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Creative Writing  
White is an extraordinary word and it has been used in many different ways and languages. The word
white is an extremely old word and it goes back to the date c950. There have been many meanings,
spellings and authors who have used the word white. The English word white is like the English

When people think of the word white many meanings and objects come to mind. For example, i have
interviewed five seperate people and got their idea on the meaning of white. After i was done
interviewing i realized that all of the words that they used to describe white are all very common
words that are used in the most basic sentences today. Some of the words they used were napkins,
clouds, heaven, a white tee shirt and most importantly milk. Milk was the most common word used out
of all the scholars that were interviewed. When i asked for them to put the word white into a
sentence, they gave me all generall sentences. For example, the man was wearing a white tee shirt. I
want to show you the deeper meaning of the word white and all the unique ways that it used to be

The word white has a few different meanings according to the Oxford dictionary. The first definition
of the word white was the colour of snow or milf; having that colour produced by reflection. one of
the other interesting terms that I found was "whiter color white seem as if is almost a
diffrent color. the word white is also used towards ethnic groups, for the people that have light
skin. After looking at all the definitions of white, they all mostly mean the same thing, which is
the color of mink, cream, snow, old age haie and many more with that dientical color. the
defintition that was most intersesting to me was in 1918 the opponent of the Bolsheviks during the
Russian civil war was called white. This defintition stood out to me so much becasue I have never
heard of that defintion before and probably not a lot of English speakers know about ti either.

There were mabny authors who used teh word white. The first author to ever use the word white in a
sentence was Richard Goluc in 1297. The sentence that he used it in went like this "Tueye grete
dragons.. the on was red other wyt." if you noticed most of the words in teh sencence is in old
English, which means even by not looking at the date that this word had gone back many years. The
meaning in that sentence was just like we use it today, as of the color of snow or milk. Another one
of the first authors that used white in a sentence with a slightly diffrent meaning was Gower in
1390. In 1949 Donald Smith in the book Castle had a diffrent approach on the word white. His
sentence said "the strageness of her face: that looks she has of belonging to a whiter then
whiter race." In this sentence he uses the word white as an extreme white almost as the color
of a glass.

Sice the year 2000 the word white has not been used in any new ways or forms, but it has been used
in racial slang. For instance, some ethnic groups like to call a Caucasian person a white boy, also
peopel use slang to call morphine, white stuff. the word white has not changed its original meaning
that much since the brith of the word. Here is an exapble of the usage of the word white in a
sentence on November 1, 2007in the London times "A pretty young boy enters the room dressed as
the Germanic notion of an American gangster and leans against a white wall." In this sentence
the author ken Russell is using a the word white as the basic meaning by the color of an object.
This meaning of white has been aroudn for many centuries. Another usage of the word white on October
31, 2007 in the London Times "The Cleanser picks up litter in a white cape and yello rubber
gloves." Stefanie Marsh the author of the sentence is expalning the color of the cape to the
audience. The basic meaning that was used years ago and that is still used today is of a specific
name for various manufactured articles and products of a coloc (sugar, flour). White has such a
basic meaning that there is no reason to change the defintion of the word.

The word white means the same in most other languages in teh world. For example, I asked a 14 year
old boy name Leon who si from the Philippines about the word white and he said, you mean Buti. well
that is how he spells the word, but even thought it is spelled diffrently, it still means the same
as in English. Leon said that White means a specific color, just like we use in English. I also
asked James Yoo a Korean, what does the word white mean to you. His responce was that it means a
color of an object that is light. I do not think that the word white gives foreign language speakers
a difficult time because every language has this definition in there language.

White is such a common word in the English language that every author has to use it. White is a
fascinating word, there are so many diffrent ways we can use the word and so many diffrent objects
that are described as white. Personally i think the word white may never die out in the English
language or in any other laugnages because it is such an important word in our vovabulary. Without
white in our vocabuarly we woudl be lost; white is a huge part of our language















Dear Master Anonymous,
There have been many difficult decisions for Prentice Hall Literature over the last
few years, but this one has us stumped. We have to drop one of our great literature novels so that
we can narrow Prentice Hall down to a smaller book. Since this is such a difficult decision, they
have left the choice up to me. I have had to do a lot of research to make sure that I am making the
right decision and to see which book has the most negative opinions in it. This is such a tough
decision because I have to make sure that every teen that has the opportunity to read this book can
get the best education out of it that they possibly can. So I decide to reject the book Sir Gawain
and the Green Knight by the author Master Anonymous. The reasons why I wanted to reject this novel
was because Sir Gawain flinched and lied too much, also there was a little too much violence and the
last argument that I will be talking about is that the book was based off of Christian religion and
not everyone who will be reading the book will be Christian.

