English 10: Writing Portfolio

Essay the first: Origins  
Essay the second: Literature  

One period in my life that was a very funny but scary time was when my little brother Chris, was left behind as we were going up to New Hampshire. This reveals the forgetfulness and the fearful part of my family. From this story I have learned that even the littlest things can happen when you think that they never will. I remember the day when my family was getting ready to head up to New Hampshire. Seeing my family running around my house trying to pack isn’t a very good site. When my mom packs, she basically brings the whole house. She can’t leave anything behind. But anyways we were heading down the road heading north. Everyone was really quite and tired from packing. My mom asked my little brother Chris a question and he didn’t answer back.

Suddenly she noticed he was still at the house! So my dad turned the truck around and went towards our house. As we were looking out for him, we see a little boy on his tricycle nearly going onto the highway! It was our little brother chasing after us! As soon as we fixed that problem we got up to New Hampshire and went into our lodge. While unpacking, there was no skiing equipment! My dad forgot everything.

The story means a lot to me and my family. We will never forget that day when we forgot our little brother and seeing him riding his bike trying to catch us. That day our family also became closer and talked about things we wouldn’t have before.













I am Michael Ciriello from the English Literature book for tenth graders. This was a very difficult decision for me, but I agreed that your work did not reach the potential to get your work into this book. A good English Literature book should have easy reading for the student, but, should, make them use their heads to think about the novel. They should also have fun while reading but learning at the same time. I am sorry to inform you; your work should be presented into a lower class English book.

The first reason that did not meet my requirements was that your short stories would waste valuable paper. Your stories are too long and a lot have to do with Christmas. Do not get me wrong. I like Christmas stories and I am sure tenth graders do too, but we need to educate the readers with more efficient stories about the Victorian Age...

Another reason that I rejected your work, was the names in your stories are childish. In one of your works, Romance from the Pen of Miss Nettie Ashford, your call one of the characters, “Ms. Orange.” Why don’t you call her Ms… that doesn’t have to do with fruits.


























Superstition is a very common source of writing years ago, and in today’s society. Poems, short stories, novels, etc… are good ways to present superstition, ghosts, and super natural allusions. In British literature, many poets wrote these types of literature. Charles Dickens is a good example for a poet who wrote supernatural and ghost stories. He wrote a short story called The Signalman, which was about a ghost. There are many more famous writers, but many writes that are not known well. One of these writers is named Francis Ledwidge, an Irish writer who has many exotic stories and superstitious poems.

Francis Ledwidge was born in Slane on 19th August, 1887. He left school at fourteen and took up various laboring jobs, but poetry was his first love. The work that I had read was called “The Dead Kings.” A ghost story involving kings that came back to the dead haunting him. “All the dead kings came to me. At Rosnaree, where I was dreaming…” This is a line from his poem “The Dead Kings,” dealing with ghosts. Another poem he had written is called, “to One Dead.” A poem involving Francis’ life and how his spirit is dead inside him. With these two poems, we have a sense that he was truly involved with uncanny poems.

Looking at Francis works, a critic had written a review agreeing with my thoughts on his works. In this she stated, “Francis Ledwidges’ works have seem to be deeply implicated with mystical stories about ghost and spirits within him. His poems are very unique and have a lot of meaning toward them. He was a poet of nature and it is interesting to note that of the two hundred odd poems he wrote, nine ghostlike stories were mentioned.”

In conclusion, many poets have ethereal stories and unusual poems that they have written throughout their lives. All have different views and ways to express their thoughts about superstitions, but deal with many of the same point of view. Like Francis, he dealt with ghost and spirits that would haunt him after the bloody war he was in. Others wrote stories that entertained the readers by having scary plots to tease with the readers minds.






















In today’s world of literature, English is one of the leading languages of the world. People around the world are learning the language to keep up. In order to get a job, learn new things, or start a new life in America, we need to learn English. Many say that English is hurting the world in a way. But some say that it helps society to an extent. Many words come and go like people. But some lucky words are able to live many years and never die. One word that has changed the way people may think, speak, and use in everyday life is, “kid”. This word you might say its changing the world in a positive point of view.

In the American Heritage Dictionary, “kid” was said to be a young goat or the young of a similar animal, such as an antelope, the flesh of a young goat, leather made from the skin of a young goat; kidskin, and an article made from this leather. In the Webster Dictionary, “kid” was mentioned and stated the etymology was Middle English kide, of Scandinavian origin. The definitions of it are a young goat, a young individual of various animals related to the goat, the flesh, fur, or skin of a kid, something made of kid. A young person; especially: Child often used as a generalized reference to one especially younger or less experienced. And finally, the Cambridge Dictionary said “kid” is a young child. Also was a young goat used back in the middle ages.

In the Oxford English Dictionary, “kid” was mentioned to be the young of a goat (cf. quot. 1562), also a young roe-deer during its first year, which is now Obs. The dictionary also mentioned that it is the skin of a kid, leather made from kid-skins, or from lamb-skins. Gloves and shoes are also made of this leather. Lastly, the OED said that “kid” was a low sporting or criminal circles: A term of admiration for an expert young thief, pugilist, etc.

In Today’s society, people use the term “kid” loosely. What I mean by that is they use it in a way of speech that means “Hey You!” Or “Yo Guy!” Four people used the term “kid” as “A little boy or girl.” Their names are Karen, Tim, Robert, and Chris. Another two Joe and Susan said they used the word “kid” when they don’t know the persons name, but only young adults or little boys and girls. Another three Kate, John, and Mike, told me that “kid” was used in Old English meaning a young goat. And to finish it off, one person said “kid” was me! Coming from the mouth of my brother Chris.

Awriter like Ormin has used “kid” in the early years of English. First saw in c1200, would be the first to mention “kid” in an article. “Firrste callf, e firrste lamb, e firrste kide, and swillke.” Then in 1250 Gen. & Ex. Said, “Two kides he fette and brogt es hire.” Later on it changed its meaning and began to be used as a child. This was around 1599 and was written in the text of Massinger, “I am old, you say, Yes, parlous old, kids, an you mark me well!” The latest time it was written on paper was in 1974. In the text N. Freeling Dressing of Diamond 127, “You got to learn. That's a kid's job. Make yourself useful.” Kid  still to this day is being tossed and turned meaning new things and old. Being helpful to this society, kid is making it stronger in a sense that people use this word to describe objects. Recently, in the USA Today, an author named Jon Saraceno used kid in a totally different way than the OED’s description. “You know, the kid who threw thirty five touchdown passes last season for the Sooners a season after winning that chunk of bronze.” Another entree was in the PC magazine. The author of this article is Bob Levin, and he writes, “something a skinny kid from Victoria could scarcely dream.” He turns the meaning of kid to mean a small child.

Finally, “kid” has changed the world drastically ever since the word came to be. Like other words in the history of the world, it has helped out society. Other words may hurt the world like “bomb” or “nuclear”, and for these words, we have to learn to change from them and move forward and bring in new words that can help they way its used in content or every day speech.


























Oh you beast Beawulf, How will your character speak to me? Will you be aggressive, a bully, or helpful? Please show me how.

They say you are the first, yet last character Due to the English Literature? Do you feel special? Please show me your feelings.

This is I that stands before you. Wanting to know who you truly are. I praise you in every way. Please show me who you really are.