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  if your looking for some intense play and some big hits, hockey is the sport for you. hockey is a
very intense game that involves lots of skill. hand eye cordination, speed, and strength, just to
name a few. this word hockey tells us alot about the english language. the first time the word
hockey was used was in the 1600's.

the first time this word had ever been used was in Nashe Summers, Last Will and Testament in the
1600's. this word has changed numerous amounts of times. from Hooky, to Hoacky, to horkey, to
hawkie, to Hokey, to Hawkey, to the modern word we use today Hockey. The word hockey in the OED
means "the old name in the eastern countries of England for the feast of harvest-home".

This word has many other meanings such as in the American Heritage dictionary, "hockey is a
great game played with sticks and a peice of rubber" on page 405. In the Webster New World
dictionary the word hockey means "a game on ice, in which the players wear ice skates and used
curved sticks to try to drive a rubber disk into the other teams goal". In the New Standard
dictionary the word hockey means "a game played on ice by opposing players on skates who try to
drive a puck into thier opponents goal played with a hockey stick" on page 349. In these
deffinitions show what the word Hockey means today in modern English and shows how the word hockey
has changed over time to finally form these deffinitions.

The word Hockey was first used in the London Times on March1,1998 by Van Gennip. "also on the
ice, Finland, inflicted a 2-1 defeat on the already crowned olympic ice hockey champions". In
the Boston Globe the word hockey was first used on December 12,1979 by Bob Kinsley. "The US.
military academy's hockey game at West Point last night agianst Williams College". In the
New York Times the word hockey was first used on January1,1981 by (NYT):sports desk. The general
manager of Detroit Red Wings sent Bret Oeterson of Glen Falls,NY, of the American Hockey league to
Las Angelas. Thier are many other sources and places where the word hockey is used, but the ones I
chose were the biggest most known places that people know about and actually read.

A couple of other articles, and the quated sentences that the word hockey has been used in over the
last five years.Hockey Is A Fast and Fun Game with Real Family Apeal from the Sunday Times on
November24,2002."The New England hockey team is preparing for the world cup".
Hockey sees long-term Benefits. by Cathy Hariss on September26,2003. "a near capacity
crowd is expected at the National hockey stadium tommorow".
First Win for "Rag Tag" Irish ice hockey by Richard Oakley on March21,2004 in the
Sunday Times. "Irelands ice hockey team,ranked last in the world has a shortage of
players". Ice Magic from the London Times on September 26,2005. "Whatever you think you know about
the National hockey league,forget it".

Pretty much all of these deffinitions and articles on this word hockey, all somewhat have the same
meanings. I think in the future of the word hockey it will become a Russian word and will be spelt















Dear Chaucer,

The decision to pick between three amazing authors was a very tough one, because all of you have
excellent qualities that contribute to the excellence of this book. However, in the long run after
much comparison, I decided that Shakespeare and the Scribe have a little more to offer to this book
than you do. All three of you have some extremely good qualities and you all have some bad
qualities. But Chaucer, you have a few more bad qualities than Shakespeare and the Scribe have.

Chaucer, here are some of the things that you did an outstanding job at. You had some great romance
in your writings, that showed the romance and how it affected each of the characters and how they
acted. You also had some great poetry and lines in your writings. But that alone did not make you
qualify for the next publishing of the British literature English book. Here are some things you may
or may not want to work on to exceed in to making the next publishing for the British literature
English book. The talent behind your stories weren’t so great, you also didn’t express the meanings
of these stories that great you could have added some more detail. You also could have made the text
a little more exciting to catch the reader’s attention and make it more exciting to read. These will
all help you to be a better writer and help you out in the long run.

Chaucer, I am terribly sorry to have to tell you this but you will not be getting published in next
years book. There is a possibility that their will be a spot in this book for you in the future.
Keep up your good work and we will certainly be considering you next year, Once again I am terribly
sorry to have to tell you this. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.












As quoted in “The World Book Encyclopedia” the sport soccer was arguably invented in London in 1863
when a group of men sat down to systematize the games they enjoyed playing at their public schools.
World Book Encyclopedia claims that this led to the formation of the association called “The
Football Association”. In the 1880’s Oxford University used slang language which involved adding an
“er” to the end of words. Rugby was called “rugger”. The word soccer came from shortening
“association football” and adding an “er”. This is distinct from the sport “rugby football”, which
was also classified by ex public school boys in the late 19th century. In 1869 the Football
Association added to their rules a stipulation that would not allow any handling of the ball, which
established the game as it is played today.