The first reason why I had to reject this book was because I did not like how Sir
Gawain lied and flinched. Sir Gawain is supposed to be this big strong brave person who could match
anyone in any challenge. He stood up for King Arthur saying that he would accept this challenge, but
when that time came around he flinched and was not ready. “ First in foolery I made a feint at
striking” I do not want to teach students these days to take up challenges that they are not
prepared for and we do not want to teach the students to lie like Sir Gawain did. Sir Gawain lied
to the Green Knight saying that the lady did not give him anything even though she gave him the
girdle which could protect him from injury.

In this novel there was also a little bit too much violence in the scenes. For
example, when Sir Gawain sliced Green Knight across the thought with a sword, just because he wanted
to play a game. “ Gawain gripped his axe and gathered it on high, advanced the left foot behind him
on the ground, And slashed swiftly down on the exposed part, So that sharp blade sheared through,
shattering the bones, Sank deep in the sleek flesh, split it in two.” The Green Knights head ended
up falling off his body and he picks it up and leaves on his horse. After that scene in the book,
what are the students going to think of and I do not think that it will teach them anything. That’s
no game I have every played and I am almost certain that these students that are reading this book
have not either. So I do not want to bring these bad images plus ideas in the student’s minds
because we do not know what they are capable of doing. This part in the book made my decision a
little bit easier because I knew this was not an educational scene. John Halverson also agrees with
me by saying “The criticism that I have towards Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is the extremely
amount of brutal violence that was portrayed in the poem.

T The last thing that helped me make my final decision was
that this book was based off of Christianity. Not everyone that will be reading the Prentice Hall
Literature will be Christian so that they will not all agree with this. In almost every other scene
in the book Sir Gawain is attending mass. For the people that are reading this book that are not
Christian they might just not care for the book anymore or argue about it because all they are
focusing on is Christianity. So this book is not focused on everyone it is just based off of
Christianity. “Go in the name of God, and Christ grace your fortune!” This was probably one of the
main reasons because there will be many problems about this topic. Also if we put Prentice Hall in
the Public school they are full with all different religions and ethnic groups, so this book would
be very difficult to force students to read. John M. Ganim has also agrees with me by saying “Sir
Gawain has in fact noticed that the narrator has this poem surrounded by Christianity”.

Once again I want to apologize to this mysterious author about us rejecting his book,
but we had to make a difficult decision and it came down to Master Anonymous book. Maybe in a new
book or a later edition we might add this book to it because it did have a good story line and was
well written. If we do put it in one of our books again it will be focused towards Catholic teens.

  Frisbee is more then just a sport, it is a way of life in which people can just enjoy some old
fashion fun. Frisbee was invented by two men in 1948 according to the O.E.D. These two men held a
circle of plastic over a heater in a San Luis Obispo garage, trying to mold a lip onto the
disc's down turned edge which created the Frisbee. Frisbee is a trademark used for a plastic
disk shaped toy that players throw and catch. There are two different types of Frisbee's, the
first one is just regular Frisbee when it is not a sport and it is just a fun game you can play with
your friends. The second type is Ultimate Frisbee and that is a sport that is all over the world,
especially in Britain according to the UKUA. Frisbee reflects off of Britain's literature in
all aspects of the game. We can learn more about Britain's attitudes towards recreational
sports and team play through its literature.

