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  Whether inside or out, nothing is more exciting than that final shotto determine the win. In the
English language the devolopment of the word "basketball" reveals some other greater
trends in the English language. If someone were to think how this word came across, you would need
to know two other words. One of the words would have to be basket while the other would have to be
ball. Therefore, without the sport of basketball many cities wouldn't have that rush to gte
home in the excitement of all of what basketball can do.

After doing some interviews on the word "basketball", it told me how most average people
feel about the sport. Those who weren't familiar with the game had said it to be just a game
with a ball and two hoops. Out of the five interviews, three people had believed that statement
about the word to be true, which says about 60% of them. The other two (40%) who were familiar with
the word had said famous players and what the sport was all about. At first, basketball players
dribbled a soccer ball up and down a court. Points were earned by putting a ball in a peach basket.
These rules were then changed in 1893, when a Hammock-style basket got introduced.

The Oxford English Dictionary has many different uses to words. From this, the word
"basketball" was defined. It is a game played indoors or out doors with a large inflated
ball, which is thrown from player to player, the object being to score by casting it into one's
opponent's goal. Also a basket fixed ten feet above the ground at each end of the field of
play. In January of 1892, James Naismith "found" the heading Basket Ball-"We present
to our readers a new game of ball". Then in 1898 another form of the word came to be. Los
Angeles Times, Berkeley-"he stooped a basketballer's height, his enormous frame draped in
a dust-colored suit and folded awkwardly behind the table".

The word "basketball" has had few authors who really started it all. James Naismith in
1892 presents to readers a new kind of game. Also J. Lethem, fortress of Solitude I. The
Encyclopedia British New Supplement of 1926 stated "basketball" has become the national
indoor game of the United States. From 1898, the Daily News stated that Vassar, Syracuse, Cornell,
Wellesley, and Rosemary Hall have each of their teams of girl's basket-ball players. With that
said, girls basketball becamke a game played by ten over-heated and disheveled ladies.

Since the year 2000, the word "basketball" has had many various usages from around the
world. There are different sources that have different ways of saying the word
"basketball", but they all come out to meaning the same. I did some research in "the
London Times.com" and I found some interesting ways on how they use the word, although they are
almost identical. From that site, its main article discussion is talking about london born player,
Luol Deng, in the National Basketball Association (NBA) AND HOW HE IS TURNING DOWN A $50 million dollar contract with his team the Chicago Bulls. With that said, if you were to search the word
"basketball" in the United States, it would most likely be talking about Luol Deng or
gambling within the basketball referee's, which was also mentioned in the London Times.

The word "basketball" as we all know is used as a noun. In 1998, an author by the name
Berkeley had a sentence with the word "basketballer's" which also is used as a noun
but in a different way than today. In 2003, J. Lethem had a sentence-"He stooped from a
basketballer's height". The word "basketballers" is still being used as a noun
but referring to it as tghe player of the game. Although finding more research was scarce, I found
out that foreign language speakers have little trouble coping with the word "basketball".
I work at a restaurant and I had asked them in the back making the food if they understood
basketball. They looked at me if somethign was wrong with me.

The word "basketball" means a lot to me and that's why I particularly chose this
word. It is my favorite sport and brings back many memories of my youth. Suvh memories include game
s in the back with my dad and brother. Also how various teams I play on are good opportunity to meet
new people. To me without basketball, things just wouldn't be the same.

















Dear Master Anonymous,

I am writing this letter of rejection to you because your book “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”
was not to my liking of things. It felt like if I had not read this book, I would still be and act
the same way I am. From choosing which author I would omit due to budget problems, this was not a
hard decision on why I chose you (Sir Gawain and the Green Knight). Although Master Anonymous is not
to my liking, there is at least one compliment of the author’s work that was not too bad. This
compliment was that even though knighthood can be tough, Gawain stuck up for King Arthur like one is
suppose to. There are three qualities as to why I chose this as a rejection. One is discourtesy
among a few of the characters, code of chivalry and how it is abused instead of used in good ways,
and finally the obsession with religion regarding the Pentangle.

