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Creative Writing  
  The word 'illustrate' usually illustrate the something illustrated. Generally, the word
'Illustrate' is used when a person wants to describem or tell about something. That's
what I usually think when I hear the word 'illustrate'. However after researching
'illustrate' on the dictionaries, I realize that there are many more definitions than I
know about. In fact, there are seven definitions. "To make clear, bright, or luminious" is
usually famillar to us. This word 'illustrate' was born inn 1526 and its history tells us
a a lot English.

According to Wester dictionary, the word 'illustrate' means "to light up" Also
other dictionary; Cambridge has "to add picture to" for the word 'illustrate'.
"To clarify, as by use of example or comparisions" is the other meaning of
'illustrate'. "To make clear, bright, or luminious" is the preliminary
definition. This curious word has very special meaning which is "renowned, or famous." Do
you ever think the word illustrate means famous? No way! This unique definition is very different
from orginal definition " to shed light upon, light up, illumine." Isn't this word
seems useful or important?

The word 'illustrate' has various meaning and its change it's meaning more than
sixth. When this word born in 1526, it was means as " to illunminate (the mind)."
Otherwise, it has totally different meanings when the word 'illustrate' is used in 1562.
It was used means as "beautiful, good looking". Also in 1603, it was used as "to
display to advantage." How come only one word change by times? It must be a useful word because
lots of people eager to use this word in his or her literature.

One of the most famous author in literature who usually called 'author of tradegy'
Shakespeare also use the word 'illustrate' in his literature. In his literature
'Love's Labor Lost' page 128 he wrote "This most gallant, illustrate and learned
Gentleman" He use this word as good looking. Besides other author Dickens literature
'Mark. Chuz' has the sentence "10 charities...did so well set off and illustrate her
sister!" In his work, he uses the word 'illustrate' as 'to show up'. Even
lots of famous authors use this word, we can see that the word 'illustrate' placed in
English history.

In the Boston Globe, the word 'illustrate' used in the article 'Yanksfan VS
Soxfan'. The article says "Massarotti cites the Red Sox 1-32 record when traililng
entering the ninth to illustrate that this team has no flair for firework." I this passage ,
the word 'illustrate' used as 'to show' Also from the London times , The article
'Legendary Emmy the great use this word "“letting anyone play who can’t get a gig anywhere
else”. To illustrate, she cites a male singer she saw recently in New York. “ In this passage the
word 'illustrate' used 'to describe a happens'. Even illustrate still used in
2006, the word 'illustrate' seems very powerful.

In the future, the word 'illustrate' will be used as describing something. Because most
of definitions are 'to show, or to give evidence'. English will be taken over by English
which has tiny difference from today's English future's English will not consist of
Alphabet. Who know? Anything is changeable.











Dear Shakespeare.

I am director of ‘The Edition of the Prentice Hall’ named Jae won Lee. I will let you know good
news and bad news. You still are occupying the place of the best author since English born. Your
excellent writing skills and sensible expressions are still shining today. Especially, your work
‘Macbeth’ still played by many actors and players. Everybody recognize you until they lived in the
English speaking countries. However, I considered after long time to cut your works in the next
Edition of Prentice Hall. The reasons of rejection are deceit, violence, and unromantic depiction of

The First reason that is not acceptable for our next edition is that it is too much deceit people
in your story ‘Macbeth’. For example, in Act1 Scene3, three witches forecast prediction that Macbeth
will become a throne of the country but Banquo will not yet will be happier than before, “All hail,
Macbeth! Hail to thee, Thane of Glamis! All hail…… King hereafter” “Hail! ……Banquo and Macbeth, all
hail!” In this conversation, these three witches give riddle to Macbeth, even if the story they told
was true, but this dialogue ruin Banquo and Macbeth’s relationship. Act4 scene1 three witches,
first, second and third apparition predict Macbeths destiny, “Thrice the brinded cat hath
mewed……That this great king may kindly say Our duties did his welcome pay.” In this dialogue, three
witches and Hecate spelled Macbeth and the spell make Macbeth’s faith but they pretend they just
predict the future. For second example, Lady Macbeth tries to tricks on his husband with false
statement. In Act1 scene5, Lady Macbeth tricks on his husband, “O, never Shall sun that morrow see!
……Which shall to all our nights and days to come Give solely sovereign sway and masterdom.” In this
situation, Lady Macbeth stirred Macbeth up to kill King Duncan with false reasons and makes the
crime. In Act1 scene7, Lady Macbeth said she and Macbeth will not going to fail the conspiracy, “We
fail...... who shall bear the guilt Of our great quell?” This dialogue also included Lady Macbeth’s
ill will and attempted fake Macbeth. In Act2 scene2, she pretend to not feeling any fear because she
does not want to show her weak appearance to Macbeth, “My hands are of your color……Be not lost So
poorly in your thoughts.” In her voice, we could judge Lady Macbeth that she deceits Macbeth with
lie. As our standards, deceit people in your works could affect high school students begin to deceit
their colleague by mimic from your story Macbeth.

