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Creative Writing  
  If you’re zooming through the dictionary you might stop on a word like zoom. When you think of zoom
you think of a sound not a 115 year old word. If you remember back to when you were a child growing
up there used to be a show called zoom. This word is much different than the show. Thinking of a
word in the dictionary like zoom, seeing how much it changes from a sound to a word, just imagine
what would happen to another of the 800,000 words in the english language

There are many different English dictionaries in the world today. When looking at different
dictionaries you may see that some words in the dictionaries are the same. The Random House
Unabridged Dictionary says that zoom means “to move quickly or suddenly with a loud humming or
buzzing sound: cars zooming by on the freeway.” in the American heritage dictionary zoom means “To
make a continuous low-pitched buzzing or humming sound.” according to WordNet® 3.0 zoom means “a
rapid rise.” two out of three of these definitions mean the same thing.

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is very likely to be the largest dictionary ever made. This
dictionary has over 800,000 words and the spellings through the years, and every known meaning of
each word. While looking through the OED at the entry for zoom I found many interesting meanings
that I never knew existed. For instance, the meaning “to cause (a lens fitment, camera, etc) to
alter range in this manner.” I never would have thought zoom to mean this. In the OED zoom also
means ‘to cause an aircraft to fly over an obstacle.” I didn’t realize that zoom is used a lot with
aircrafts. This is the magnificent power of a few men’s very hard work.

The OED also has the first time every word was ever written in English. The first time ever this
word was ever written down was in a newspaper. In 1918 Boyd Cable became the first person to ever
write this word down in a novel in his book Air Men o’ War. The first line this word is ever used
is “ The ’Silver Wings’ righted, zoomed sharply up, whirled around.” In 1962 a man by the name of
Shepard Carpenter wrote in his book into orbit 75 “at 28,000 feet, diving at 900 mph.. We suddenly
pulled through and started to zoom up again.” Zoom is mostly used in text as something to do with
and airplane. This is the first few times the word zoom was ever used in a novel.

Since the year 2000 this word zoom has been used in a few different ways. One way is in the name of
an airfare company who is offering new low price transatlantic flights. This company is mentioned
in an article written in the London times in June of this year. The word zoom is also used in the
title of the book Zoom which is about the use of oil in cars. Zoom was just used in an article
written today called No Relief written by Ralph Ranali, Out back, cars and trucks zoom by within
100 feet of a grassy spot where a well-maintained play structure once stood. So as you can see zoom
really hasn’t changed much in the last 7 years.

Now that you have zoomed through this paper check out any other word in the OED. Its amazing what
you learn you never knew about a word. The future of this word is really unknown in the
super-language of English. It has lasted over 100 years but it could be replaced and hasn’t changed
in meaning much, but has many definitions. Zoom will be around for a while at least as long as
airplanes and automobiles are around. You never know what you will find when you open up a book or
a dictionary.










Dear Mr. Shakespeare,

This was probably the most difficult decision I have had to make since becoming the editor of this
textbook. Your writing is excellent, and you are an excellent writer. Its just, we here at
prentice hall have some problems with your play Macbeth. This play has too many references to
fantastical creatures. Also in your play there is too much deceit between characters. We feel that
the youth of today does not need to be exposed to this kind of behavior. There is also a lot of
violence in your play. Too much violence for today’s young minds. I am sorry.

The first reason why your play Macbeth will not be included in the new version of this textbook is
that there are too many references to fantastical creatures. This is made evident in act one scene
three. The second witch says” All Hail, Macbeth! Hail to thee, Thane of Cawdor!” The third witch
says “ All Hail, Macbeth! That shalt be King hereafter!” (lines 49-50) First of all there are
witches in the play. There is no such thing as witches. Also these witches predict the future.
Macbeth has not been told he will be named Thane of Cawdor. Also in act four scene 1 the second
apparition says to Macbeth “ The pow’r of man. For none of woman born/shall harm Macbeth” (lines
80-81) there is no way that how a person is born has anything to do with the ability of someone to
kill another person. These mystical creatures are just too unreal for today’s audience.

Secondly, there is too much deceit in your play Macbeth. Lady Macbeth first makes this evident in
act two scene three. Macduff and lady macbeth are having a conversation.

“Macduff: O Banquo, Banquo
Our royal master’s murdered.
Lady Macbeth: Woe, alas
What, in our house?” (lines 85-88)

Here Lady macbeth acts as if she does not know that Duncan was murdered in their home.
In act three scene four, the murderers are talking amongst themselves.

“Third Murderer: There’s but one down; the son is fled.
Second murderer: We have lost best half of our affair.
First murderer: Well let’s away and saw how much is done.”

Here the murderers are deciding to hide the fact that Fleance has escaped from Macbeth. The deceit
in this story was too confusing to follow.

Finally, your play has too many scenes with characters killing other characters. This is first
made evident when Macbeth kills Duncan while Duncan is staying in his castle. In act two scene two,
Macbeth says “I have done the deed. Didst thou not hear a noise?” (line 14) Macbeth here is
admitting that he just killed Duncan. In act three scene four the murderer says “My Lord, his
throat is cut; that I did for him” (line 17) here the murderer is alerting Macbeth of the deed he
has done. Banquo is killed to eliminate the threat of Macbeth’s secret becoming known. The
violence in your play is just too violent I feel for the future of tomorrow to be reading today.

Mr. Shakespeare I would like to apologize again. I am truly sorry. While I am not pleased with
your play Macbeth I am looking at your play Romeo and Juliet for next years edition. I am extremely
Todd Taylor

















Archery has been written in literature since the year 1400 according to the OED. Archery was
formerly known as a way of war before it became a sport. Archery has been a sport in Britain
starting between the 16th and 17th centuries according to the Britannica Encyclopedia. Even though
archery is not that popular in the British media, as it is not found on the front page of any of the
English newspaper websites, archery is still played a fair amount throughout England. The
development of archery over the years in Britain shows us how the British people have been
successful in harnessing their violent urges against imperialism into competitive weapon play.

