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  The definition of field has not always been on a solid piece of ground. Field can be dated back to
1724. This definition is much like the one today (open land as opposed to woodland). There have been
many other spellings of the word field. Most people say that a field is an open area that you would
play games on or use for events. This is very close to the actual definition. The Oxford English
Dictionary definition of the word is open land as opposed to woodland, a stretch of open land, a
plain. Field reflects the world’s history because like the world the word has changed over time to
adapt to the needs of the people using it.

When asked most people say that the definition of the word field is an open area where games can be
played or events can be held. This is moderately close to the actual definition which is open land
as opposed to woodland. In asking five people I found that the definitions and the things they
thought of were similar to what the OED had said about field. The first person I asked was my step
father, he said that he though of football when he heard the word field. His definition of field was
a place were someone would play a sport. My sister told me something along the same lines, as an
athlete her first thought when she heard the word field was of soccer. Her definition was that a
field is an open area where sports could be played of things could be grown. My mother though of
wide open farm land when she heard the word field. Her definition was an open area where a farmer
will grow crops. My father told me that when heard the word field he though of grass, cows, and out
door sports. His definition was a large open area where sports are played and where crops are grown.
I have found that all of the people had mostly the same ideal about the word field. This tells me
that over time the definition of field has not changed as drastically as other words in the English
language have. 80% of these definitions were like the OED definitions.

I talked with a few people that speak English as a second language, or people who came to the United
States and had to learn English. My grandmother was born in Italy and came here from there when she
was a child. The word for field in Italian is campo, so it was not a large trouble in learning the
word. When I asked her for a definition of field she responded like any person born in America would
say, an open area where crops are grown. I also talked with my friend that I met through a hockey
team from Russia. He came here as a young child and went though school here. I asked him what he
though to be the definition of the word field, he told me something that any teenager would say, “an
open area used for sports” this definition is also right along the lines of the definitions that the
English speaking people said. This tells me that the word field is a relatively easy word to learn
for people who spoke English as a primary language as well as people so spoke English as a second

Over all in the English language field has stayed mostly the same. There have not been different
meanings to it over time. It been an open peace of land or ground. The definitions have always been
pertaining to the ground or sports. One of the first definitions of the word field is the one that
is used most commonly today. When people today refer to on open peace of land or someplace where a
sporting event will be held the call it a field. Today fields are not uncommon to see so the word is
used a lot. If you play sports that are out side you will say that you are going to play on the
field. The definition has changed from being outside of a settled area to a territory belonging to a
city. A field is an area that is appropriated to pasture of tillage, which is parted off by hedges.
People today commonly refer to a field as an open area that is used for things like; sports,
farming, and parties. Some other dictionaries defined field similar to the OED. The American
Heritage dictionary says that it is an open expanse of land.

The OED definitions are different than most of the means people have heard before. A country that is
opposed to a town or village is a different definition from the normal ones because the outside of a
town or village could be woods, which is the opposite of what a field is. Also a very strange
definition is that a field is an territory that belongs to a city. Normally cities are crowded
places that don’t have fields inside them. Fields are in the suburbs and in the rural parts of a
community. This is the only different definition that the OED has to offer. This brings me to
believe that the definition of field has changed little over a long period of time, making it one of
the few words in the English language that has not changed to meet the needs of the people that
speak the language.

Authors that have used the world field have changed it or used it to explain what they were writing
about. In 1851 E. Creasy used the word field to say that Greek warriors would not be able to stand
up to a Persian force in the field of battle. Not to far after Kinglake wrote that an English
Ambassador remained upon the field of conflict. This use is not of a literal field, it is used to
say that it is on the topic of something. The first use of the word field was in an Old English book
written by Chaucer, in 1386. One of the more recent uses of the word was in 1969 by Hunt who used
the word saying the word went out that the Packers where looking for a field general.

Past the year 2000 the word field has been used in much of the same ways that it was used before. In
the London times a writer named Peter Lansley used the word field as a sports term. He says
“...unbelievable injury crisis or encounter unprecedented off-field problems, you will survive in
the Premier League, if you...your job adequately.” “Unprecedented off-field problems” sounds like a
natural link to talk about.....”(Peter Lansley, 05 November 2007 The Times). That is an example from
an over sea’s news paper. Field is also used in newspapers around the Boston area. It is used how it
was been used since the word came into the English language, most of the articles in the paper refer
to a field as a place where sports are played or to agriculture. Most of the American papers use
field in an agricultural or sports term.