There are two characters in particular who show discourtesy. One of them is the Green Knight. He
acts as if he is a leader of his own group, but just acts like a wanderer looking for knights who
are willing to do what he says and for trouble. An example of this is when he shows up to King
Arthur’s while they are having a feast and calls him out to battle but really mocking him because
Sir Gawain ends up stepping in for him. The second character is the Lord’s wife. She tries to put
herself onto Gawain even though she already made a pact of marriage with the Lord. “I cannot bring
myself to believe that you could be Gawain”. She gets upset with him for not giving in to her
commands. She keeps entering his room while her husband and other men go on hunting trips. She says
things like how she can give him special powers of not getting harmed just to try to be with him. “
If you reject my ring as too rich in value, Doubtless you would be less deeply indebted to me if I
gave you my girdle, a less gainful gift”. There is no need for this in a “British Tradition”

The code of chivalry is abused in bad ways and not how good knights should act. With knights, you
would think that their values and morals to each other are good but their not. Besides the fact of
Gawain jumping in for the King, the code is just being abused. Gawain is on his own mostly and
thinks because he is on a quest can do whatever. That is not true and just brings him to weaknesses.
Through his troubles in the wilderness, fighting against the Green Knights axe and the acceptance of
the green girdle from the wife. “For the man who binds his body to this belt green”. Gawain binding
it to his body but realizing what is going on and must move on from mistakes.

As a new designer to a new textbook, the obsession with religion in “Sir Gawain and the Green
Knight” is taken a bit too far. Violence or acts of it takes part in many scenes and acts of
religion with it do not flow too well. The pentangle for example can be referred with the knights.
The pentangle represents the symbols of friendship, generosity, chastity, courtesy, and piety. With
these, Gawain is tested to overcome difficulties. This shield seemed to have everything going for it
and that can never be true. “Gawain was reputed good and, like gold well refined, he was devoid of
all villainy, every virtue displaying in the field”. Gawain was now found faultless in five wits.
“His fingers never failed the knight, and all his trust on earth was in the five wounds”. Although
this special shield may seem great, it really can never be as good as it is said to be.

Although there have been quite a few bad things said about this author, doesn’t necessarily mean it
is bad for everyone. Different people have different opinions. You did a good job getting different
themes out that can help some people. The author got straight to the point in getting what he needed
to get a cross.

Matthew St.Cyr














No wonder why volleyball is so popular throughout the world today. The game has been played since
1895. This sport volleyball actually originated in the United States. According to the Britannica,
it began at the YMCA of Holyoke, Massachusetts with teacher William G. Morgan. He took basketball,
baseball, tennis and handball to create this game. From these, its origin was created which at first
was called “mintonette” according to the Britannica. When his players began playing it, they
realized the ball kept volleying back and forth over the net. A year later it took its name
“volleyball”. In Britain today, volleyball is popular just not as much as in America according to
the English Volleyball Association. In Britain they give it they’re all not being as organized as
America though. There is still quite the amount of teams or leagues played in Britain. The sport
volleyball gives meaning to the word team and togetherness, which can reflect towards how Britain at
times does work.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Volleyball all began in 1895 with the help of William
G. Morgan. Its first game complete with rules was played in 1896 at Springfield College. In 1922,
the first YMCA National Championships were held in Brooklyn, New York. Then in 1928, the United
States Volleyball Association was formed. Lastly, in 1964 volleyball was introduced at the Olympic
games in Tokyo. Its rules can be complicating at times. The object of the game is for each team to
send the ball over the net. The ball volleys back and forth until one team fails to return the ball
to its opponent. When the ball lands and it’s within its boundaries, the team that landed it gets
the point. A team is allowed to hit the ball three times to get it to the opponent’s side. If failed
to do so, the other team will receive the points.

Speaking of volleyball, its organizations/teams are still in competition. According to the
Volleyball Association National Cup Event, At Keele University the National Cup Finalists have been
revealed. In the men’s competition the two teams-Sheffield II took on Sheffield I. Sheffield I was
too strong and won the match. In the ladies bracket, Swiss College played Palonia in the first event
of the London Derby. It was a tough fought battle. In the fourth Swiss couldn’t quite keep up and
Palonia took the victory. The last woman’s match was between University of London and Wessex-Team
Bath. It was a real close match up but University of London ended it by winning.

In regard to Volleyball in Literature, there isn’t much. Although there is a novel called “Burning
Sand” by L.A. Ruggiero. This book reveals how by staying in contact with sports and being active
with extra curricular activities helps you stay out of trouble. The main character Michael has had a
rough childhood with his family and he wants out. Through playing this sport helps him feel more

Whether you are a player with much knowledge of how to play or just a player who enjoys it as a
hobby, Volleyball is an exciting and action packed game that brings people together. Many people
don’t know but Volleyball comes right behind soccer as the world’s most popular participation sport.
With that said, the sport volleyball and its future will continue to be strong. Its impact is still
thriving throughout many nations. It is highly competitive which brings many people forward to try
to beat one another.