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Creative Writing  
  Over the years "victory" has changed the English language therefore making it a victory.
Victory is commonly used as the word to describe success weather it is in a game or in an arguement.
The word victory has been used for 632 years Victory is a very powerful word and can have a major
impact on someone. The common peception is that victory is to describe a win, but the real
definition is a success or triumph over and enemy in battle or a war. Victory has been defined the
same way throughout the existance of the word. This word reflects English history because it is
used to describe wins in battles and if we didn't have this word then we would not be able to
describe a success against other people. This word tells us something about the english language.

The word that best escribes a success is victory. Here are some OED definitions that are a little
bit out of the ordinary: The Roman goddess representing or typifying victory: a figure or statue of
this. This is a wierd definition because it is talking about a goddess that is representing victory
instead of the definitions about winning in a battle/war. The American Heritage Dictionary stated
that"defeat of an enemy or an opponent, or a success in a struggle against enemy's."
The first author was Barbour who first spelt it as wictory. The various spellings of the word are
as follows: wictory, victorie, victria, victorie, victria, vistor, vittoria, and victory. The word
victory had been put togther with many words such as victory:anthem, ball, celebration, dance,
flashing, match, night, parade.

The first OED definition or state of having to overcome an enemy or advarsary in combat, battle or
in war. "Auden Coll. Poetry 117 we were to go to a great banquet and a victory ball."2.
An instance or occation of overcoming an advarsary in battle , etc.; a triumph gained by force of
arms. There are many different definitions for the word victory.

Paul Zimmerman wrote about victory in Sports Illustrated. It's contents included the New
England Patriots and how despite several impressive victories that they still keep their poise. He
also used it about Peyton Manning talking about his impressive 2006 season.

I think that victory has a big future in the English language because it is necessary to describe a
vistory and the world is going to have many battles to come and only 1 word can describe...victory.












Dear Shakespere,
I regret to inform you that your famous play"Macbeth" will not be entering this years
edition of Prentice Hall. Three reasons for this such event are as follows. In your play there is
too much violence. There is also too many smal insignificant parts in this story. The thirs and
final reason that you are not being submitted is that your play has too much deceit in it.

In your play the violence is way too bloody and gorey for the young readers that we have reading
this book every year for an english high school class. This violence poses a poblem because young
children might get the wrong idea by thinking that killing is ok as long as you are getting
something in return. Violence plays a key role in what our country is today, and we are trying to
prevent that from growing here at prentice hall. Mabye if you make some revisions on this beautiful
piece of work, mabye we can get you into next years edition.

The second reason that you are not being submitted is because there are too many small insignificant
characters in this play. When I first read this story is was too hard to pay attention to all the
detail with a number of characters saying small lines that were of no significance to the story at
all. Many of our young readers would have trouble paying attention. This story would be too tough
to study for because of how many different roles there are. One example is the role of the captain.
He has a small role that has no real significance to the story.

The final reason is that there is too much deceit in this story. Deceit is another huge problem in
this country today. Deceit is something very seious hat we do not want to be teaching our kids
today. An example of deceit in the story is when Lady Macbeth tricks Macbeth into murdering Duncan
so that Macbeth would have more power and be king. Deceit is probaby the biggest reason that we are
not admitting you into this book.

We at Prentice Hall truly admire your pieces of work. We think that all of them contribute to what
writing has become today. You are a very talented writer and we look foreward to seeing what you
have to offer next year.

Garrett FitzGerald












Lacrosse was invented by Native North Americans. Its original name was dehuntshigwa’es in the
language of Onondaga which translates into “men hit a round object.” The game was named lacrosse by
French Missionaries. Lacrosse is very similar to the old Irish sport of Hurling. It was invented
by French missionaries in the year 1640. When Canada became a part of the UK the countries adopted
the sport of lacrosse. Lacrosse was first introduced to England in 1867. Lacrosse is not very
popular in the UK , having two centers in Manchester , and London . There are two men’s leagues,
one for the north and one for the southern part of the UK . The English Lacrosse Union was founded
in the year 1892. Lacrosse was originally played in preparation for battle.

Lacrosse is a very aggressive sport that requires a lot of padding. But in the 19th century
it became a less violent game. The first organized league was created in 1857 by Dr. William George
Beers who was originally a Canadian dentist. The name of the league was the “Montréal Lacrosse
League.” The first game to be played under his new rules was a college called “ Upper Canada
College .” In the 1930’s a new version appeared called “box lacrosse.” In the United States the
game of lacrosse has been regionalized to the New England and the Mid-Atlantic states .

Lacrosse has had little impact on British news because there are many other sports such as
rugby, soccer, and cricket that grab the most attention of the sports fan. The last report that the
London times is about the Duke lacrosse from about one year ago. Lacrosse is not a very popular
sport. I personally believe that the sport on Lacrosse would be one of the most popular sports in
the UK if it weren’t for the major sports in the UK . It is also the same situation in the USA
because of football, basketball, and baseball.

There is a man named Alistair Wallace who is a pro for the lacrosse club named Mellor. He is
an outstanding player who leads his team in goals. He is hardly considered an amateur because of
his skill level. His team “Mellor” is one of the top programs in the UK . Two students from Pipers
Corner School in Great Kingshill have been selected to go on and represent the county at lacrosse.
Helen Storey and fellow sixth-former Helen Woods will represent Bucks at Lacrosse.

Lacrosse was first introduced into the world at the Olympics in 1904 and 1908. Not many
nations and people were interested in the sport. England , Canada , and the USA continued to push
the enjoyment of this sport. The continued to have exhibition games, that did not count, at the
Olympics in the years 1928, 1932, and 1948, but the people of the world refused to embrace it.

How will lacrosse fair in the years to come? I think that lacrosse will be one of the most popular
sports. It is such a powerful and fun sport to play, that many kids become addicted and develop
throughout the years. Right now it is a fast and upcoming sport that is soon to sweep the nation,
or maybe even the world.



















Dear Mr. President
Mr. President, the curriculum here at Catholic Memorial has always been one of the best in the city
of Boston. English 10 is just one fourth of the entire English course. This class has been mostly
reading and going over numerous stories in excruciating detail. There have been some fun moments in
the class, but most of the time it is largely talking about stories that are hundreds of years old.
I personally think that British Literature should be abolished from Catholic Memorial. British
Literature is increasingly becoming less popular in out tight nit community. It is something that
our kids are not too fond off. Many students whom I have talked too are agreeing with me because
they think that the work is simply too hard and too confusing. The exam questions are particularly
hard because there is no straight answer.

Many of my fellow classmates agree with me on how British Literature is too difficult. It requires
the students to second guess the answer because there could be many different possible answers. In
James DeMoura’s essay on the word cool, he states “Cool has been in the English language for about
1000 years, is that cool or what?” This opening sentence does not show the 10th grade writing level
that these children are capable of. Their teaches Mr. McGonegal told them to use a pun in their
first sentence of their essay which I think was a good idea but a difficult task to say the least.
This required them to think about how they were going to write the sentence with a twist, while
trying to impress the teacher with making it as clever as possible.

Mr. President. I think the British Literature should be abolished from our school, many people
disagree with this class saying that they will get nothing from this course that they could use inn
life. Please do not change your mind and keep British Literature out of our school

Garrett FitzGerald