The word field has changed over time and has been used in many different ways. The changing of words
shows how the world changes over the years with the people that live on it. Languages change because
of the people that speak it. Over time words for things will change because the thing has changed or
gone out of existence. This is why the English language has changed so much over time. Looking at
the research I have done I have come to the conclusion that the word field will stay the same though
out the history of the English language and will not be changing in the near future.















Dear Shakespeare,
As the editor of the “Prentice Hall Literature” Timeless voices, timeless themes, The British
Tradition I regret to inform you that because of budget cuts your work will not be put back into the
new edition of the book. This was a very hard decision for me because your work is so great. But
after reading through what you have written I have found that I could find something wrong with
almost every sonnet in your collection. In your sonnet it is hard to identify which person you are
writing to. Further more you break the iambic pentameter rule on many different occasions as well as
using your poetic license to change words to go with the rhyme scheme or break the rhyme scheme all
together. You disrespect the past and are not a good model for the youth who will be reading your
sonnets and intend to learn from them.

In your sonnets I have found it quite difficult to determine who exactly you wrote the sonnet for.
There are three people in which you have addressed your sonnets to, they are the dark lady, your
son, and to a rival poet. Some of the sonnets are used to warn a young man of the destructive powers
of time, age and moral weakness. There are later sonnets also addressed to the dark lady who is
romantically involved with both the speaker and the young man. Some of the sonnets could be put into
two categories because they make references to two of the three people. An example of this is Sonnet
29, it is written to the Dark Lady but it could also have been to the son. Lines such as “desiring
this man’s art, and that man’s scope” (7) could refer to the son who is looking to be like other men
to get the girl that he loves. Another difficult sonnet to identify is sonnet 106 where you say “I
see their antique pen would have express’d” (7) which could be referring to a rival poet but the
sonnet is written to the Dark Lady. These sonnets are at the least confusing, luckily as the editor
of the book I have sorted out all of the stories and grouped them together into the Dark Lady, young
man and rival poet books. The “Literary Cavalcade” analyzes how you used iambic pentameter to make
your sonnets interesting to read but also shows how you break the rule time after time. Over all
these sonnets are very hard to follow even for those who are experts in British Literature.

Although you do have the poetic license I find when you take the easy way out in your sonnets and
use eleven syllables rather than the iambic pentameter ten is unacceptable. There is a very good
example of this in sonnet 29 where you say “Yet in these thoughts myself almost depressing,” (9) and
also in you break the iambic pentameter rule saying “like the lark at the break of day arising.”
(11) To break the rule twice in one sonnet is unacceptable. This same thing happens in the first
line of sonnet 130 where you break the iambic pentameter rule. “My mistress’ eyes are nothing like
the sun,” (1) where you use 11 syllables rather than the ten you are supposed to use. In your rhyme
schemes you also use the poetic license. In line ten of sonnet of sonnet 106 you mean for the end of
the word “prophecies” to rhyme with the word eyes. “Literary Encyclopedia” tells that you used rhyme
scheme “often used in verse drama” so you would change words to make it work. This would add that
extra bit of drama to your play but you still were changing English words to fit into what you were
writing. This is used to go along with the AB, AB, CD, CD, EF, EF, GG rhyme scheme.

I have found that your have an utter disrespect for the past, and do not present good morals to the
youth of today. Being a high school level English book we need to teach good morals and ideas to the
children of today, in parts of your sonnets like in sonnet 29 you say “Wishing me like to one more
rich in hope” (5) saying that he wished that he had hope for himself which all people should have,
this does not teach a good moral for children who need to believe in them selves to succeed in life.
Sonnet 106 you say “when in the chronicle of wasted time” (1) which refers to the past as time that
has been wasted by other people. Also in this sonnet it makes references to people looking upon the
Dark Lady with “divining eyes” also meaning they had looked to her like she was a goddess or someone
that was very beautiful. Sonnet 116 says “Let me not to the marriage of true minds Admit
impediments. Love is not love, Which alters when it alteration finds….” (1-3). This is a question
about people of the pasts love for each other. William Logan writes “Vendler's “many-paneled
past” would be just clever insight (which is all too often abuse of insight) if the invocation of
the past didn't lead to restoration of the present” and also said “All editors of Shakespeare
rely on centuries of dead scholars; the shrewdness of the present owes much to the sound practice of
the past” which explains why Shakespeare didn’t have respect for the past, he though that it was an
unreliable source .You question the past by asking if they actually loved each other or knew what
love really was.

