English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  
  I was sitting in my room at the time thinking, what was the funniest thing that happened to my family. My younger cousins where over, fooling around and out of control like usual. I said to my cousin, who was with me at the time. “It’s all 6 of those little brats that’s causing me to lose concentration.”. He replied, “But theirs only 5 of them out there?”. Not quick enough in the head to understand I’m counting my brother as a brat. Then I gave him a stupid look, and went back to my mental brain storming.

Still thinking about my brother, than it hit me. The good old days when I was an only child and no other children around to bother, abuse, assault me. Then everything got all fuzzy and blurry like in the TV when there about to have a flashback. Now it was my time has come to have a stroll down memory lane. I was about three or four cause I still lived in the first house I could ever remember living at. I just came inside from my backyard through my back door with a cup full of worms getting ready to experiment. Beets me what I was looking for inside a worm, but precedes the point that I got caught by my mother who was getting fat exceeding pace, I always said in my head for the past few months. She said with an upset tone of voice, “What do you have behind your back.” I decided to tell her and get on with my life. I through away the worms and came back inside and my father was waiting for me. He said, "I know why u do bad things for fun. By any chance is it because you have no one to play with?" I noded my head up and down with no clue on where this conversation is heading. Then he replied in a whispered voice,” You don’t have to worry about that much longer.” I said “O.K” while thinking what does my birth consult me with. Is someone who I can play with moving in? Even better my cousin Jimmy was moving in. That had to be it.

One night I went to sleep at my neighbors house upstairs because my dad had to take Mom to the hospital. Apparently there was some thing lining in her stomach for about 9 months and it wanted out badly my uncle told me. Then a few days later my father came to get me to bring me home and told me to cover my eyes. There was a surprise waiting for me. Now like you already no I’m thinking its going to be my cousin. But No it was this little creature sitting in my moms lap. Not sure if it was sleeping, just doesn’t open it’s eyes or what but it was there. Then I heard my aunts voice but she only comes around when it’s my birthday, and the last time I was told my birthday only comes once a year. Maybe she forgot it’s O.K. Who ever complains about getting an extra gift. She said how is the birthday boy doing on his first day”.

I corrected her by saying “Back” going along with the free birthday gift scheme. “Huh, what are you talking about? Oh you think it’s your birthday.”. I nodded stating that she was correct and she laughed and said, “Please is six or seven months away. Today is your younger brothers birthday, and I’m tell you my life went straight south from there. We Got a little older and I was determined to keep the promise I made my parents about having another child, and ooooh! I came so close so many times. First time I tried to throw him in the trash barrel. FAILURE! Then I found something quite fascinating and that was my little wanna be me was very intrigued by the sun light when evere the front door opened. So one morning I opened the front door hopeng he would just walk out, get lost and you know do the work for me but, No! the clumsy boy fell down and began to cry.

There’s for causing Mom to come save him and I was punished for a long period of time, and every moment that I sat there in my room I thought about what I did. The best conclusion I could come up with is that I wouldn’t want some one to do that to me. Told Mom & Dad the conclusion I came up with, I was forgiven and saw my brother in a whole different light. First thing every one said they learned from my hard attempts to delete my younger brother from the family portrait, is that I have a strong will and thus all the first in my family and we should not be left alone with those that we feel is trying to replace us as the most loved child. Because we will attempt to delete you.






















Dear George Orwell, Thank you for submitting the peace of work to be published in the textbook I’m putting together this up coming year. I believe that a 10th graders textbook should consist of a certain limit writing, short stories, poems, and novels. If it where possible I would just put every submitted peace of work in it, but than the teachers would never get through it and I definitely trust in my scenes that the kids would not appreciate having to log a book of that massive size class to class. God forbid even carry it home to study or do homework. So as you can see the idea of adding all the submitted is just not possible of being done, with out having all abhor me with a roused feeling to do away with myself.

Now as you probably already know a few letters went out to yourself and a few other outstanding authors, and you all should keep on writing. Unfortunately I have o tell you that I will not be adding you to the text book this up coming year. Only for a few frank reasons that may or may not be seen the same way from eyes.

 “1984”, is a very good title because it leaves the student with yearning for knowledge. To know what’s in the book, is what we want the student to be thinking of at all times. This way you would get the pupil to be a potential student. Than you continue to amaze me with your opening line to the book, “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.” This had my mind thinking, “What date is this set in?” Making me want to continue, but it begins with the not so curious scenes. Like this one, “The Ministry of Love was the really frightening one.” Come on the Ministry of Love sounds like some cheap hotel.

So once again I say thank you and you keep writing. Just because your novel wasn’t published here doesn’t mean some else isn’t one like yours.

























When dealing with superstition it is best that you have a wide open mind. Look from all points of views possible, and best to not keep your mind in the same time period. These pieces of advice may not go for every mythological story, but if a member of the Lady Gregory audience you may want to take these pointers into consideration. Like in the short story “The Man of Folkham”, which surely consist of many mythical/ superstitious things. The one that is most mentioned in Lady Gregory’s story is the grey ghost.

The talking about the grey ghost brought to my attention that Europeans are very superstitious and Gerick Kassnaic also agrees with my assumption on Gregory and ghosts. As said in the story, “An Irishman always leaves part of him behind; even it is a grey mirror.” This idea didn’t just stay with the westerners it spread through their poetry and all.

Unfortunately Lady Gregory’s work was not greatly viewed by all. Not to sure why either, could have been because she was an Irish women or just for the simple fact that she was a women.














Hawk’s Cuz’in Like Hawk the cousin.
The owl likes to kill.
During the day he’s tree truck’in.
Cause at night that be his skill.

Chilling in his T. Trunk.
Waiting for 10 o’clock to hit.
So he can come out the trunk,
And go off the tipps.

It’s windy.
Land really, really dark.
A prey has to be tipsy,
To come out in this spot.

Now he’s hoppin n’ Leanin.
Begging a prey to give him a reason.
To swoop down and beat’em,
And then bottoms up for the owl, preys eaten

So now he’s like a stalker,
Waiting for prey to make a mistake.
Waiting one trace.
Like showing it’s face.
The forest is like monopoly,
And the prey’s are other players.
That just entered owl property.