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Creative Writing  
  “Football”, a great game to the world and also an immense word to the English language. The
first use of the word ever found written down in some kind of document was the year of 1424. The
sentence that it was used in goes a little some thing like this, “The king forbiddes tht na man play
at the fut ball vnder the payne of iiijd.” The word football is a vital word in the English language
and it is going to stay in the English language until the day the sport of football becomes no
existent, which is not going to happen anytime soon. Football as Americans know it as has been being
used since the late 1800s, 1881 to be exact. The first sentence the expression was used in was this
one right here; “A splendid game of football was played yesterday at the Polo Grounds between
Harvard and Princeton” as said in the Oxford English Dictionary. Football is a very well known word,
when Sunday comes around its all we can talk about.

After looking up the word football in multiple dictionaries, 100% of them had a positive
definition for the word football. There were no negative definitions as far as I was concerned. The
OED defined football as “A game with two opposing teams of 11 players each defends goals at opposite
ends of a field having goal posts at each end, with points being scored chiefly by carrying the ball
across the opponents goal line and by place kicking or dropkick the ball over the crossbar between
the opponents goal posts”, the Oxford American Desk Dictionary defined it as “A team game played
with an inflatable ball”, and last the Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary defined the word football as
“A game played by two teams of 11 players each on a field with goal posts at either end.” The OED
gave the longest definition for the word football. The OED explained how you play this game and I
thought this was very interesting because no of the definitions gave a definition of the game
soccer. We are the only country in the world that calls football soccer. And well the OED being from
England I thought their main definition would be about soccer.

The N.Y. Herald was the first to use the word football in an article, although an unknown
writer wrote it. Some of the famous authors that have used football in the premature stages of the
developing word football: Scott Fitzgerald, Sean O’Casey, and Mike Spark. Scott Fitzgerald was the
first person to use the word football and put his name on the piece of work he wrote. The sentence
was “The concentration necessary to choose the right teams for entry in his football coupons.” This
was dated all the way back to 1882. Scott Fitzgerald used the word in his great work of “Great
Gatsby”. The sentence was, “Her husband happened to be one of the most powerful ends to ever played
football at New Haven.” The other author was Mike Sparks who used the word in the article titled
“Comforters.” The sentence was, “Louisa Jepp sat at the table writing out her football pools.” I
thought that the authors used the word football as the same meaning in all of their works.

This word’s future in the English language is going to stay with the English language until
the day the English language dies. This word has two meanings to it and the two meanings to it just
so happens to be the two most popular sports in the world. There are many articles written everyday
about the sport of football, some of the articles are written about fantasy football, others about
soccer. But we can all agree on one thing, football is a beautiful word and sport. I don’t think
there is one person who does not enjoy sitting down and watching a great game of football, and if
there is well then check their pulse because they might not be living life correctly. Football will
be around for a long time. This word is practically immortal it can’t be killed, and when it does, I
will stand corrected.














Dear, Sir Thomas Malory, this is Mark Mannion and I am just letting you know that this was a very
hard decision made by our staff. You are one of our best authors on our staff which made it even
harder but not hard enough due to budget cuts. Listed in this letter will tell you why you got cut.
Our main reasons were that you had too much violence in your story, there was too much greed, and
there was to much fantasy.

First, there is too much violence in your story, “The Two Swords.” Blood and gore are in a lot of
your scenes. Two or three bloody scenes are fine but, you are pushing near five. Do not get me
wrong, you are a good writer, but there is to much blood and guts for our children today. “Ah-ha!
Cried king Pellimore. ‘Now you are in my power, to slay or spare as I will! And I will kill you
forth with, unless you kneel and yield to me, confessing yourself to be a knight of little
worth.’”(pg. 16) “…and year by year more and more of the came stealing across the North Sea in their
long ships, to kill or drive out the Britons and settle in their homes.” (pg. 1) There are some of
the many lines that are violent in your work. They are foreshadowing the death of King Arthur.