Once again I am very sorry to inform you that we will not be able to accept your work for the new
addition of the Prentice Hall Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes book. Although we will not be able to
accept these two things we may be able to accept others of your work like “The Tragedy of Macbeth”
which is one of the greatest poems ever written. Along with that we will defiantly think about
accepting your work for a later edition of the book.










Football has a major effect on the society in England; there are many professional teams that
people watch for their entertainment. Soccer as it is called here in the United States is one of the
biggest sports in Britain. According to the Oxford English Dictionary football is a verb meaning to
kick about with the feet. The word football was first used in 1599 by an author Nashy saying “ to
see how well meaning is to football” and it was also used in 1860 saying “ all year round I know he
long to football my unshorned head up and down the knubbly street” In Britain there is one major
professional league called the Premier League. There are also many amateur football leagues through
out the country like The Football League aspiring football players can play in to try to get to the
next level. You can always find football in the news papers in England. They have everything from
the Premier League to amateur football leagues all through out England. Football is on the rise
throughout th e United Kingdom and it will start to spread to other parts of Europe and then to the

The Premier League in Britain is one of the most well known professional soccer leagues in the
world. People from all over England come to watch their favorite team play. Some of the most well
known teams that are found in the Premier League are Manchester United, Chelsea Football Club, and
the Portsmouth Football Club. The Premier league has strict rules that all players are expected to
follow. They make sure that all of the clubs respect each other and do not talk badly about each
other. This rule insures that the clubs maintain a friendly balance until they get on to the field
for the games. The Premier League rule book tells all the specific rules for the uniforms that the
players were. They must have a home uniform, which is white or light colored, and they must have an
away uniform, which is dark colored. The whole team has to be wearing exactly the same uniform at
all times. The only thing that they can get for themselves is their cleats. In the Premier League
rule book there is a rule for pretty much everything. There are rules for becoming a member of the
league, or ceasing to be a member of the league. There is also certain things that have to happen
for someone to be expelled from the league and there are certain things that need to happen when
someone decides that they are going to retire from playing professional soccer. There are even rules
that the officials have to follow. They need to be reliable and they need to be trusted. The
official has a duty to be honorable and not do things like fix games for people so that they can
make money. There are many rules that the Premier League has lain out and they expect everyone that
is involved in the league to follow them.

There are many highly skilled professional players in Britain. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo, who
play for The Manchester United, is well known through out Britain and is even known here in the
United States. The Premier League has a reputation of producing the most skilled players as well as
having some of the best teams in the world. You can also find many amateur organizations. The
Premier League in Britain has its own youth league to teach young kids how to play football. The
Premier league tells us that in its youth program kids who are from the ages of 5 to 17 can play in
their youth organization, and they can try to get to the next level of their football currier.
The English C National Football Team is a semi professional team in Britain, it is from players who
are too old to play in youth football but are good enough to play at a high level. Players who make
this team look to move on to a team in the Premier League eventually. There is also a league called
The Football League, found on The Football Leagues official website, is a semi professional league
out of the United Kingdom. According to the history of The Football League, the leagues first games
were played on September 8th, 1888 with twelve teams, from then on The Football League has produced
some of the best players in the United Kingdom and a majority of them go on to play at the
professional level. One example of this type of person is Adam Lockwood of the Doncaster Rovers. The
captain of the team says that he and his team plan on taking the league one game at a time. Adam
Lockwood, as well as all the others in this league has the dream of playing at the next level.

The London Times writes about the Premier League’s players and teams all through out the week. They
will also write about other leagues that are around the area. The Mirror newspaper writes about the
Premier League and everything that goes on in it. This is a part of and article talking about
Cristiano Ranaldo and the Manchester United gaining the number one spot back from the Arsenal,
“Cristiano Ronaldo was United's hero at Pride Park, scoring with just 14 minutes to go as
Derby, bottom of the table with only one league win all season and beaten 6-1 at Chelsea on
Wednesday, offered far tougher resistance than United expected.” Other smaller papers like the
Sunday Sport will write about things that are going on in the many Football leagues. Another news
paper such as the Telegraph writes about the Premier League and tells exactly what is going on with
everyone from the coaches to the players. This is a part of an article in the Telegraph that is
talking about how clubs are going into financial difficulties, “With a report last year by the
accountants Deloitte revealing that total borrowings in the League had rocketed from £674 million in
2005 to £1.6 billion in 2006, more clubs are exposed to the risks of the debt markets than ever
before.” Also because Football has such a major impact on British society musicians, poets and
authors have written works about the game that all the people of Britain love so much.

