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Creative Writing  
  .The word “bundle” has been around for along period of time dating back to 1649. Since those days and
even today the word still has the same meaning now than it did back in the 1640’s. There have been
many words in the English language that have changed meaning and definitions. But the word bundle is
probably one of the few words that have not changed over time. The word bundle keeps on bringing in
new definitions each and  everyday especially today with the slang that kids use it in. This just goes to show you how diverse the English language is and will continue to become diverse as the language continues to grow.

The word bundle was first used in the year 1649 and since then has become more popular.
After each and every century the word grew more and more when it finally came to the 1950’s were it
was commonly used “to be wrapped up in warm clothes.” Today the word bundle has many meanings, for
instance in the American Heritage Dictionary the word bundle means “A group of objects held
together, as by trying or wrapping.” In the Word Net Dictionary bundle means, “A collection of
things wrapped or boxed together.” The Kernerman English Dictionary says bundle is “A number of
things bound together. All of these definitions mean the same thing; they all deal with grouping
objects together. Where as the Oxford English Dictionary has the word having many different meanings
over the years.

The Oxford English Dictionary has many definitions for the word bundle. The 1st
definition the OED has is “To tie in, or make up into, a bundle.” The 2nd definition is “To ‘Fagot’
bar iron for the purpose of welding it together.” Another definition is “To wrap up in warm, heavy,
or cumbersome clothing.” The OED has many definitions in which the word bundle can be used. This is
why the English language is such a great thing because of its diversity with our culture and
combining of other cultures as well.

The word bundle was first used in 1649 in the Apparitions at Woodstock, in Hone.
Every-day “The..oak..they had..bundled up into faggots” meaning to tie together. 1756 LADY M. W.
MONTAGUE Lett. xcvi. IV. 76, “I bundle up all your letters” means to tie the letters together. When
the word bundle bagan to become popular in the 1800’s an author by the name of J. Holland used the
word bundle in Manuf Metals 1st “To cause bar iron..to be closely fagotted or bundled together”
meaning closely or tightly compacted together. In 1923 R. Macauly Told by Idiot “The two children
were bundled up in bear-skin coats” meaning to wear warm clothes or a lot of clothes to stay warm.
This just goes to show how the word bundle was being used in the early years. Today the word bundle
has many different meanings such as slang that kids use today. People will use the word bundle to
knock someone over in a sport. This is the wrong meaning, but it just goes to show you how the word
bundle has and can pick up newer meanings like other words in the English language.

The Australian uses the word bundle in an article it has one of the meaning from before.
It says “…Shawn Warne era had a bundle of clothes over his arm…” Bundle in this sense means that he
has grouped his clothes together. In the Contra Costa Times they use the word bundle in a new type
of meaning, “A 10 year old bundle of dynamite.” In this article they mean that the 10 year old has a
lot of energy in there personality. Most of the writers today still use the word bundle in its
original meaning such as tying objects together. In an article from The Morning Call in Pennsylvania
they write about a bank  robbery. The article says “…gave Larue a tracking device in a bundle of money, court papers say.” The word bundle in this sentence means that there was a large some of money in bags. The articles above show how the word bundle today still has the same meaning as it did back in the 1650’s.
Although they may still use the same meanings the word bundle has different meanings such as to
knock someone over. For instance, “that  kid just got bundled” meaning to knock down, this just shows how different meanings can form for old words in the English language.

The word bundle has been around for over 350 years and continues to make a great run. But for this
word I do feel that it will be around for a couple more hundred years. The word bundle keeps on
finding newer and better definitions since 1649. As for the English language I do not feel that it
will be around for much longer. In today’s world the English language is not the most spoken
language. There for I believe that the English  language will become a dead language and the same for the world bundle.








Dear Mr. Scribe,

Mr. Scribe we are coming out with the next edition of Prentice Hall Literature
book, and I am sorry to say that we do not have enough in the budget to include your
story. Your story is a very good one in matter a fact it is the first story of the English
language. This story Beowulf has too much fantasy involved in the story. For instance in
the story they say that the monster Grendel was at least “150 feet tall.” Also in the story it
says that Beowulf who is a man that is average height kills Grendel and his mother.
Another problem we have with the story Beowulf is that there is to much greed in the
story. At the end of the story it says, “Beowulf longed only for fame.” Also when before
Beowulf dies he says, “I sold my life for this treasure, and I sold it well.” The story was
tough to understand, and it caused lots of confusion. This is the toughest decision we
have had to make in a while, and I apologize, but maybe next year we will bring you

The story Beowulf was written in old English, and this is great for our people
today to show them how our language has evolved over a century. But besides that reason
there is no need to use old English for this story because today it is in modern English.
But there are words that show there similarity to todays words for instance waes (was),
healle (hell), Laegon (legion), Swurd (sword). Also now Beowulf has been made into a
movie so this just shows how people are now starting to get away from the original text
of the story. The story has changed over time so with this being the first story written
down I am sure it has changed many of times, just like how the movie has changed some
of the text in the story. So this just gives more reason for the people to not read the story
Beowulf even though it’s the first of its kind.