Ultimate Frisbee is a fast moving team sport enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of players all over
the world. Although frequently compared to sports like soccer or American Football, Ultimate has
some unique features that set’s it apart. The LeedsLeedsLeeds (LLL) club was established in 2000,
according to the (LLL) by players living locally so that they could train together and improve the
standard of Ultimate in the area according to the . The men's team has expanded from about 12
to13 players in the first year to currently having over 30 members. The women's team which
started in 2003 consists of about 35 players and is the beginning of a fast expanding women only
division in the UK. Players are generally from the Yorkshire region, specifically Leeds, York and
Sheffield although some other players do travel from as far as Manchester, Newcastle and Durham. The
club competes nationally and internationally in tournaments across Britain and Europe every year
from April to September. Leeds men have consistently been at the top of the UK Ultimate scene for
the past two seasons narrowly missing out on the National Championship title in 2003, 2004 and 2005.
They have also finished runners-up in the UK National League in the last two years. Leeds women have
finished first and third in the UK Women's National League in the last two years and have
finished third in the National Championship in both 2004 and 2005.

The teams that represent the UK at ultimate are coordinated by the UKUA. These teams continue to
play under the name Great Britain. There are Great Britain teams in all of the eight divisions that
currently exist in international ultimate according to the UKUA. Simon Hill who is a pro Frisbee
player who plays for the Clapham Ultimate and plays with the number twenty two on his back with and
he is 36 years old. He started playing in 1994 with Catch 22, the team had been going for a year by
then and ended up coming in 33rd at Nationals. The next year they came in 5th and won it in 1998.
When everything was over he went to the dark side and became Darth Chodder even though he says there
is still good in him. That's why He never socializes with his current team mates, which he has
said that he strongly dislikes. Simon has always preferred to spend his time at ultimate tourneys
with his friends from Leeds and Chevron. He is especially happy that the Ben Rainbow trophy has been
with him for the last two years over his great work as a pro ultimate Frisbee player. He tells us
that becoming a pro ultimate Frisbee player is a lot of hard work and dedication, but in the end it
is completely worth it. Simon also announced that he loves playing for Britain and that he would
never want to change teams even though he does not get along with his teammates.

In Britain literature Frisbee in mentioned many times. Britain people take Frisbee and emphasize it
as a good time and it brings life long memories. When Britain's use the word Frisbee they use
it too express either the sport or just a time with friends that people remember as good times. The
sport Frisbee brings people together all over Britain. For example, in the article on the top 10
best beaches in the world by the writers of the London Times, they propose in there amazing getaway
beach, Frisbee because whenever someone thinks about the disc they think of a nice relaxing time.
"Here's the plan: pack your fashion garb and your Frisbee, then make for Mykonos". A
second article by the writers of the London times explains Frisbee as a man. "There's
always one Frisbee Man at any picnic in the park. He...super-muscle arms. Aged 25 to 29, Frisbee Man
arrives after everyone else has seated". Also in another article that was in the London times,
by Caitlin Moran she describes getting hit by a Frisbee as a sudden pain, but in the end it is will
be alright. The word Frisbee can be taken as many ways in Britain's literature, but that is
what makes it so unique.

Every year Ultimate Frisbee gets more and more popular and it is a family fun game which brings
people together from all over. Frisbee also makes a big impact on Britain's literature and it
is expressed by breathtaking get a ways and many more things in our life that makes times relaxing
and fun. Sense the growth of Frisbee is so large I think that in about ten years it might just be as
popular as Tennis or Boxing. Frisbee is developing so much because it is most definitely one of the
least expensive sports in Britain. Frisbee does not take much talent or skill so there is no reason
for everyone to just go out and play.












Without British Literature the world would not be the same today. British literature has made a huge
impact on writers and readers all over this planet. Britain has a few of the greatest authors that
has lived on the face of this earth such as William Shakespeare. His work and many of the other
famous British authors have influenced people and other countries to learn more about Britain and
the deeper meaning of these sensational works of art. These authors have been the first in the
English language to start as early as the 16th century. Most of these legendary authors are
attending this once in a life time celebration called " The Party". All British literature
relies primarily on these five main devices: setting, theme, resolution, gender and form. These five
devices do not make Britain unique, but by the way they express them in there works, separates them
from every other countries literature.

