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  The Word Tired is known to have many different meanings. This word is often used in many different
ways, it that it sometimes can be used in the wrong way. The word Tired true actual meaning dates
back far enough in time that there may have been many different spellings for it as well as having
many different meanings and as time goes on it will continue. when the word Tired was researched
there were a couple of different spellings as it said in the OED.

Tired is known as "drained of strength and of energy, fatigued often to the point of
exhaustion, and obviously worn by hard use" this word is defined in the Webster-Merriam
Dictionary. What they state here is that from doing tings we become tired, stressed and have a loss
of energy to do things. This definition of Tired today is most likely what we know as it to be used
as. Tired used by many writers in newspaper articles was used as recent as 10/22/07 ports section of
the Boston Globe " The Sox look tired and have tried to show what they can do, but it is just
not good enough," this basically defines of how it would be used in a dictionary's word-
exhausted, the Sox were worn out.

In the American Heritage dictionary Tired is defined as "over used, exhausted of strength,
energy, fatigued, or impatient". These definitions are what you would find used over hundred
years ago, with an example like " After playing nine hard innings of a baseball game, the
player showed signs of tiredness and impatience by snapping at his coach."

The Webster Dictionary the word Tired is defined as "weary, Exhauseted - Fully Stressed out,
lazy, lack of rest." This Definition coincides with the two previous dictionary definitions
listed above. A word so true to its definition is amazing to think it was used at least as far back
as 500 years ago by our ancestors, a word that may be used at least as it was then is intresting to

In the OED the word Tired is described first being used in 1470 by Henry Wallace IV, "The Hors
was Tyryt and Forthyr pas"and then by Dunbar in 1508 " Tua Mariit Wemen." Tired was
Spelt Tyryt not tired and even women was spelt Wemen with tyryt in their text leading us to see it
as a different spelling but the same meaning. Then in 1562 Mr. Shakes spelt it as tyrede with the
same meaning but a different spelling, to be out of energy and non enthusiastic. In 1672 Mr. Marvel
changes his spelling of tired as tyred and then again in 1590 Tired is Spelt the way it is currently
being used today all having the same definition.

Sports Illustrated, U.S NEWS, People Magazine and London Times Tired was used to describe players
feelings, public figures ways after elections, celeberties actions after a movie performance and
Prince's feelings after his training period. These all described the players, public figures,
celeberties and important figures as being Tired but spelt it differently or used the word in a
different text, but they all had the same meaning. An example of this was "Britney Spears
appeared tired after pulling an all night party with her friends," she was exhausted.

To place all three of these dictionary's side by side with their meanings it is surprising to
see they all had many different spellings of the word Tired but they all showed the same type of
definition or gave you the same example of its meaning.

As time goes on the word Tired will be spelt a couple of more different ways, but the definition of
the word will still have the same meaning in my eyes. The word Tired will go on being a word known
as exhausted and effortless, Tired id we think about it, is pretty much well used word for its
meaning. Its great way too look back on something just like thinking of its creativity.





















Dear, Mr. Scribe :
I’ am sorry to have to let you know that the new edition of the English literature book is going to
have to take your story “Beowulf” out. This was a hard decision but we had to make a decision and
that was to take your book out because there were to many of the following things that have not
seemed to be our criteria for this book;

The violence in this book is not what we are looking for students to be reading and thinking about
how gut wrenching this poem actually is, there are at least two violent scenes in every two
stanza’s, the parts of the story which “Beowulf Eats the men off the table” is definitely not what
we want fifteen year olds reading . This is not the only thing that had major scenes of violence
also when Beowulf‘s actions that when– “The Blade slices cleanly through Grendel’s mother’s neck”,
This scene to picture is one of the worst, so a little revising of this poem may have you back in
this literature book for the next edition but from know until then you will have to show us that you
have taken someof the gut wrenching violence out of this poem.

The second reason why we are going to have to reject “Beowulf” is that there are a group of
characters that come into this play and then appear once maybe twice but then don’t appear for the
rest of this poem for example, “Thane- Soldier”,” The warriors that try to escape”, ”Edgetho” ,and
also the “goblins, fiends ,monsters’ and giants”. In this poem these characters where basically
introduced once and never appeared again it Is like leaving half way through a play or a and not
having the same person, these people that were not re used ever again in this brief poem need to be
involved more through out the rest of this poem because many readers like to have more of an
interests in this story by maybe giving a better introduction for each of these characters which
would mainly explain them a little bit better instead of having these students reading this and
guessing what happens to these type of characters that do not ever appear again in this story which
is not right trying to get a student confused and not able to understand what he may be reading.

Too much action scenes ruin this play by having one or two action scenes between every two to three
pages is fine but having one on every page like three different ones is a little hard for a tenth
grade student to understand that what Beowulf had done t become well known may end up not teaching
these students anything of how to know what they are reading with out getting confused over what is
going on with all the different actions, on page “47”of “Beowulf “ is that ine every stanza there is
an action going on for example, “Grendel’s one thought was just to run, Beowulf flees back to hide”,
The monsters fight fastened those claws, innocent killer fought his freedom, Danes shook with terror
with in them selves, and Danes started to scream form the tears torn from them which almighty enemy
sang in the darkness Grendel’s Taut throat hells captive caught in the arms, these all could be
better spread out and well used through out the rest of this great poem but the “kinks” need to be
worked out in order for this to be re-entered in this edition of the English literature book.

So in conclusion, Once this poem is edited it may be re-entered into this later edition of this
English literature book but for know a little revising will make you and your poem fell great and
proud once it may be made to fit in this literature book when there is not as much violence and when
everyone is used more than once and is not left behind in this story so please: Revise this overall
truly great poem so that you at least give it another shot for students to be able to read in the
literature book.

