English 10: Writing Portfolio


Catholic Memorial High School



Creative Writing  
  I was playing in the mud the other day and i wanted to think of a word that i could call for this
and i decided to call this slosh. this words history reflects English's history because we had
given the word "slosh" a definition and i would like to look more into this word because
it is intresting.

Webster's New World, Slosh- is to splash through water or mud 2. to splash about ; said of a
liquid. The American Heritage, slosh- to splash or flounder in water. 2. to splash copesly. Oxford
American, slosh- is to pour clumsly. 2. to splash, to move with a splashing sound. sixty-six percent
of the defintions were the same. thirty-three percent of the definitions or one are the same.

The slosh- to move aimlessly: to hang or loaf about, 2. 1854 Barlett " I am sloshing around.
" The number 4b slosh- to pour or dash liquid upon; to douse; 1912 G.W. Deeping. Trillions of
dollars of financial assests slosh around the world everyday at the flick of a switch. Gerard Baker
August 24, 2007 www.londontimes.com. The most recent defintition of the word slosh is to splash
about in mud or water. 1844 Eothen Kinglake.

In 1854 Barlett had changed the defintion of the word to slosh- to move aimlessly ; to hang or loaf
about. In 1953 E. O' Neill had the defintionto slosh- to splash: to flow in streams. In 1890
Kipiling had changed the defintion of the word slosh - to hit; to strike; to crush; to defeat.
In1814 Lett, Southley said that slosh - meant slush but as we all know today that slosh and slush
are two totally different words.

The word slosh i think will still have many more defintions to come, the defintion will not stay the
same. The word is going to stick around for at least a while. In my opinion this word will be around
maybe not with the same defintion but the word will still be around




Dear, Geoffrey Chaucer

This is William Stewart and I am an editor for the Prentice Hall Literature Books. I have some
bad news for you, my team and I have made the decision to cut your book the Canterbury Tales from
next years addition of the book. This is one of the most difficult things i have ever had to do in
my life. You are a great writer with alot of talent. When you write it comes from the heart and
soul. There was three reasons why I am rejecting you from this years edition. The reasons are: you
are to heavy with the theme of death, greed, and deceit.

The first reason why i rejected you was you were to heavy with the theme of death. "And
then death went his way without a word,he killed a thousand in a present plague." This book is
not about violence and death it's about teaching kids about British Literature. "O cursed
sin! O black guardly excess! O treacherous homicide! O wickedness! When kids open up a text book
they expect to see stories that will help them learn and to teach them about Literature not about
how to kill someone.

The second reason why I rejected you was there was too much greed. "Then all this money
will be ours to spend, divided equally of course, dear friend then we can gratify our lust and
fill." In this book we are trying to teach our kids how to become better readers and to
understand what the story's message. You are promoting our readers how to poison someone.
"What these two wretches suffered at the end. Thus these murders received there due. So did the
treacherous poisoners too." We like our young readers not to read this kind of things because
we do not want them to make a deal with someone and thenm to make a deal and then when they want
everything to try to murder the other person for everything.

The third reason why i had to cut you was because there wa to much deceit. One example of deceit
in this book is when the Chanticleer was captured by the fox. The Chanticleer told the fox he would
teach him how to sing like he does. When the fox let him go Chanticleer ran away and never taught
the fox how to sing. We don't want our readers to be deceitfull people we want them to be

You have a very good story here that just needs to be touched up in a couple of places. I
already told you what to work on so it should be pretty easy. I thank you for understanding and we
will definetly be looking at you for next years addition. Thank You and Good Luck.


William Stewart














The Ancient Egyptians were known to be the inventors of both the word bowling and the game of
bowling. Origins of the game can be traced back to Ancient Finland and Yemen. It was also founded in
300 a.d. by Germany. Bowling first appeared in England in 1100. Hard evidence was found in 1366. In
this King Edward III forbid his troops to play because they wouldn’t practice the arching. During
the reign of King Henry VIII it became a very popular sport all around England.