According to the Metro the sport soccer is said to be the second most popular sport in Britain. It’s
so popular they have a huge variety of leagues such as premier leagues, a regular city football
league. They also have a world team that competes in the Olympic Games, and also a professional team
that plays. The first league match kicked off on September 8, 1888. Jack Gordon who played for the
Preston North End Team scored the first league goal ever. From this first game soccer began to
really develop. Today soccer is played on five continents. It is the worlds’ largest spectator

According to the London times some of the best soccer players have come out of Britain. Most
of these players have gone through and played all of the British leagues and professional teams they
have there. According to the London Times the professional team

in Britain is called Manchester United. The last article published on them was March 8, 2008, today.
Last season they were champions in the English Premiership. They have won eight premiership titles,
and seven league championships. This team is very well known, for example the Manchester United team
to Britain is like the New England Patriots to us. In the London Times Doug Gratton is known as one
of the most amazing athletes in soccer. Doug Gratton is to them, what Tom Brady is to us. This is
hard to believe because here in the United States soccer isn’t really that popular, if you think
about it. The sports that are popular to us are sports like football, hockey, baseball, and
basketball. Even lacrosse is sometimes viewed over soccer, and lacrosse is just starting to be
played and is just starting to become popular.

After examining this news paper I decided to take a peak at a few other news papers in
Britain I took a look at the “Sun” and “the Morning Star”. The Sun points out that they think soccer
is the most popular sport in Britain, so it’s a toss up between soccer, and cricket. I think they
are both equally popular. The sun also points out another league called the Champions league. “This
Champions league is the most popular league in Britain today.” They have over 80,000 Milan fans that
attend each game. Each team consists of the best players around. So it is equivalent to our Olympic
teams or something similar to that. “The Morning star” talks about “the six nations” which is a
tournament, where six nations campaign on a day and battle each other in very competitive games, in
which England pulled out on top and won the whole thing.

This sport also has a place in British literature. There are many stories, poems, and
also movies regarding soccer. The movie “Goal, the dream begins” written by Mike Jefferies is one of
them. This movie is about a young man named Santiago Munez. Santiago lived in Mexico and worked for
his father. All of his life, all he ever wanted to do was play soccer. Finally, one day he ran away
to England, and found himself trying out with the Newcastle United soccer team. He first made the
club team which is a minor league team. Eventually he worked his way up to a starting position on
the professional Newcastle United team. It was truly a dream come true for him.

After going through and researching this sport, I believe that soccer has a huge impact on
Britain and the way they live life. It sounds like soccer is a very important part of the British
civilization and their culture.


















In today's schools i believe that we should continue to study and learn about british
literature.Why? Becouse British literature is a very extrodinary subject to learn. This past year i
have learned so much and all of it was very interesting, and kept me content. Yes there are a lot of
different varieties of topics that we never touch on that would enlighten us and make us a lot more
intelligent, but if we were to change and study another topic yeah we would become more familiar and
smart with that topic but we would miss out British literature which is a very crucial subject to
learn that also makes us intelligent.

One thing that they should absoulutley not change is the fact that 10th grade english students study
British literature. I have personally talked to a few people consisting of a teacher who taught
British literature, a student who doesnt enroll in British literature, and a student who does enroll
in British literature. So to start off i took a look at the student who does enroll in British
literature. The students name is Garett Fitzgerald. I read a peice of his work and from what I read
I can see he has learned a lot this year and that he would agree with me a 100%. From reading his
paper I found a line that he wrote that can back what I am saying and shows that he truley does care
about British literature. The line is "Deceit is something very seious that we do not want to
be teaching our kids today. An example of deceit in the story is when Lady Macbeth tricks Macbeth
into murdering Duncan so that Macbeth would have more power and be king." A student that
reconizes the stories that the author is publishing are inappropriate and bad for the students to be
learning becouse of the topic that is talked about and is displayed in the story is affecting our
world today, and that he read in detail each story to find a author to remove and replace with a
better one so that he could better the Apprentic Hall British literature book. This shows me that he
cares a lot that British literature remains the 10th grade english topic, just as i do.

Next is the student who did not enroll in 10th grade British literature, the students name is
Elizebeth Carella. Now she attended 10th grade english but the school she attends "Quincy high
school" studies a different topic in 10th grade english. And as i had stated before about my
opinion she has the same opinion i do. She states that "no matter what 10th grade english topic
you study you are still going to miss out on the other topics that are very crucial to learn
to." So as you can see she also agrees with me and touches on some great points.
Finally to talk about the British literature teacher that i got a chance to interview. The teachers
name is "Mr. Hurley". now Mr. Hurley hasnt taught this subject in over 20 years but he
claims to still remeber teaching it and he says that " when he taught British literature about
20 years ago i disliked teaching it but i still enjoyed the topic". I dont know how you can
like the topic but not like teaching it somehow that doesnt make sense to me but i disagree with him
i personnally enjoyed studying and enrolling in British literature and i think it would also be a
fun and a enjoyable subject to teach.

i think a good solution for this instead of changing 10th grade british literature would be to set
aside time through out the students high school career to touch on the other topics, so that way you
get a taste of every topic. but some schools around the city say that all english 10 topics can be
put as a elective and that the students can choose what they want to study in their 10th grade
english class. no i strongly diss agree becouse if doing that, what comes next do the students get
to choose whether or not they want to attend school or not? no, so every 10th grade english topic
should be a manditory topic of british literature with no questions about it.