Also, there is too much greed in “The Two Swords”. At the beginning of the story everyone wants to
pull the sword out of the stone so they can be the king of Britain. There is so much greed to pull
the sword out of the stone that the current king has a 24 hour watch over the stone. “I counsel that
we appoint ten knights to guard the stone, and set a rich pavilion over it.” (pg. 6) Right there you
can see that there is a lot of greed. And when Arthur becomes king, he wants to conquer all the
nations around his country. “…he set out to do battle with the Saxons and to punish all those
thieves and robbers who had ravaged the land for many years, doing cruel and shameful deeds.” (pg.
9) Arthur ends up getting pretty much anything he desired. Greed plays a huge factor in this “fairy

One more argument that I have to back me up on the reason I fired you is, that there is too much
fantasy in this story. “Who so pulleth out this sword from this stone and anvil is the true-born
king of all Britain.”(pg.5) Pulling a sword out of a stone and by doing that you get to be the king
of Britain? Sounds like a fantasy dream to the max. Also, you have things happening throughout this
story that can really never happen in reality. “Three gifts they ave to Arthur: that he should be
the best of all knights; that he should be the greatest king this land shall ever know; that he
should live long – longer then any man shall know.” (pg. 11) You can not give the gifts of those. It
is not like you can wrap it up and give it to someone. These are my examples of why your story has
to much fantasy in it.

So, maybe next year if you consider making changes to your story we will give you your job back.
I’ll give you a buzz when we are considering you. Good day Sir Thomas Malory













The sport that I chose for this essay is American football. According to the OED, a man by the name
of Walter Camp invented the sport of American football Many people know
him as the father of football. He came to the discovery of American football from the divisions in
the game of rugby.
The origin of professional football came in 1892. The word football originated during the medieval
times by peasants kicking around a ball. The first time that the word football, according to the
OED, was ever written down in a piece of literature was in the year of 1424. An English writer by
the name of William Hone was the first person to write the word as we know as American Football down
in an article. That was written down in the year 1881. Great Britain got a taste of what American
football is like when NFL Europe came over to their native land. But since the
recent cancellation of NFL Europe, Britain wasn't watching American football for long. Even
though the the NFL Europe league got canceled, the popularity of American football is still growing.
American football is growing faster in other countries besides the U.S. In the year of 2012 Notre
Dame and the Naval Academy are going to face off with each other in Dublin, Ireland. (The Sun)

NFL Europa was founded in 1991 as the World League of American Football. (The Mirror) The British
teams in the NFL Europa are the London Monarchs and the Scottish Claymores. There was some rule
changes to the NFL Europa because of the fact they wanted rugby fans and soccer fans to get more
into it. One rule they made was that a field goal from more then fifty yards is worth four points
instead of the traditional three points. The other rules that were made different were that in
overtime in the NFL you only get so much time before the game ends in a
tie. In NFL Europa in overtime each team has to have at least one possession and in the playoffs the
game can’t end in a tie just like the rules similar to the NCAA. (The Mirror) Also, there was a
requirement that at least one player of Non-American extraction, referred to as "national"
players, participate in every down for both teams as of the 2006 season.

American football was mentioned in an article by Mike Carlson saying that pro football is going to
be played at Wembley Stadium when the Miami Dolphins play the New York Giants. The attendance at
this game out ranked all of the Premier Soccer
matches all played that weekend. This was the biggest event to take place in Europe for American
Football since the world champion Bears played the Cowboys in a preseason game among 86,000 fans and
the famous William “the fridge” Perry scored a touchdown. When the game was announced,
more than 500,000 people registered with the NFLUK.com web site in the first 72 hours. The first
40,000 seats available to the public sold out in 90 minutes. The next 10,000 available sold out in 5
minutes. And the final 10,000 in only 90 seconds. The final ticket count likely will be around
90,000 in a brand-new
stadium that was years in construction. (The Telegraph)

The only professional organizations that ever reached Europe for American football was NFL Europe
and that got cancelled and there are some talks of getting it back to Europe and they want to have
more teams in the League. If this happens the sport will become more widely spread not only in
Europe but the whole Eastern Hemisphere. Among the notable national players included Scott McCready,
an English wide receiver who played some preseason games for the New England Patriots, Constantin
Ritzmann, a German defensive end who had played for the University of Tennessee, and Rob Hart, an
English rugby player who became a place kicker. He was the famous kicker who would kick the ball
bear foot.

