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Creative Writing  
  There are many words in the Oxford English dictionary. All of these words in the OED have
changed over time. A substance manufactered in thin sheets from wood fiber rays, ect. used for
writing or printing or drawing on or for wrapping things is exactly what i am writing this essey
on, paper. The word paper was first used i 1341. The word went from being called papry to paper in
1359, then it changed back to papyr in 1463. Finally in 1548 it was paper to stay, but you never
know wat the future has in store for the word paper. I would say the word paper has changed more
than a few time since 1341

My first paragraph on this piece of paper i will givw you three definitions of the word
paper. I first looked up the word on line at the marian webster dictionary.com. The definiton I
found for paper was '' a felted sheet usaully vegitibles, fibers laid down on a fire
screen form a water suspension. Next i looked at the website yourdictionary.com , the definition i
found at this website was alot different it said, a thin flexible material made usaully in sheets
from a pulp prepared from rags or wood or other fibers and used for writing or printing on for
packaging as structerial as a fabric substitue ect. I also researched the word paper at one more
source. My source was the Cambridge dictionary.com. I found also another definiton that was
different then the other two. This listed paper as , '' a thin flat mateial which is made
from crushed or drawing paper. After loking at all of these definitions i can say they all have at
least three things in common. They are all made up of some kind of wood they are all nouns and they
are all listed as something to write on.

Now lets get at the papersw with my OED research on it. I will tell you a couple defintions
form the OED. The first defintion i will tell is '' a material in the form of thin
flexible sheets used for writing printing or drawing or for wrapping covering ect.. usaulyl made
from wod pulp which is pressed dried and bleached. Next the word paper said it was a ''
material resembling paper, in function consistency or texture but differently made. Ialso found one
more definition saying '' a piece of paper serving as a wrapping or receptacle often
including the contents a paper contaniner of some commodity a close measure of a drug especially a
narcotic contaned in a paper wrapper. After reading this you can conclude none of these have
anything in common.

My next paragraph i will talk about some famous authors who hav used the word paper. The
author A. Perry used the word in his book Cardington Cresent, in 1991 he sad Mrs March threw the
door open so violently it jarred against the mall and bruised the paper. Also in 1968 A.Morse used
the word saying 516 PAGE AFTER PAGE IS DEVOTED TO THE PLACINg of the hair in papers... The rules for
pinching these papers with hot irons are elaborate to a degree. After this Prince Rupert used paper
saying ;'' Those important unpunished papers cried daily in the streets. Ther have been
many authors who have usethe word since. These authorsd use the word paper differently also and i
though it had one use.

After writing my essey i acullty learned a couplee thingsabout the word paper. Ive
learned six new defitnions of the word paper to start. I have also learned a couple of authors who
have used the word paper and how they have used it. I really never knew how you could use the word
paper in so many different wasy. I know know this word was once spelled Papyr. I dident know that
the word was frst used in 1341 and that it wasent spelled paper untill about 1359-1360 and it dident
even stay that was untill the year 1600













Croquet is a game for two or more players in wich balls are driven with mallets through a series of
wickets arranged in a course. Corquet is believed to have originated in the 13th century. It started
in france sometime in the 13th century. The word croquet may have cam from the word chroche or
crocked stick. The game started at france then moved to ireland after that moving to england and
finally made it to the US. In 1867 Jones whitmore became the first national champion of croquet.
Croquet was a very popular sport for britain it was the national game for until about 1870 when
crickets replaced it. Even though it was replaced as the national sport croquet still remains a
major game in britain.

Croquet is actauly a whole different game in england then it is in america. It is so
different is is actaully named English croquet. English croquet is played on a court thirty five
feet by twenty eight feet compared to the regualr field being sixty fet by thirty feet. alsp having
less clubs the english version you play with six wickets and one stake where you play with ten
wickets and one stake in the normal verson. The tendency has been to be reduce the width of the
wickets so the ball has a very small clearance. If the player drives the ball out of the court the
turn ends then. the game has changed many ways since is first originated in 1867.

Professional croquet is very big in england. It has became less popular from going to a
national game to a major game but it still remains played regulary. It is still a non violent game
like it was when the first league formed in the 19th century. The first croquet league started in
the grand estate of england. It started of as a modern game then it started to become more
competitive and serious. Once it started becoming so competitive this is when the leagues started to
form. Now form all of the leagues the game has went from a very laid back game that was played in
you back yard to a very competitive game. A big vroquet event played in britain is the british
open. This is played i july every year.

croquet is not very popular in the news at all. In fact the last time it was mentioned
in the british times was about a year ago. This article dident really even have any news about
croquet. This article just explained how to play the game and genral information. The article said
stuff like croquet arrived in britain in about 1850. the first recorded game was in evanham. About
four thousand men and woman play croquet along with about 134 different club members plus some play
in thier gardens at home. Almost no one watched the game being played though.

The game croquet looks like it will have a good future. Even though it was knocked off the
top as the national game, it is still a major game in britian played every day. I just cant see a
sport like this dieing down any time soon. It has been around for centuries and its not going
anywhere soon.The game seems very important to england because it is like part of thier culture its
been thier so long. The game wouldent seem like it but seeing how its been around since the 13th
century and is probly one of englands oldest sports.