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Creative Writing  
  Some people might think the rarest of words might in fact be rarity.It would be a rarity to see
a scorpion stng itself in the heat of the desertor to see the famous Haley's comet some day I
cannot imagine the rarity of one finding an artifact that is nearly thousands of years old.The first
time the word was used in english was in 1598 by a man named Theordore Barrert in waress III. At
that time the definition of the word was "Of a number of things or persons,the fact at being
set at wide intervals."At that time it was spelled "raritie," and is a dead
defination compared to the generic modern definitionalong the lines of "a very small
amount," spelled rarity. the word was originated in France at about the fifteenth centry
spelled "rarete".Then in the sixteenth centryrarite was first used in English and that was
the fist of many times the word was used in literature.

` The modern interpretated version of the word according to Meriam Webster is "The quality ,
state , or fact of being rare" when the American Heritage Dictionary differs and states that
"the quality or state of being rare " and also states that "infrequency of
occurrence."The OED states that the word means "reletive fewness in number ; the fact of
occuring seldom or in few instances." The different interpretations of this word is what makes
our language facinating.

The Oxford English Dictionary is what makes our language special.One can look up a simple word like
rarity and get a three page long definition. The first definition is a dead defintion that means
"Of a number of things :the fact of being set at wide intervals."The first sentence it was
in was so will it be of no force to fight , by reason of their rarititie & their
standing." In1590 P. Barrough used this word in the sentence "The pulses do keepetheir
naturall slowness and raritie." The word in that sentence meant the dead definition of 'of
the pulse:Infrequency. It wasn't until 1712 that we get the spelling we have today for the
word. The sentence it was used in was "It was a fine day which is a rarity to us." the
definition at that time was "A rare or uncommon thing, or occurrence."The OED is the
supreme display of skill that makes the English language the best in the world because of those who
speak it, write it, and study it.The OED is the best dictionary in the world.\

The word rarity was in fact used by the most famous authors of the Enghlish language.In 1887 in
Robert Lewis Stevenson's prime he wrote a play called Merry Men. During act ii 224 he penned
the sentence "An atmosphereof more than usual rarity." The word in that sentence means
"Of substances (now cheifly in air) thinness of compositionor texture. Irish author Jonathan
Swift used rarity in his classic Gulliver's Travels. He writes "It was a fine daywhich is
a rarity with us". The famous creater of the greatest superspy of our time, James Bond. He
named one of his short stories The Hillenbrand Rarity. This short story is about an auction for a
rare ferberge egg.Aparrently the word rarity isn't as rare as one might think.

As I was reading through the London Times I saw that an artical of one of the most well known
English authors of our time J.K. Rowling. Rowling says "The Tales of Beedle the Bard” - has
been handwritten and illustrated by the author herself. To add to its rarity value, the seven copies
have been bound in brown morocco leather and mounted with silver and semi-precious stones."
then I picked up the Boston Globe and read a story about Randy Foresburg's fight agaist nuclear
arms "they said of an individual's capacity to change history. Her combination of
knowledge, inventiveness, and persistence is itself a rarity. But Randy Forsberg proved it could be
done, a glorious paragon of the better angels of our nature" John Turman wrote those words with
ease. It is a rarity to see good word choice in writing today.

The word rarity has had its ups and downs; however the word has survived with different definitions
throught out the sands of time and will continue popping up in different literature and will never
die and only evulutionize. Through the many great authors that use great word choices.New words
will be derived from rarity or its meaning .












Dear Mr. Shakespeare
It gives me great grief to hacve to reject the single greatest playwright in all of British
literature.You are such an iconic figure in literature. However due to buget cuts we had to
eliminate your Scottih play from Prentis Hll :Timeless voices :The British Tradition because there
were too many unimportant charaters,too many suspicious charactors,lastly to many opposites.
The reason we thought there was too many insignificant charactors such as the Porter. We thought
the role of the Porter was innane.we did not quite understand what he called jokes. We thoght he was
a "wasted" charactors. We didn't quite understand the role of Ross in this
play.Little is known about Ross exept that he's a thane of Scotland who evenually goes agaist
Macbeth.We also believe you did no get Fleance a respectable role.He should have probably at least
some lines.

Some of the reasons we rejected your workwas because it contained too many suspicious charactors
was because of the witches. Witches by nature are very suspicious.The very first lines of the play
are in fact very suspicious.We also believe that MacBeth is very suspicious.We believe that it was
unnecessary include the scene in which Banquo's ghost appaears.We believe that he was seeing
things and feeling guilty for killing Banquo.We also believe that this play had too many suspicious
charactors was the Lady MacBeth.After she puts the daggers back into Duncan's body she finds
that she can not clean the blood from he hand. She keeps washing her hands,wiping her hands,and
looking at her hands.

The reason we rejected you because of youruse of too many opposites.MacBeth's first lines of
the play were "So foul and fair day."Ironiclly enough those were the lines to end act 1
scene 1.We believe that the witches were sending MacBeth mixed messageswhn they said that he
"Will be king ,but Banquo's children will be king." We also believe that the
Apparionists were also sending mixed messangeswhen they said "oonly when the woods moves shall
prove your downfall" and "No man born of woman's womb shall harm you"when in
fact Mac duff was born the caesaran way.

We believe you are in fact a terrific playwright and one of the world's smartest human
beings.We cannot accept MacBeth this year because we believe that you are capable of producing a
better play than this such as Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet for next year's eddition of Prentis
Hall :Timeless voices "The British tradition.

