English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  
  Back when my father David lived in Cork, Ireland, his family which consisted of seven people, would go to a beach on every sunday for relaxation and a brake from work. The car they drove was an old Mini Couper which was not made to fit seven people.

My uncle Allen was in a michevious mood this particlar sunday trip to the beach. "I get the front seat both ways."

Barbara said. "No, I want it on the way back, and your gonna give it to me unless you want me to torture you." He wasn't kidding either. It was if he grew the devils horns and had a smirk on his face similar to the smile the "Grinch" makes. She leaned her head back and he grabbed her pony tail and rapped it around the headrest. "AHHH!!" Barbara screamed at the top of her throat. "Let go!"

She screamed again. Every move she made it hurt even more. Meanwhile allen was chuckling at the site of her little sister screaming in pain, while the rest of the car was screaming and telling him to cop on.

This story is funny because he still had the nerve to start a chaotic, loud, conflict with the little amount of space provided in the car. Ive learned to give up the font seat for my uncle.















Dear Mr. Tennyson, I'm sorry to inform you that your literary work will not be involved in this year's edition of British Literature. This was a desicion I had to make based on the interests of the students, and what I thought should be in the text for a highschool sophomore. If your wondering what I think should be included, I think that a little more simple work should be in it and topics that catch the young reader's eye and that can give them a morally good message for the appropriate time they live in.

This was a hard desicion but I had to choose you because of your selection of vocabulary. The words you use aren't used in the common language, and often have very tough meanings. An example of this is from your work "The Lotos-Eaters":"The charmed sunset lingered low adown , In the red West: through mountain clefts the dale". This is very hard to understand for a young teenager.

Your choice of topic usually involves sad, war-like themes, and since we are in time of war right now, we do not need any more of literature referring to war. A small excerpt of this is taken from your piece "The Lotos-Eaters": "To war with evil? Is there any sign of peace?". Also the way you right your work shouldn't be in this level of text. Alot of things you write tend to be dreary, such as this example taken from "Crossing the Bar": "And may there be no more moaning, when i put out to sea." This is just one of the many excerpt from your poems.

Also, you refer to death quite often, and you are also critisized for writing about disturbing deaths. You are even called by one critic " One of the dumbest poets". Even though you are considered by many as the greatest poet in Victorian Literature, this is just not the text you should be in. Sorry. Sincerely, Conor Foley

























There are many words in the English language and the English dictionary. All of the word can help, or even hurt the language. Some mean very good things and some can mean very bad things. The word that I chose was the word record. This word is helpful to the English language even though it can mean many different things this word can help and show how the English word are diverse in their meanings and uses.

The word that I chose is the word “record”. The word record is used by a lot of people through out the English speaking world. The word record can be used in many different ways. It could be something that is written down and kept for a long time, or it could be a device that plays music, the word record come from the Latin root Re-. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines the word as “the state or fact of something being written down.” the next dictionary that I used was the American heritage dictionary. this dictionary defines the word record as “to register or ordinate.” the third and final dictionary that I used was the Cambridge online dictionary. The Cambridge dictionary defines the word as “to keep for the future by being kept in writing.” all of these dictionaries have very similar definitions. The word record is primarily used as something that deals with writing being kept for the future.

The word record is important to our lives because it can serve many purposes . the oxford English dictionary definition of the word record “the fact or tribute of being or having been committed to writings as the evidence of a matter of having legal importance in a crime.” the Oxford English dictionary definition show that the word record has a lot to do with the court system and the justice system. maybe it even means more to court cases. the word record dates back to the 1300s in England. the oxford English dictionary its the best dictionary out there and is very helpful. it helps show how the word record is helpful in the English dictionary used in the court of law and how it help the language and the people all together.

The word “record” is used a lot in the English language in speech and in writing. a phrase where the word is used is “Hank Aaron hold the all time homerun record” I asked ten people what was the first thing that came into their head when they heard the word record. The first person that I asked was my neighbor Paula Foley she said” something that plays music.” the second person I asked was my father Doug Ferguson he said “too have something written down for the future.” my father’s answer relates to the dictionary entries. the third person I asked was my uncle john Galvani he said” noise” he thinking of the music aspect of the word record. The last source I used was Mr. McGonegal and he said” written in language and speech. The word also has been seen in writing. there have been many famous writers who have used the word in their writings. It was first used by cursor in 1300 in 9711 “Ne dom agh haf right na record, Ar we ben all at an a-cord.the” the next writer to us it I s Fitzherb. Surv. 20 “Whan a mater.Is past by verdyt..And entred in the kynges recordes there it resteth of recorde, and also yf a dede or a patent be inrolled there it remeyneth of recorde in lyke mane”the last famous writer to use it is Shakespeare in 1603 measure for measure. II. ii. 40 to fine the faults, whose fine stands in record, and let goes by the Actor. Over the years the word record has had many uses in speech and in literature.

 Many critics have critized the word “record”, or have used it I a different way. The first critic George Vass that wrote used record in this way explaining it for Hank Aarons home run record which is 755. “Worry about the records has been obviously heightened by the expectation that Barry Bonds, who entered the current campaign with 703 home runs, would surpass Babe Ruth's career total of 714 this season, and may even threaten Hank Aaron's major league record of 755.” (Baseball Digest; Jun2005, Vol. 64 Issue 4, p22, 9p, 5bw) that was how record is used in context to baseball records. The next critic used in the subject of music. Cyrus Farivar writes about podcasts and how to record them ”To record a Podcast, you need a few basic pieces of equipment: microphone, headphones, and software. Most iMacs, laptops, and eMacs have internal microphones.” these critic use the wird :record in many different ways to explain simple thing from recording music on you computer or talking about baseball records.

A big issue this year in bilingualism and if their should be an official language in the United States. their should be no official language in the united states because the English language comes from all of the romantic languages. Another reason is that in the United States there are a plethora of different languages being spoken at the some time by people of different cultures.