The Second reason it is inappropriate to convey your story to our readers in our next edition is
that is too much blood in your text. For example, In Act2 Scene1, Macbeth confirms his decision to
assassinate the king Duncan, “Is this a dagger which I see before me……for it is a knell That summons
thee to heaven, or to hell.” In his monologue, his evil-likeness is represented, and this action
referring as a sin. In Act2 Scene2, after assassinate King Duncan, Macbeths hand is covered by blood
and begin to aware guilty, “Whence is that knocking......Making the green one red.” After this
assassination, his mind painted with extremely red blood, and begins to feeling guilty referring as
a major crime in this story. In Act 2 Scene3, Macduff horrified by King Duncan is assassinated, “O
horror, horror, horror! Tongue nor heart Cannot conceive nor name thee.” In Act3 Scene3, murderers
are kill Banquo in the near the palace, “But who did bid thee join with us......Well, let’s away and
say how much is done.” Ordering murderers to kill Banquo is violence that as a not only person but
also friend. In Act5 Scene7, Macbeth pierce Young Siwards head with sword, “They have tied me to a
stake......Enter, sir, the castle.” Simply, Macbeth covered with visible blood from his
ex-companion. In Act4 Scene2, while Macduff left his home, murderers are kill son of Macduff instead
of him, “What had he done, to make him fly the land......Run away, I pray you!” This happening shows
that Macbeth has been kill lots of people if they obstruct him. In Act5 Scene8, Macbeth eventually
killed by Macduff, “Why should I play the Roman fool......Whom we invite to see us crowned at
Scone.” By our standards, your story has many dies and does not has any appropriate qualify to
suitable to high school audience.

The last reason that your literature blocked is unromantic depiction of marriage. For instant, in
Act1 Scene7, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth arguing their own opinions, “If it were done when ‘tis done,
then ‘twere well......False face must hide what the false heart doth know.” In Act4 Scene2, after
Macduff left his home, Lady Macduff blame on him that he leaves his family without pity, “What had
he done.......Poor prattler, how thou talk’st!” In Act5 Scene5, Macbeth could not feel any sorrow
even his wife died by fall from the castle, “The queen, my lord, is dead......full of sound and fury
Signifying nothing.” He shows his unromantic at Lady Macbeth. In our common sense, wife and husband
are lived with good mood. However, Macbeth has absolutely no love or less to his wife and Lady
Macduff also does not trust her husband that no longer to love him. This could affect high school
students to pause to thinking about love.

As a finished this letter, I repeat that I feel deep regret to reject your literature in the next
edition of the Prentice Hall. However, after next edition of the Prentice Hall is established, I
will have no choice to not select your literature on the course of college. Your works have no doubt
that have enough qualities to proper to college English course. Thank you to read this letter.

Sincerely Alex Lee













The word 'Rugby' comes from the sport that was created at the Rugby School, located in
Rugby, Warwickshire in England. The sport Rugby actually began to be played and developed in 1864,
according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Although many countries play Rugby and have leagues,
they do not have actual origins about it. The development of Rugby in 19th century in England
reveals that England lived in prosperous conditions. As a reason, none of the other countries could
play and developed their national sport in 19th century because of diplomacy with foreign countries,
according to the website Metro. These countries should concentrate at their economy and society for
became itself flourish and not being poor. While these countries working and spending time for own
nation become wealthy, England can only had enough time to developed sport.