  The sport of golf does not really have an origin. Saint Andrew in Scotland has been the accepted
home of the sport. The World Book Online says that some historians claim that golf was influenced
from a Roman sport of paganica. Many other historians claim that golf game from the Dutch game
called het kolven , the Belgian and French game called jeu de mail, and an English game called
cambuca. It was later influenced in medieval times in Scotland by chole and kolf. The word golf
first appeared in writing when King James II banned golf to help his army with archery on March 6,
1457. The sport of golf is as famous as ever in today’s Britain. The first organized golf club was
The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers in Edinburgh was founded in 1744.

The Romans occupied the United Kingdom from about 40AD-400AD and they played paganica with a bent
stick and a feather ball. According to the World Book up until the year 1848 golfers used a leather
covered ball stuffed with feathers until they converted to using the “gutty ball” which then was
switched to a solid ball made of a rubbery substance called gutta-percha . Now the golfers use a
rubber cored ball. A golf course has not always been eighteen holes. In 1764 it was shortened down
to eighteen holes because some of the other holes seemed to be too short. Golf has been involved
with Britain’s pop culture for centuries. A Scottish actor such as Sean Connery owns a house on a
golf course in Spain. He plays golf regularly.

A very famous Northern Irish golfer is a man named Daren Clarke. After losing his wife, Heather, to
breast cancer he’s been “looking to write a fresh chapter in his life” and in golf as he eyes the
Rhyder cup in September. The 39 year old golfer has stated recently in the London Times “I am not
content just to tick over making the cut, finishing twentieth every week. I want to be remembered
for victories. I know I keep saying that, but it is true - I am swinging better than ever. I am
working away and there are so many good things happening to me.”. He also enjoys spending time with
his sons as he tells the times “Watching Tyrone play rugby and Conor football brings back plenty of
memories of when I was their age, throwing myself around in the wind and rain. I was a No.8 on the
rugby pitch, but can’t say that I am too disappointed that golf overtook everything else.”

A very well known armature golfer in Glasgow is someone named Laurie Phillips. He has proven himself
very good as he won the Champion of Champion scratch tournament by defeating Barrie Edmond. He is
playing in the same tournament this year against the same foe. He recently told the Glasgow Gazzette
this about winning. “If you are going to win the Champion of Champions you have to beat good players
all the way through the competition,”

Golf is so popular in the United Kingdom that it has entered pop culture such as Goldfinger 1964 and
the novel of the same name which came out in 1959 by Ian Fleming. The scene in the movie shows the
main characters James Bond and Auric Goldfinger playing golf is a very important scene in both the
movie and book. The scene takes place in a beautiful golf course in Kent and is the second meeting
of Bond and Goldfinger. In the movie they play for a very rare piece of Nazi gold worth 5000 ponds.
Goldfinger tries to cheat in this game by having his mute caddy named Oddjob drop a ball through a
hole in his pocket when Goldfinger looses his in the rough. One of the more famous lines from the
scene is when Bond’s Caddie says “If that’s the original ball I’m Arnold Palmer.” Bond wins the
match because he catches Goldfinger cheating. One of the most famous Bond scenes ever in James Bond
happens when Goldfinger tells Oddjob to demonstrate that his bowler hat is iron rimmed and beheads
the statue with it.

Golf is one of the most watched sport in The United Kingdom behind football and rugby. It is also
one of the most famous sport in the world due to the British Empire .It inspired authors such as Ian
Fleming. Golf is a sport wit a very rich history filled with great stories. The reason why people
keep playing golf is that it is very relaxing to play and some of the courses have excellent views
.People will keep playing golf as long as they want to be relaxed and I believe that the sport of
Golf will have a very long future.















Greetings Mr. President
It has come to my attention that it is your intention to remove British literature from this
school's ciriculum.I disagree with your intentions.I disagree because Britsh literature is in
good standing here. The children must have the opportunity to studt from such authors such as
Shakespeare, Chaucer, Shelley, Tennyson,and Stevenson. The children would not have the opportunity
to study these great authors if they do not have the opportunity to study British literature. My own
personal expiriences have been exellent. It would be a shame that the future children of this of
this school.

Reading through some of my collegues portfolios I have found that Sungeun Park has
learned how to be a better writer by taking this class, in the quote "It is the balance of
one's desire to achieve 'success' and the perception of what
'success'actually is that defines the true meaning of 'success." He demonstrated
here that he has learned alot by taking this class. My freind and fellow colleuge Daniel
O'Laughlin has learned the english languge better by using this quoteThe word Tank has stood
the test of time and continues to grow and adapt to ever changing technology and generations."
This quote has proven to us that this kid learned how to have perfect sentence structure and he
continues to prve this throughout all his writings.Another one of my collegues Devin MacNeil has
expressed his great English skills in this quote about the english languge"Since the English
language changes in itself otherwords have to change with it in order for people to keep using that
word or words." As you can see Mr. President the children have benefitted from the expirience
of taking British literature this year.

There are plenty of schools in this region that teach British literature such as
Mount Saint Joseph Acaademy teaches it to juniors Boston College High School teaches ity also to
sophmores and Gate of Heaven teaches it to middle schoolers. When I asked Ms Marshall what she
thought of British literature"British literature is very interesting and adventerous and deals
with many memorable charactors "Aparently Ms Marshall believes in the preservation of Britiush

The evidece is clear to me that British Literature should absolutly be taught. It
is a neccity to learn from the great writers from Britain's past.IF it is your wish to aboilish
British literature from sophmores let it be ,however do not abolish it from the school system here.
Let it be taught to freshman, or juniors or seniors .It would be a great shame for the children of
the future to miss out on such great literature.
Thank you for your time Mr. President