Riley Blizard and on part of the Prentice Hall English Literature Text book













The Sport of Badminton According To www.badminton.org, Began in the year 1854, which it was a
child’s game called “battledore and shuttlecock” Which it had been called for a long time all the
way up to 1874 according to the OED “Badminton played on March 25th 1874 in the Daily newspaper with
two ladies playing it, but in 1878 where then at that point it was introduced in the United States.
It was popular and it is very similar to the population of a tennis match know. On the website
badminton.org it said that the popularity know has shrunk nearly half the percent of its original
when it was began to play across the world. The development of this sport revealed much of a players
character which Is very quick type of person and also very fit person it was also a club and then
around the 1930-1940’ it was introduced into the Olympics and know is played very much not just in

Many of the rules are very similar to the sport of tennis but the tools to play this game is very
different they play with a very small item which is rounded and soft at the top of it and has a
plastic strong type of netting on the back which it is called a shuttlecock and then the players use
a racket that is half the size of a tennis racket, they also use a net too, which the point of the
game is to hit the shuttlecock over the net as many times as you can with out it hitting the ground
and also many players pick the speeds up while they are hitting it. They have boundary lines which
if you take a step out of the white line to either hit the shuttlecock back it will be a point for
the other team or even if you miss it. In every country it is played the same way and according to
the badminton.org page it said that back in the 1870’s badminton was played without a net but the
net was introduced in the late 1890’s early 1900’s.

There are many pro players for Badminton mainly there is not really any British players on the
leader board for this sport it just says in the telegraph newspaper it said that Chinese people are
mainly on the top 10 of women and men the two leaders of the country are Bao Chanali for the men An
for the women Meu Choo Wong many of the leaders play not only in the Olympics and many events they
also play in there own open like the tennis open this one is called the china open and then they
have a open called the Yonex All England Open which .But for British there are two main people one
is Nathan Robertson who is one of the top twenty in the world and also Gail Emms who also is in the
women’s top twenty . in the Telegraph News paper it read on about , A young high school athlete,
Tracey Neville whom played this sport Badminton from the age of 12 to currently know at the age of
20, she attended, Elton High School, in Bury, she “loved” and also is the Captain of her badminton
squad, she was playing under-21s when she was 12, but there weren't a lot of junior clubs
around at the time she was playing so she played for the county at 14, the North-West team at 16,
and the seniors at 19 she is currently still playing for some club teams in Britain .

In the Mirror Newspaper it says “China's crown at the All England championships in Birmingham
slipped at the weekend when they ended with just two of the five titles, their most modest showing
since 2002”, this article goes on to talk about how Chen Jin won the men's singles and also the
Chinese player Lin Dan is back from injury. And know that Lin Dan is healed he will play in the
Swiss open . The Sport of Badminton will be played in The Olympics in Beijing.

After the sport of badminton had been introduced to the Americas in New York it was changed very
much and the name of it to which stayed as badminton it was a club in New York which many of the
rich Stock market people played to stay fit along with their running the sport of Badminton as not
been as popular in Britain or even in the United States as it is in China which it is most popular
and most effort is put into it with practices. Maybe in the years to come this will become more of a
popular sport like football (as in soccer) or as in baseball which at that point many younger
athletes would be playing it and maybe they would go pro and make the top ten and bring its
popularity back to Britain.















Mr. President and The Board of Trustees:

Good evening being a current student at this school, British Literature is a great way to learn
about our history of the English language with out this class we would not know not only our
back-round of our language but we would miss out on great authors, Shakespeare, George Orwell, and
Robert Browning And many more. To Abolish This British literature way of learning is to take
something out of history and that should never be done especially with this subject many students
would not know many things with out this class.

Many of my peers have learned about different things for example Brian Besinger using the word
“battle to learn about, he says, “Many famous authors has used the word battle, as in Chaucer, and
Shakespeare used it to” this he would never have learned the origination of the word. Derek Colucci
Had to find the origination of the word “sit” as he says, “Sit was introduced in the year 1000 B.C
in old English and it has changed many different times”. These students would not know what they
know about words and authors if they had never taken this class many future students will miss out
of a very educating class.

In the Canton Public, Westwood Public, and also Chatham Public High Schools they teach British
literature to there Sophomores, many British literature teachers will be open to say that this class
should be taught or students in the future will miss out and the authors that are still alive are
going to say yes they want students and many people to write about them and what they have written.
I had asked some Questions to a local teacher of British literature and Ms. Demoura and her response
was that British literature can be known as “Fun Subject to have learn and a very educating subject
it is also History ” but overall it is really interesting to learn the background of English and
where it came from.
I had emailed this author at the Timesonline.co.uk , It was the email address of the “Books
books@thetimes.co.uk” but they still had not answered me back so I emailed another person from the
times paper asking the questions, What Do You think of British Literature Being taught to sophomores
in America, The Editor and chief of the times replied back and answered my question, he said “ In
the Education System There is A way for English to be taught to many students through out high
school and that everyone should get an understanding of what and where there language comes from
because so may never know with out this class” so he went on talking about how there are major
things and very famous men and women that wrote many books and are very popular He end up saying
towards the end of his email “So to Answer your Question, Yes I do think that British Literature
should be taught in the Higher education system to high School students not just sophomores but even
the younger grades and do a little bit by year” . In some ways I disagree because I think it should
be taught only to the sophomores and not over a period of high school because some may forget things
over each period of talking about British literature.

British Literature should be considered being taught to the sophomore class next year. So many of
sophomores think that this should become and elective so that they can choose whether to take it or
not but I clearly disagree they need to know there information on many poets and authors that are
very famous and also the history of their own language, If you give them the choice of this class
then there is going to be a push for all classes to be similar to electives, so British Literature
should definitely be taught to High School Sophomores .