The next problem we had with the story Beowulf is that there was to much
fantasy going on in the story. At the Beginning of the story it says that the monster
Grendel was at least a “150 feet tall.” This story I am sure was to try and scare people,
but there is no such thing as a monster especially being a 150 feet tall. Another part in the
story that I cannot believe is that Beowulf whom is average height meaning 5’6 can jump
up 150 plus feet and rip Grendel’s arm off. Another problem with it being to fantastical is
that it says “Beowulf and Brecca swam in the open sea for five nights with a sword
fighting off whale-beasts.” If a person swam in the ocean for five nights they would be
dehydrated and cramp up and drowned. People today do not want a story that is to
fantastical they want true historical stories that are exciting.

The third problem we have with the story Beowulf is that there is a little too much
greed in the story. Greed is giving the wrong impression to kids today, and we do not
want that to happen. For instance the story says when Beowulf went to battle Grendel’s
Mother it says “ Beowulf longed only for fame” this is saying that Beowulf did not care
about anything else, but to only be famous. We do not want to give that impression to the kids that
you should become greedy with fame. Another part in the story before Beowulf
is about to die he asks to be with his treasure and then he says “I sold my life for treasure,
and I sold it well.” Then when Beowulf is dead he is pushed out to sea in a boat with all
of his treasure as the boat is lit on fire. This story gives bad advice about you should try and
sell your life for money or treasure. This is not the advice we want to give kids we
want them to have a good life and make a good living, but not to do it this way.

Once again we are truly sorry that your story has not made another appearance in
our next edition. We have listed three major problems with the story Beowulf that you
can maybe improve on or change. But one thing everyone likes is the action put into this
story. All of the action scenes are what draws most of the readers to read your book. But
with its tough understanding, to much fantasy, an to mush greed in the story is what gives
our readers a bad influence. We know that this is a huge disappointment seeing as how
this is your only story written. But if you can make some of the corrections above, then
next year we can guarantee that we will consider your story Beowulf for our next edition.

Sincerely yours,

Matt Dalton













According to the Oxford English Dictionary the word cricket comes from the

Middle English and Old French, and it also says that the word cricket was first used in the

1400’s. Cricket today is a sport that is played with a stick, ball, and wickets by two

teams of 11 players each. The game Cricket originated in England around the 1300’s

(gameandsports.com/cricket). Cricket is one of the most popular sports in England. “The

Sun” a British newspaper talks about England’s Cricket team and their most recent

disappointing loss. The sport Cricket continues to grow in not only England but around

the world. It is the second biggest sport in England behind football but it only looks to

have more of a positive impact on younger kids. The sport cricket tells us that it is one of

the countries favorites and it looks to continue to grow not only in Europe but in other

countries as well.

The rules to the sport cricket are very similar to the sport baseball

(esstortment.com). According to the official site of cricket they both involve a bowler

(pitcher), hitter, and fielders. The only difference are the numbers, baseball has nine

players on the field, and cricket has 11 players on the field or paddock. The game of

cricket is played in a test, and it truly is a test because these test take approximately four

days to finish one. According to the official site of cricket; cricket is played on an oval

field, which in the middle of it is a paddock, the paddock is 20 yards where the bowler

pitches. The bowler tries to throw it into three wooden spikes that are in the ground. As

the bowler throws there is a batsmen that tries to hit the ball, when he does hit the ball he

has to run to the other wicket at the other end. They keep on running until the bowler and

the cricketers get the ball and try and hit them. If they are hit they are out, but if not it

counts as a run. Cricket first started in the 1400’s when King Edward 1 really like how

the game was played. In 1730 cricket matches were upheld in the Artillery grounds. By

the mid-18th century cricket was being played in every level of society. 1760 was when

the first club cricket team was formed and it has only progressed over hundred’s of years.

Cricket today has become a professional and amateur sport in England. The

“Times” in England talks about a sensational cricket player. His name is Steve Harmison,

and he is not beloved by many of the English fans. Many people are not happy with his

sub-par play as he is racking in “£250,000.” Harmison’s apperance makes him look like

he doesn’t want to be there half the time, but he only does it to bring in the money. “The

Guardian” has an interview with Harmison where he is quoted saying he doesn’t wish he

played cricket anymore. "Today is the day I wish I wasn't a professional
cricketer,"-“The Guardian in

the same article Harmison says "But I'd give cricket up like a shot if I could play first
or even second

division football instead.”-“The Guardian” This goes to show the people of the UK that Steve

Harmison, who is thought to be the best would give cricket up in a heartbeat to play

another sport. But one of the best cricket players around is Dimitri Mascarenhas who the

“Times” says is now joining the IPL. The “Times” has said “Mascarenhas could be one of the

bargain buys if he reproduces the big hitting that has decorated his England career.”-“The Times”

say that Mascarenhas could change the game of cricket in England and around the world.