Britain is known for their literature and most importantly their settings in their novels. Most of
the British authors have a setting that has to deal with a place in a natural environment. William
Wordsworth in Tintern Abbey had his setting in a old church with breathtaking scenery around it.
"These waters, rolling from the mountain springs". The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by
Samuel Coleridge has its setting of a ship in the water during a wedding. "The ship was
cheered, the harbor cleared.(line 127)" John Milton also had a unique way to his settings. In
his famous book Paradise Lost the setting was all about the forbidden fruit and tree. "Of the
forbidden tree, whose mortal!" Geoffrey Blake said "The setting should not of started off
with the forbidden tree this was a big mistake that John Milton had made." William
Shakespeare’s Macbeth setting influenced the rest of the book by it starting off with thunder and

The death of villains in Britain novels is one of the most used themes in there books even to this
day. A.E Houseman and Sir Thomas More were agreeing with each other on how the theme death attacks
the audiences attention in their nels Utopia and When I was One and Twenty. Samuel Coleridge in The
Rime of the Ancient Mariner was saying how the crime of death set the tone to his book and kept the
audience on the feet. "Is that a death? And are there two.(line 6)" William Wordsworth
took a different approach on things he went for more of the them of being calm and pleasant death or
ending in The World is Too Much with Us. Daniel Defoe in his novel A Journal of the Plague Year was
all abut people dying within minutes of this awful plague, he came from a different approach and the
bad guy was the plague. John Thompson disagreed with Daniel Defoe saying " He should of
explained the feelings of how the people felt about this killing machine."

One device British authors seem to reveal is in mysteries and unsatisfying endings. For example
Jon Swift ending to the first volume Gulliver’s travels. Gulliver ended up coming home. To a twenty
first century reader, the ending is far from satisfaction. "I came home". A homecoming
also ends Jane Austin’s sense and sensibility, when Edward comes home to Eleanor, quite as expected
and takes her hand in marriage. "It was, as much as was desired, and more than was expected by
Edward"(203). Mary Mitford argues that Austin creations of such plausible endings makes her the
"silliest, most affected, husband haunting butterfly…(22)" Although not as predictable as
these two, Pope’s essay on man does end with an unsatisfying and defeating topic of death, given
that the poem is a celebration of man’s powers, this has been unsatisfying to readers for many
centuries. Virginia Woolf "Mrs. Dalloway" also ends in death, but Woolf’s morbid ending
disappointed female readers who hoped for more liberation at the end of it.

Gender has played a huge role in British literature for many centuries now. One of the main issues
is how men have to make major life decisions. Daniel Defoe shows a more deeper meaning in journal
of the Plague Year because it showed how difficult it was to survive through this plague and how the
men how to decide weather to move or stay which could end up saving there life. John Milton’s
"Paradise Lost" went on a different approach then the other books he combined the women
and men together at a difficult time in life. "no matter which side a person was on, he or she
experienced both defeat and triumph"(line 146). William Shakespeare in Macbeth has probably the
biggest role for a man in any of these books which he has to make many major decision in order to
become king. "O, yet I do repent me of my fury, that I did kill them"(line 434). Maurice
Wilkins said " Macbeth is given to much power and control which was only because he was a
supposed to be a strong leader." To an Athlete Dying Young by A.E. Housman sums up everything
about making big decisions. This athlete had everything at the palm of his hand an lost it all.
"it withers quicker than a rose".

Flashbacks in British literature has a huge influence on many authors all over the world today. A
good example of this would be Tintern Abbey by William Wordsworth when he comes back to remember
this church and brought his sister along so she can take in this experience. " Five years have
past; five summers, with the length of five long winters!(line 4)" From the Rape of the Lock by
Alexander Pope was not so much a flashback, but in a way a tradition that has been lived up for many
years and how taking a piece of someone’s hair is extremely offensive. Samuel Coleridge in Kubla
Khan is more of the flashback then the story itself. " Coleridge fall asleep, upon awakening,
he transcribed the lines as fast as he could, they all seemed to disappear in his head and could not
finish the book." In George Orwell’s 1984, Winston Smith had allusions about the though police
and if he was going to get caught he would always have to think back at times when he had done
something wrong and make sure he did not get caught. Charles Williams said "1984 is repetitive
with all the flashbacks which is already known by Smith in this novel".

Even with all of this five main devices there is still a whole lot more in British Literature.
British Literature has made probably the biggest influence on all types of writings today. These
five devices are a lot broader then you will ever imagine. British Literature has excelled in every
type of literature you could ever imagine.