English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  
  In order to get a funny story of my family, I had to ask my mom for historical information to make this essay. She told me that I probably would not find the story funny, but I persuaded her to tell me it because I knew I would think it was. She paused, because she said that the story was a while back, eve n before my parents had been married.

Then she started the story. A while back while my Mom and Dad had started dating, they had gone to a restaurant for dinner. They were still just getting to know each other, so they weren’t in love yet. Both of my parents worked internationally, and they suspected from each other that they couldn’t tell each other specific information because they believed that they would lose their jobs. As they were eating, a man came up to my father and said, “ I remember you. I saw you in Mozambique during the revolution.” My Dad isn’t even from Mozambique, but he brushed it aside and just laughed. He said, “I think that you have mistaken me for someone else.” However, this assured my Mom’s suspicions that my dad was someone else then he said he was. This scared my Mom because she thought that my Dad was someone else and that he was not being honest with her. Sp my Mom excused her self to the bathroom and instead walked out of the restaurant. Luckily, my Dad had spotted her so he went out to chase her and explained that the man was mistaken. My Mom was relieved and she told me that she felt stupid.

I always thought my parents to be the smartest people I knew. This taught me that they can be not the brightest people all the time. It taught me also that my parents aren’t perfect like they portray themselves in the time that I have lived to be with them.













Dear Robert Browning, I am sorry to inform you that you will not be issued in next year’s text book. We are working on a new text book this year and there are some things that I do not approve of to be added in this next edition, especially from your work. I think that your poems are too long and that your ideas are not well thought out. I have a vision for this new textbook to feature poems that are shorter and have better rhyme schemes then what you have given us.

In your poem My Last Duchess you wrote about the woman that you had been married to and how you loved her. But if you loved your last duchess, why would you have her killed? Just because she had seemed that she was into other men? Eileen Gilloly says that your writing makes to many obscure references, and this is true.

Your writing leads me to be confused, almost to the point of exhaustion. I try to interpret the meaning of your poems, but it is almost to the point of exhaustion. I couldn’t see a student understanding the true meaning to your poem. You are done with Prentice Hall. I have seen enough of your work and have dismissed the idea of having your work published is now besides the point. You might be able to find another publisher to turn to. We thank you for your past work with us and wish you good luck with your writing career.