There are some poems written about American football by British authors but they are not many of
them. One British author is named Lou Jenkins and he's talking about being a quarterback for
his team. In his poem he's talking about taking the snap from his center and dropping back
looking for a wide open receiver to pass it to but during this time his mind wonders and he starts
thinking about other stuff like what he ate last night for dinner.
He comes back to realty and sees how he cant pass the pigskin and he ends up being sacked by a
linebacker. The title of this poem is called "Football". (Ebsco)

American football is growing to be an international sport now and alot of this popularity over seas
is dedicated to the fine nation of Britain. With their support, American football as we know it will
will be played as one of the most well known and liked sports throughout the world.

















Dear Mr. President, British Literature is an important part of the curriculum here at Catholic
Memorial. Each year sophomores in English 10 learn about the most famous poets in England’s
history. Some of which, are the most well-known in all of literature. Sophomore Year is the
perfect year for learning about British Literature. Many of the poems the students learn about are
used in popular culture. By not educating them on these poems, we would be allowing our students to
be at a disadvantage in the future.

This year, the students in English 10 have learned a lot about British literature. Brendan
Maciejko writes “Although these past days have been hard deciding who would get cut.” This means
that he has enjoyed reading British literature so much, that he had a hard time deciding which piece
of British literature to cut. Dan Mullen writes that horseracing is “The sport of Kings.” Lance
Murray writes “Hockey is found everywhere its even found in literature. It can be found in movies,
poems, and books.” This is just one small fact out of thousands that the students learned in
writing these essays. If the students in English 10 were not learning about words in the Oxford
English Dictionary, they would not know this fact.

Other schools in the area study similar literature. Roxbury Latin defines their Sophomore
English course as “Homeric Greece, the Renaissance, and World War I, in particular. Among the works
studied are: Diederich et al., Vocabulary for College; Boynton and Mack, Introduction to The Short
Story; Perrine, Sound and Sense; Cisneros, The House on Mango Street; Hemingway, In Our Time; Homer,
The Odyssey; Knowles, A Separate Peace; Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet; Vonnegut,
Slaughterhouse-Five.” Many of these Literature pieces are from England. Saint Sebastian’s school
educates their students with such literature as “Achebe, Things Fall Apart; May, Fiction's Many
Worlds; Miller, The Crucible; Shakespeare, Macbeth; Sophocles, Antigone, Oedipus Rex; Twain,
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; Stevenson, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; Vocabulary
Workshop, Level F; and Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray and Other Writings.” As you can see, Saint
Sebastian’s educates their students with British literature.

I recently spoke with a British Literature teacher who wished to remain anonymous. This
British Literature teacher expressed disgust when I told her Catholic Memorial was thinking about
cutting British literature from its curriculum. She said that British Literature was one of the
most important subjects taught at any school, and should be a requirement at all schools. She went
on to say that literature from Great Britain is more important then literature from any other
country. Lastly, she told me that her students that excelled in British Literature have gone on to
some of the best Universities in the world.

I have also had a recent discussion with a British Literature author. This British Literature
author, whom we shall call “anonymous,” was appalled at the mere thought of cutting British
Literature from the curriculum. He told me that learning British Literature was the best thing that
ever happened to him. He went on to say that he would be nowhere now if it wasn’t for British

Mr. President, I urge you to reconsider your decision. By changing the curriculum at Catholic
Memorial, you would be doing the students a disservice. Students at other schools in the area have
similar literature that they study. Students from these schools go on to some of the best colleges
in the country. Our job here at Catholic Memorial is to prepare our students for the future. We
can only so that if we teach British literature.