English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  
  As I sat on in my room doing homework on a Sunday night after dinner, I heard some screams come from my the downstairs. I kept on working for another 5 minutes until I heard another scream. I left my room to see what was going on. I came to the kitchen and my mom was on top of a chair. “Timmy there is a mouse downstairs!” she yelled at me from 4 feet away.

I went down into my basement to see that my sister Meaghan was sitting up on the fooz-ball table, my dad was peeking around the corner into the room, and my little brother Brendan was standing on the couch. Both of my dog’s Chester and Zoe were pawing at this spot in the corner of the room. I looked at my sister and told her that it was underneath the table she was on. High pitched scream she shrieked. I was only joking around. She then realized that it wasn’t there. My dad and Brendan followed me over past the couch. I lied down on the floor and peaked in the radiator along the wall. The mouse was there frozen and probably scared out of its mind. It soon darted out form under and I watched it go perpendicular across the room and my dogs chase it under an old dresser. With the help of my dad we moved it aside and my dogs quickly went for it. Zoe being the faster dog, picked the mouse up into her mouth an carried it from out behind the dresser. I definitely could tell she was not biting down on it. Chester went over to Zoe and kind of held on with his mouth for a second until he pulled away. He now had the mouse. The next thing I know is he put his head back and ate the mouse.

Now I understand to some that this may not be funny but my father and I stood there laughed so hard. After this happened I definitely look bac on it and laugh hard still. The same goes for my father and little brother. It just goes to show that my mom and sister are complete wimps and that both of my dogs make us complete.





























Mr. Robert Browning, it was very difficult in choosing to exclude your work from next years edition for Prentice Hall Literature. The literature that you have published and not just in my perspective has been, typically hard to analyze for readers, unless an experienced analyst breaks it down. Typically our vision of good literature is stories poems etc. that give an interesting take on some peculiar level. To add to that, literature should appeal to young adult imaginations. In creating a great story that will be told and published all over the world you first need some creative thoughts and idea’s to capture any reader. Now that is not the only reason.

Grasping the reasons for taking out your work was a process that drew up simple critical reasons like “emotion and attention of reader”. To put it more plainly , the things you compose are boring. Our thoughts are that high school readers want to see interesting things. In your poem “Home-Thoughts from Abroad” instead of talking about all the harmony on the countryside a change to make it more exciting would be to talk about the were-wolfs of the country. Plant life of England does not appeal to most of the high school teens.

Creative Writing 101. Don’t describe where you live unless its in or on an island with crocodile infested waters. Creative writer’s/poet’s/composer’s all have a main point to penetrate the minds of the youth. The first thing any writer really needs to get anyone’s attention, is with an opening sentence with some action or drama taking on a real life theme that they can relate too. But not always that is what everyone looks for, just Prentice Hall Board of Literary Text books.

Many people who read an reviewed your poem “My Last Duchess“ had to reread the poem a 2nd or 3rd time to understand what your poetry was saying. This critic who chose to be anonymous said, “I could not contemplate it without a sort of a squint.” Another reviewer Christopher Ricks adds, “Browning's poems, there is seldom a single clear "message" or "moral." More often, there are complicated and ambiguous characters whose motives are mixed”.

As I mentioned before, it was hard to reject your work but the most complications that came up were from your work. From this conclusion, the Board and I will not publish the 2005 edition of Prentice Hall with your poetry and bibliography. One thing that we would notify you about was, a poll was taken to see how many people enjoyed the serious/depressing themes in your poems. One person out of 10 enjoyed reading or understood “My Last Duchess” and 4 out of 10 liked “Home-Thoughts from Abroad.”


Timothy O’Halloran

























Every Author has an idea to create a work of their own and coincidently authors strive to write literary works with lots of imagination. The foundation to all literary creations, even the ones that are about real life things, you will find that British authors often use very creative and original ideas throughout their work. Interestingly, It is common for people to suspect British literature with super natural and spiritual ideas. William Blake a poet from Britain gives suggestion throughout one particular work of his that there is a spirit.

The Idea that God is creator was once a big conflict among people, when philosophers suggested that men and women are derived from apes. This was suspected to be a superstition, and some authors like William Blake, who were religious, continued to write about poems that talked of creation. Amongst our society today people are part of our civilization, everybody is and Catholicism is about faith and love for our Lod the Father and creator of all heaven and earth. We worship him deeply.

William Blake goes on to link a message between our belief in the creator and how bringing a community together and setting rules and guidelines is what life is really about. Not some guy with a beard, who sat in the clouds, who loved everybody. Getting to the point, that to become happy you must put yourself into believing in a lie like God. Here in William Blake’s poem, “The Little Black Boy”, you are shown that only the boy can be happy, if he appreciates creation. One example of this in the poem, “My mother taught me underneath a tree, and, sitting down before the heat of day, she took me on her lap and kissed me, and, pointing to the East, began to say: ‘Look on the rising sun: there God does live, and gives His light, and gives His heat away, and flowers and trees and beasts and men receive, comfort in morning, joy in the noonday.”

Critical analyst’s suggest that the poem is one example of faith intervening in happiness. In conclusion, imagination of the mind about belief in that God is real and created everything, this shows to be a great way to write literary work. It also holds onto account that many creative writers are inspired by the spiritual life and God.




























A ferocious warrior
beowulf fights Thrashing and battling
he conquers foes From the land
Scandinavia he comes Here to save
Herot and its people Fear of Grendels
wrathis still about Nightly invasions
he kills mercyless Surprising and alarming
each time he visits Claws of death
rage of a lunatic Fight to the end
the time has come In one corner Herot's fate lies
the other death