dickens, and many more. One poet that not many are fond of is Caroline Clive, and her poem " Invitation After Pulling Down and Rebuilding A house." This poem deals with the superstition on ghosts.

The superstition in this poem is that ghosts haunt the an empty and broken down house. The ghost will be there untill the house is rebuilt. Once the house is rebuilt you will have a campaign ghost in your home for the rest of your life. As "it says in the poem" watch the new house patiently, you soon shall have campaign ghosts.

This story has not been taken seriously, that is because there are so many ghost stories written by the British. Also, Ghost stories are an easy subjext and ghosts are written about oftenly. In the case of Caroline Clive she is British,. Born in 1801 and died in 1873.

A person that agrees with this stories superstition is......




















A sound a knife
not a help for this man
wrestling fighting
on sea and land
he is under water
but not really there
he is in a hall
not known to man
this person he is
fighting is not a man
will he win
the battle at hand.