The sport of bowling does not get played differently; they just play different kinds of
bowling. In England the way most British people play is Nine-pin skittles. The way you play nine-pin
skittles is you stand on the square and throw a ball at a skittle and when you release the ball it
hits a skittle, which leads to more of them falling. It is very hard games to play you have to be a
skilled person. Another type of bowling that the British people enjoy is nine-pin tap. According to
tenpin.org Nine-pin tap is played as follows: you have 10 pins set up and when you roll the ball you
only have to knock down nine pins to get a strike. There is basically no difference between this
game and ten-pin bowling which is the American way to bowl.

There are many Professional Bowlers that are English threw out Europe. The best professional
English bowler is Dominic Barrett. According to the EBT Dominic’s place threw five out of eighteen
tournaments in the season he is currently in 4th place with 172 points. The name of the league he
plays is called the EBT or the European Bowling Tour. It is the best league in Europe. Players from
all over the continent come to play in this league. An example of an amateur league is a team called
The Pins. The Pins play at a bowling alley located in the country of Dorset. They have been the
league champs for three years in a row. They are like the bowling dynasty of there alley.

This sport in the news isn’t that popular. The bowlers only get publicity in the big time
newspapers like the London Times when they win a tournament. They usually get publicity in the small
newspapers that are equivalent to like the West Roxbury Transcript. According to the EBT Most of the
bowlers hometown papers usually talks about him in there papers.

According to the EBT there is going to be a close race to see who the winner is going to be.
The top five including Dominic Barrett is in a battle for the championship. Even though it is early
in the season the Presidents of the league think it will come down to the last tournaments to decide
the winner. With such strong athletes the sport will hopefully attract more viewers to the sport.
My sport in the future should grow in popularity. The sport is already growing in population in
different areas of Europe. The EBT is doing many things to attract more people to the sport. I wish
my sport of bowling to spread all over England.









Mr. President it’s great of you to be here. We have been taking English 10 British Literature all
year. For all four years at Catholic Memorial you take four different English courses. We take World
Literature, British Literature, American Literature, and Contemporary Literature. My experience this
year with British Literature was great. It taught me about another countries language. I am arguing
for the preservation of British Literature here at Catholic Memorial.

What I have read in my peer’s portfolios from there English 10 class this year I take for
example; Bobby Shea’s essay the first he wrote about the word “guy”. “The word "guy" first
came into existence in 1470, spelled "gye", and meaning a
guide; conductor or leader.” Without taking the course British Literature Bobby would have never
knew that when the word guy came into existence it was spelled differently and had a different
meaning then it does today. Look at Todd Taylor’s essay the third where Todd learned about the sport
of Archery. “Archery has been written in literature since the year 1400 according to the OED.
Archery was formerly known as a way of war before it became a sport.” Without British Literature
Todd wouldn’t have known that before archery was a sport it was known as a style of war.

Some of the other High Schools in the area also so study British Literature. Three examples of
High Schools would be Dedham High School, Xaverian Brothers High School, and Boston College High
School. My first example is Dedham High School. They teach this course to there seniors. This course
focuses on the major works of British authors and emphasis the ways in which literature insights
into the way of human beings and there relationship with society. At Xaverian Brothers High School
this course is being taken as a Senior AP course. This course is about the prose and poetry of
British Literature. It will examine major authors and the Anglo- Saxon modern period in the world.
Boston College High School teaches this to there AP juniors and there seniors. They teach them about
the great poets of this time and how the literature affects so many people today. These are three
competive High Schools that teach British Literature and we need to keep this in our curriculum.
I sent an email to Camilla Cavendish a columnist for the London Times. She is the lead writer
and columnist on this paper. I have sent her two emails in the past week and a half and she has not
responded back to my questions.

The English teacher that I have interviewed is Gail Gelap. Mrs. Gelap is a friend of my mother.
She is an English teacher in Weston, MA. She teaches to freshman Language Skills which is to help
the students with grammar and writing assignments. I asked her “Do u think British Literature should
be taught in high School.” She answered “Yes I do, it is essential that students learn different
styles of literature. It’s good for students to learn about another country’s literature.” I also
asked her “Do u have the course British Literature at your school.” She said “No we don’t but it is
a possibility in the near future.”

British Literature should continue to be taught to sophomores next year. Well some of my
classmates might suggest that the course should be taken as an elective, I strongly disagree because
if your going to give them choices as sophomores, what will happen when they are junior year will
they even have to come to school at all. Every student must take British Literature at any level of
High School and there is no choice about it.