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Creative Writing  
  currently as we speak there are abuot 800,000 words in the enlgish language, and it is continuously
growing. out of thsoe 800 words i have ahd the liberty of choosing the wrod "guy".
"guy" is a very interesting word that holds very distinct mweanings. the word
"guy" ranges in it's meaning from how someone may look to, to steadysomething, to a
common name for a male.

teh word "guy" firs tcame into existence in 1470, spelled "gye", and meaing a
guide; conductor or leader. it was first used by henry. the next time it was used was in 1626 and
was used by capt. smith. and at this tiem is it was used in context as "a rope used to guide
and steadya thing which is being hoisted or lowered." after that, it was used in 1627 witht eh
same meanign, and 1711 same meanigna gain, and in 1755, 1846, 1863, 1875, 1897, and lastly in 1882
all meaning "a rope used to guide and steadya thing which is being hoisted or lowered."

i have looked up the word "guy" in three different dictionaries, and all meant the same
thing but also had other interpretations of the word. for instance webster's dictionary said
"an informal; man or boy; fellow. american heritage dictionary stated that the word
"guy" meant "to steady or guide, or secure with a rope, cord, or cable." lastly
the Etymology dictionary states that "1.an informal name for a fellow or man 2. a wire or
ropeused to guide something." so as you can see all three definitons are about the same but
different ina unique kind of way.

i have searched through out the new york times trying to find the different meanings of the word
"guy" but the only def. i could find is that of " a young man or fellow".
apparently the other meanings for the word "guy" just arent in use anymore.

i feel that this word "guy" will eb int eh english language for a long time to come. right
now in ur school of catholic memorial te word "guy" is used as a greeting for instance
"whats up guy" or "hey guy". it is said that in 2010 that the most common
language of the world will be chinese, although i beg to differ. although even if that is true i do
not belive that the english language will ever die out.
  Cycling is a sport that is used not only for enjoyment but also for serious things. For instance the
police have bike riders who patrol areas. There are also many different things people use cycling
for relieving stress, to win tournaments, or to have fun, or it is also an environmental means of
transportation. Cycling in the United Kingdom is one of the most popular sports! There are many
tournaments and races that go on weekly.

The word cycling was first used in 1843. It meant “to revolve in cycles to pass through cycles.” It
was used by a man named Tennyson. In a book that he wrote called Two Voices. He wrote “to only one
engine bound falls off, but continues to cycle round.”

There is a very big organization in the United Kingdom called the UCI which stand for Union
Cycliste Internationale. This non profit organization was founded on April, 14 1900. It is the
association of national cycling federations. This organization makes sure that cycling is at all
international levels. They encourage all countries throughout the world to ride. All of this
information came from the British cycling website.

According to the telegraph I found an amateur cycling group it is called the 45 road club. They
started around the 1950’s. They started because the club they were in was not offering enough so
they decided to start there own club. They encourage many of people to join. They participate in
many tournaments together as a team, they have won many trophies. They also just ride to improve
their skills and just to ride.

A professional racer in Britain is Bradley Wiggins who is a phenomenal racer. Back in 2004 in the
summer Olympics he won three medals. Wiggin’s father had been into racing and he just naturally fell
into it. He started at a young age and entered contests at the age of 12. Wiggins in 2001 signed
onto the British professional cycling team. All of this information was found at the telegraph.
Cycling is so big in the United Kingdom I don’t think that it will ever die out. This sport has a
strong future. All the information in this paper either came from www.telegraph.co.uk, or
www.britishcycling.org.uk, or the oxford English dictionary. If you would like to research cycling
in the United Kingdom you are more than welcome















Dear president,
I currently am in English 10 British literature. I think that you may not get rid of English 10
British literature due to the fact that the kids enjoy it too much. I know that a lot of kids last
year struggled with the English course, but this year they have for the most part done a good job. I
know that for me I did awful last year because of the English grammar that took place. This year
there has been no grammar and it is a refreshing break from the English grammar we will be learning
in junior year. So there is no possible way that English 10 British literature could be replaced
with something else.

Their have been so many new experiences fore me this year. I never would have known some of the
amazing poets and novelists who come from England if I did not have British literature in my
sophomore year. The students and I have read Macbeth, to the Knights of the Round Table, to many
great poets in England. I have really enjoyed this English 10 British literature this year.
One of my dearest friends Billy Stewart also takes British literature with me in our sophomore year
of high school. I can tell that my friend Billy enjoys British literature as much as I do from his
writings and the things he has learned. Billy has not only learned about the word slosh, or how to
reject a writer, or the history of the sport bowling but he has also learned about the greatness
Britain has to offer our young intellectual minds.

In my town of Dedham they teach British literature at Dedham high school, although it is not taught
in sophomore year. It is taught in the twelfth grade. My sister who is in the twelfth grade and
takes it says she likes reading literature from other counties. I do find it rather strange though
that they take British literature in there graduating year of high school.

In summary I feel that British literature should be and always be apart of the cm sophomore
curriculum. Not only does it let us experience literature from another country but also lets us
discover other things about ourselves. So I ask you Mr. Schef please do not take British literature
out of our sophomore curriculum here at catholic memorial