The current level of popularity about Rugby is occupying the highest position in British Empire.
Rugby is deeply rooted in the History of England, which factors for its immense popularity. Daily
updated news of Telegraph shows how people in England love Rugby. Its popularity is reflected in the
high demand for people for people to watch rugby matches. Therefore, rugby tickets are considerably
more expensive than the average sporting event. For instance, according to an online ticketing
called My Ticket Market current prices of 'England Rugby' tickets cost about 100 Euros,
which is about 156 American dollars. For comparison, horse racing, another famous and popular sport
in England, does not cost nearly as much. The cost of a ticket for horse racing cost only 40 Euros,
which is 63 American dollars. Going along with Rugby's immense popularity in Britain, the media
reflects upon this. Rugby is not commonly found in British literature since the British have a
tendency to write stories about love, science and victory. However, the media constantly refers to
England's Rugby team, through consistent updates on their team and team players. The history
about Rugby contains several important and influential people. One example is William Webb Elis, the
inventor of modern Rugby game. He did not announce to people until for years after his death and
originated by Matthew Bloxam, the student of Rugby school in October of 1876. He wrote a school
magazine that he learn handling and kicking game for anonymous sources. Eventually it proved that
unnamed sources were originated by William Webb Elis in 1880.

The website Mirror shows the game of Rugby is names after English's oldest public school,
Rugby School. During Webb Ellis's time at Rugby School, he changed foorball's rules to
have no standard ones. The students at Rugby created a new game, where the rules were customized and
were not written down. They frequently changed the rules each time more students joined to play.

In modern times, limited rules were established to formalize the sport. And Timesonline
illustrates those rules. The Rugby in England has a special rules; the ball must be passed forward
or kicked at open play. Also when the players try to pass to another player, it must be passed
backward. If the players tackled by oppenents, he must released the ball to to behind and the
players who tackle the opponent should let the opponent go as soon as the opponent released the
ball. If a player judged by playing serious foul, he suspended to play which is called

In the middle of 20th century, a movie called "Tom Brown's School Days," filmes
by Golden Parry shows how students were interested in Rugby early 19th century. It is based on
Thomas Hughes' novel 'Tom Brown's School Days.' And Walter Ferris is the English
Writer who actually writes the text of movie. The main character of movie is Tom Brown who went
Rugby Public School. He is suffering from friends in his school who bully him because Tom does not
have enough ability to play harsh Rugby games. He receives a suggestion from the captain of Rugby
team that if Tom joins the team then he will prevent anyone from bullying Tom. Tom accepts this
offer and makes great efforts while joining the team. Finally, everyone stops bothering Tom, who
becomes a popular Rugby player at his school.

According to telegraph, the spread of Rugby in the first half of the 19th century was mainly due
to students who loved the sport. What started first only in England's Public School moved onto
universities, which then popularized internationally. Towards the end of the century, international
games were starting to take place. Because Rugby originated in England, it soon became the heart of
the country, which explains the fast and full development of Rugby into England's history.

One of Rugby's famous English player is Jonny Wilkinson. Timesonline has an information
about him. He plays for the English Rugby Union and is part of England's national team. All of
his family members were Rubgy players, which influenced his early start in the sport. He played
Rugby since he was four years old and later he was a part of the Frangham RFC team. Wilkinson has
won many important games and titles, such as the 2003 Rugby World Cup and the 2007 Six Nations
Championship. And CBBC new shows how was the interviews. During the interview, Wilkinson talks about
his career. He was one of the youngest English players for a long time and scored the most points
out of any other English player. He believed that perfection made a great player. "I think I
share a trait with everyone in the England squad - a willingness to not accept defeat, to not accept
under-performing, and to not accept poor attitude. It's just the decision to take the
opportunity you've got, to make the most of it." He never accepted defeat or a poor
attitude. When it comes to being a great sports player, he believes that it is fifty-percent pratice
and fifty-percent talemt. When he faces pressure, he deals with it with the help of his brother, who
is also a rugby player. Jonny Wilkinson is a great rugby player of the recent sports history.
Hopefully in the years to come, there will continuously be great players in all of sports future.
Not only professional teams exist around in England, but amateur clubs or teams are working their
job hardly in behind of major Rugby League. London Irish Amateur is the amateur team which is formed
in 1898, has long history about its team. They placed 1st on XV Wild Geese, and 2nd placed on XV
Wanderers. They are still running today and also created two girls teams currently.

Until robots are replacing humans all activities, sport in England, sports in America, sports in
whatever places are keep working hard with passion for health, amusing, and pride. Rugby will
constantly occupy the most famous sport in England as a long historic sport also most manly sport
for those people who eager to standing on the highest status. Thus those players, who play Rugby,
will rush to each other, sometimes let the blood out of players body, sometimes break its body parts
that fragile by enemy, but still keep the sport on the submit of mountains called “Rugby”.
