According to the International Cricket Council cricket is the 2nd largest sport in

England behind football. So there is always something in the headlines about the sport

cricket. The most recent headline in a British paper is the most recent defeat that England

has taken. The London Times has England’s most recent loss to New Zealand by a score

of 148-8, these games are always high score because it does take four days to finish just

one. But today the newspaper is not the only thing that has cricket in it. There is a book

called The Boy’s own written by William Goldwin that talks about the sport cricket. It is

a 95-line poem written in Latin that was published in 1706. James Dance writing under

the penance James Love wrote Cricket: An Heroic Poem in 1744. This was the first poem

written in English. Cricket is not really involved as far as literature, but it seems to make

constant headlines in the British newspapers.

What does the sport cricket hold for you and I in the feature? The sport cricket

looks to continue to grow in the British area. It is a sport that has been around for 600

years and looks to continue to be like that. The sport cricket is very similar to the sport

of baseball. So I have a feeling that the sport cricket will not only grow in British areas

but expand to all over the world like America. If it doesn't’t grow around the world it will

continue to grow in Britain. It may be like football some day but until then it will have to

remain the number two sport in Britain.



















Dear Mr. President,

Mr. President this year in English 10 we have studied British Literature. This has

been a great learning experience not only for me but also for my fellow classmates. In

this class we have studied how the English Language has changed over thousands of

years. Also we have read many great authors and poets that have done many great things.

This year I have also learned how to become a much better researcher when writing

papers. We have had to research a word, a British author, and a sport dating back

hundreds of years ago. Many authors today still use the same methods of writing that the

first author used when he wrote the first novel Beowulf. In this case I have to disagree

and say that British Literature is to important and needs to stay in high schools around


Today many Students are learning a lot from British Literature. For instance a

student by the name John Depierro researched the word “caliber”. John found that the

word caliber has many different meanings that people still use today. “The first part

(from the Oxford English Dictionary) is “a. The diameter of a bullet, cannon ball, or other

projectile. B. The internal diameter or bore of a gun. C. The diameter of any body of

circular section; especially the internal diameter of a tube or hollow cylinder.” From John

finding out more definitions about this word it is helping him broaden his vocabulary.

Jimmy Demoura researched the word “cool.” He said that the word has been around for

“1000 years”. Jimmy found different definitions from many dictionaries such as “in

Webster's dictionary cool is "neither warm nor cold" and is commonly used as an

adjective. The American Heritage dictionary's definition of cool is ‘moderately cold, a

comfortable temperature.’ The Chambers dictionary says "to lower the temperature" used

as a verb.” Jimmy also talks about how there are many different spellings to the word

cool. This is showing us why we need British Literature to see how diverse our language

is and how much it has changed since we first spoke it.

Many other high schools in my area offer British Literature to their students

doesn’t matter what age they are. Medway, Millis, and Medfield high schools offer

British Literature. These three schools do not offer it at the 10th grade level, but they have

it in their school system. Medway and Millis High schools offer British Literature to the

Senior Class, and as for Medfield High school they offer it to there Junior Class. I asked

Mrs. Johnson from Medway High School what she thought about British Literature. Mrs.

Elizabeth Johnson said “British Literature is very important to these kids. It does not

matter the level they receive the British Literature education as long as they get it. Our

language has started over in Europe so we need to understand where it comes from and

how it developed.” She also went on and talked about the different styles of writing that

have originated in Britain.

Today many British authors think that British Literature should be kept in every

school system, but who can blame them? Of course they want everyone to read their

own work or their fellow author’s works. British Literature has much to offer to not just

young people but even adults as well. If you take the time to study British Literature for a

full year you will see Old English in the first story ever written in Beowulf. Then as the

years progress you will see how the English Language has evolved and changed. Also

you can read the about the Middle Ages, the Shakespearean age, and the Victorian age.

Where you also learn not about the poems and stories written, but also the time period

and what was happening in the British Isles. This is why British Literature is so great

because you are still learning about the English Language, but at the same time it is

another history class. Every British author today loves the fact that British literature is in

many high school systems. I emailed Jeremy Clarkson and asked for his opinion on

British Literature. Clarkson was asked what he thought Of British Literature and if it

should still be taught in our school systems? Jeremy responded by saying “British

Literature is a great topic to study. But I think it is more important that the British

students learn about British Literature. We both speak the same language which is

English and I say if it is al ready in your school systems why break away from what you

have already taught for many of years. I think British Literature is a great subject to teach

and to learn. So I would advise you to try and keep it in your school system for as long as

possible.” I am sure that they do not want to see it leave schools because it has much to

offer to everyone.

I feel that we need to keep British Literature in our school systems. Schools with

British Literature are much better when it comes to SAT’s. So I believe if we can keep

British Literature in our system we will progress into becoming much better on SAT’s

per student. Mr. President if you get rid of British Literature you are going to be hurting

not only the school, but the students that need to take it. Students today need to know

how the English language evolved over hundreds of years. They also need to know

British authors, the different types of stories, and styles of writings. So Mr. President you

cannot abolish British Literature from our school, we need it for the upcoming