The Royal Toxophilite society was set up in England in 1782 to promote archery as a sport according
to the world book online. The actual definition according to the Oxford English Dictionary is the
practice or art of shooting with a bow and arrow. So even before archery became a sport it was a
way of war. According to the August first article of the London Times archery was first in the
Olympics in 1900, but since there were not any international rules for the sport, it was dropped
until 1972. Archery has provided the Female Olympics with the oldest champion Sybil
"Queenie" Newall, of Britain who was 53 years and 277 days old when she triumphed in 1908.
This was found in the same August first article. When it was re added as an Olympic sport at the
Munich games. It seems that archery cannot be that complicated but it takes much skill to hit a
target with an arrow from a 70ft. distance.

In the U.S. there are players of sports both professional and amateur that people follow. For
example a professional would be David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox. He is a pro because he is paid
to play. An example of an amateur would be Donte Green of the Syracuse Orangemen. He does not get
paid to play basketball. You are probably wondering what athletes in America have to do with the
British athletes who compete in Archery but as in America there are athletes in Britain that people
follow. One of the most well known professional archery players is Larry Godfrey. He was a member
of the Great Britain team that, according to the article in August of last year in the London times,
won the first international archery event played at Lords and his is the site of the 2012 Olympic
games for archery. In a post event interview with Larry Godfrey, in the August 20, 2004 London
times article, after just missing third place he is quoted as saying "That’s what did it for
me," Godfrey said of his six. "I am a bit disappointed but I shot my arrows well and
that's all I can ask. All I expect from my self is that I give 100 per cent." this shows
that even though he has lost he is not sulking he is happy with his performance. Hopefully American
athletes can learn from him. A promising young amateur from Ireland is Keith Hanlon who can be
found on the I.A.A.A. website. He won the Dolmen Archers European Championship. These two athletes
are what keeps the sport interesting.

As I have said earlier Archery is not a very popular sport with the British media. What little new
excerpts there are has the most recent news about this wondrous sport in the London Times of August
of Last year. This was about archery star Larry Godfrey winning the first international archery
event played at Lord’s stadium. He helped the Great Britain team take home first place. This
article also talked about the fact that Lords is the home of the 2012 Olympic site of archery.

Archery has been used quite a lot over the years in British literature. Derek Walcott in his poem
“The Shooner ‘Flight” archery is used in the line “A stingray steeplechase across the sea, tail
whipping water, the high man-o'-wars start reeling inland, quick, quick an archery of flying
fish miss us!” Also Michael Drayton in his poem “The Battle of Agincourt” uses archery in the line”
The English archery Stuck the French horses.” As you can see archery is somewhat popular in British

How will archery fare over the next hundred years? Based on its current popularity I think it will
still be played but not quite often in the next hundred years. Even though it really cannot get any
less popular in the next 100 years than it already is I believe that this will happen. Archery had
is heyday which ended in the middle ages with knights and so forth.














Good afternoon Mr. President. Here at this school we currently learn British Literature in our tenth
grade English classes. British literature is really the basis of English. It is the beginning of the
language and these wonderful stories. British literature is a great lead into American literature
for eleventh grade next year. The founders of this country grew up reading this literature. Do you
think that we should as well? English this year has been great. Its been tough but I have really
learned the key parts to British literature which are also used in literature all over the world. I
believe that you as president have to preserve British literature as the English curriculum for
sophomore year at this great school.

In British Literature this year we have written three research papers. In writing these essays we
have learned a lot. This is made evident in William Stuart’s second essay his rejection letter to
Geoffrey Chaucer. “When kids open up a text book they expect to see stories that will help them
learn and to teach them about Literature not about how to kill someone.” Without taking this course
almost to completion William would not have been able to make this inference. Also there is evidence
of this in Shane Smith’s third research paper titled Sport. Here he wrote about the British sport
golf. “The future looks bright for the sport of golf, only on one condition: if the fans and
supporters continue to pay and travel to express their liking for their favorite players.” Without
British Literature the course Shane wouldn’t have been able to make this statement. Because when you
learn about British Literature you also learn about the culture of England.

This school is not the only school in this area that learns about British Literature. Students at
Saint John's Preparatory school learn British Literature. "Twelfth grade English centers
on a chronological study of British literature." Students at Fontbonne Academy in Milton also
learn about British Literature in the tenth grade. If this course is good enough for two fellow
private schools then why is it not good enough for our school?

Our own Mr. Croteau has mixed feelings about whether or not British Literature should be taught in
the tenth grade. “I feel that it is not right to have students be exposed to writings as complex as
the Canterbury tales after reading such easy to understand novels like john stein beck’s of Mice and
Men. The way it used to be worked better where British literature was taught in the eleventh grade
and American literature was taught in tenth grade.” Here you can see that while not entirely
agreeing with me he still believes it should be taught to American students.

Its no secret that British writers feel that everyone should learn of the great history and
literature of the English language. In a recent discussion with a British author, who wanted to
remain anonymous, we talked about whether or not British literature should be taught in the schools,
they felt that “it is vital to really understanding the English language as a whole.” You maybe
thinking that this person is only saying this because it is their own culture and literature. But be
that as it may they are right it saying that it is vital to understanding the history of the English

Since you do not want British literature taught at all at this school, how about you make it
available as an AP course for seniors where they can choose whether or not they want to learn this.
This idea comes from the system at Xavarian Brothers High school. Here they have the choice to take
either British literature as an AP course or World literature as an Honors class. I think this is a
fair compromise. Do you agree?