My name is Jaewon Lee and I am the director of British Literature. I am glad to write this letter to
you Mr. President. I am sending this letter to report to argue about should the British Literature
remain in high school courses. Since British Literature has been selected to high school courses, it
occupied a huge part of an English course at Catholic Memorial. I am still attending British
Literature class since last September, and it provided me a great opportunity to learn several
valuable works. I strongly argue that we should not abolish British Literature because we might miss
some masterpieces of British authors.

British literature has impacted the student body at Catholic Memorial. Many famous literary
figures are in fact British, ranging from Shakespeare to George Orwell. British Literature sophomore
student Chris Masterson learns through Macbeth the tragedy, struggle and ambition that Shakespeare’s
character has to go through. Chris comments on Shakespeare’s intense literary style and great plot
imagination; he believes that Macbeth is “a beautiful piece of writing that students can fully
appreciate both for its action, tragedy, and comedy, and its impressive writing style.” Michael K
who is another British Literature student, learns poetic rhymes and beautiful iambic pentameter
through Chaucer. Michael comments on Chaucer as “We recognize that you tell intriguing stories; all
while forming perfect sentences of iambic pentameter, and rhyming throughout the entire writing.”
Lastly, Alex Flores who attending British Literature in sophomore year, and he have positive opinion
on Geoffery Chaucer, and he expressed his comments as “Your Canterbury Tales is such a great work
and we can learn lot of things for students.” As they expresses how they feel about British
Literature, I have similar ideas about British Literature. British Literature helps us not only to
understand old masterpiece and writing but also ability to write about Literature.

Boston Latin does not focus on British Literature. They are more involved in American
Literature, which “The way we teaching student is concentrating on the American Dream and how each
author defines it through their literary works.” Unlike Boston Latin, Cathedral High School divides
the four high school years into four different focus of literature: Freshmen Literature, British
Literature, American Literature and World Literature. Cathedral High’s British Literature course
covers a large range of works starting from the Anglo-Saxon period to modern day. They said, “The
point of the class is to have the students analyze the works and understand how scholars have been
interpreting the writings.” The Newman School does not have a specific British Literature class,
however has Literary Genre, which “Our school covers some British authors, such as Shakespeare.”

I had recently interviewed with Mr.Hurley who had been teaching English Literature and
grammar for a while in Catholic Memorial. However, when I asked him about the British Literature, he
replied very simple but meaningful. “I hate British Literature. That is all I got.” And he adds his
comments as “I had teaching British Literature long while ago that I almost forgot that I had once
taught British Literature. But the memories that I had were awful.” Even though English teacher
rejects to teach British Literature for next sophomore year, I have a totally different idea which
is keep preserve British Literature until sophomore class will taken British Literature.

I had recently e-mailed British Literature Boston College Professor Robert Stanton whether
or not he thought that it was appropriate to have a 10th grade British Literature class. He
replied, “I definitely think so. A lot of universities have a core literature course, and this is an
excellent preparation for that. As well, a good British Literature course will expose them to some
of the most important texts of the western tradition. I'm a medievalist who teaches Beowulf and
Chaucer, and if I can make those fun, anyone can enjoy British Literature.”

I had received the respond from the author who is in charge of News department of website
'Observer', and his opinion was very positive about British Literature. He said, “Learning
British Literature would help you to understanding not only masterpiece of England but also the
Great Britain. If I am in charge of high school, I would teach British Literature to high school
students. Take benefits of it.” With his comments, I can persuade you to step more closer to
preserve British Literature in high school course.

Also I have an interview with Claudia Kuehl who wrote American literature and she had
similar opinion with the professor whom I sent the e-mailed. She said that British Literature
contains varieties and classical things such as Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, George Orwell, etc.
She said students would able to understand various expressions of sentence if British Literature
remains as a sophomore’s class. In addition, she strongly believes that British Literature will help
students to expend their abilities to writing about Literature. I agree with her positive opinion
that British Literature should be teach in sophomore classes.

British Literature should be maintained as a sophomore English class. Like Professor Stanton
said, students should learn British Literature at young age since it will help them learn about more
important writings when they get older. One of the more important figures in the English language,
in general, is made up of classic British authors, from Shakespeare to George Orwell. Various
literary styles of British authors teach students the skills necessary to perfect the English
language writing. It also helps students become more creative and able to think and write better.
Therefore, all high schools should follow Catholic Memorial’s and Cathedral’s High School’s system
and focus on British Literature for sophomore students.