Football is so prominent and such a big part of the culture in the United Kingdom there are even
movies that are about football in the UK. According to the official Green Street Hooligans website
British director Lexi Alexander basted this story off the so called hooligans that every team had.
They were hated by the officials and were fought against by the Police. These people loved the game
and loved their home town team and would do anything to cheer them on or to protect their name on
the street. This story is about a man who is expelled from Harvard and goes home to Britain to be
with his wife. The man and his brother and law become friends and he is introduced to the life of a
Hooligan of a football team in Britain. The plot tells us that this movie is about the passion and
love that some people in Britain have for their home town football teams.

With all the leagues and players though out the United Kingdom, footballs future
seems bright. New players come from all over the world to play in the United Kingdom and the amateur
leagues are at an all time high, although they are not professional they still draw large crowds and
young kids look up to the players. Within the next few years football in the United Kingdom will
grow and grow until is spreads though out Europe, we will start to see teams coming out outside of
the United Kingdom. Like professional sports in the United States the Premier League and The
Football League may start to spread teams to other countries. The future is bright for football in
the United Kingdom.

Over many years as Football gets bigger and bigger in Britain it may start to
spread though out Europe and then it may even becomes just as big in the United States as it is in
Britain. There is a big future for the sport of Football just because of the great turn outs that
the Premier League and other leagues in Britain have. Soon this popularity will spread to other
parts of Europe and then the world.
















Over the ages literature in the world has changed with the times, many writers talk about things
that are going on at the time that they are writing as opposed to things that have happened in the
past. Some of most influential writers of their time have been people such as Geoffrey Chauser,
Alexander Pope and John Milton. Pros and Poetry in British Literature are very different yet much
the same, using a lot of the same things like iambic pentameter.

A major part of setting is the theme in which settings are in isolated places where it seems that a
person will never get to or it is somewhat hidden. Some of these authors are people like Jonathan
Swift who wrote Gulliver’s Travels consisting of A Voyage to Lilliput, which takes place on a small
island which is inhabited by people that are only three inches tall, and also a Voyage to
Brobdingnag which is an island near Alaska and is inhabited by giants. “We are threatened with an
invasion of Bletuscu which is the other great empire of the universe” shows how there are only two
great empires and shows that there is some isolation between the two. There is also William
Wordsworth who wrote Tintern Abbey which explains the things that happen in the wide open church
that are beautiful wonders of nature. “Once again behold these steep and lofty cliffs that on wile
seceded sense impress thoughts of move deep seclusion; and connect the land shape with the quite
shy.” This shows that Tintern Abbey is isolated form the rest of the people that may live around the
area where it is. Jonathan Swift is quoted talking about his mystical lands saying “The two great
empires of Lilliput and Brobdingnag demanded their settings to be well developed and interesting so
show how great they were as an empire.” William Worsworth comes back to say ”Tintern Abbey is one of
the most elaborate churches in the world and it needs to be shown to everyone though writing, along
with the battle in the Prelude the people need to see how the men fought and how the smoke of every
gun filled the air.” A Critic tells us “While most readers continue to sidle past the Struldbrugg
episode with a brief avoidant reference, a small number have argued for a range of themes around
which the journey might be unified. The episode has been read as an attack on Gulliver's own
foolishness, naive greed, and personal ambition,as an assault on humanity's intellectual
inadequacies and unearned pride, and as a sobering lesson that "humanity is always the same,
and that there is no escape from our vices and our trivialities. "It has been read as a warning
against the avaricious ambition of the "immortal" Church, as a moral and theological
attack on the anti-Christian desire for immortality in this fallen world, and as a more secular
denunciation of man's reprehensible effort to transcend his essential humanity.”

The theme of lost love is prominent in British Literature, especially in the works of John Donne
and Thomas Malory. Thomas Malory tells the tale of Sir Gawine and the Green Knight, where he thinks
that he may be in love with he women that tires to seduce him but he finds out that she is actually
in love with his enemy the Green knight, she was being used as bate for him to betray the Green
Knight. Ultimately he was being tested though out the whole story to show how knightly he really
was. And for John Donne his poem song is about a man who is going to leave his wife but he says
that she should not worry about him or morn while he is gone, the same is true for Valediction: a
forbidden morning. You can also find lost love in Song written by John Donne. “Sweetest love, I do
not go/ fore weariness of thee,/ Nor in hope the world can show/ a fitter love for me.” This shows
that the love of their life is lost. All of these are examples of love that is lost in British
Literature. If you come into a conversation between these two great authors you could hear them say
how love is expressed differently. Thomas Malory says “love can be shown in he way of the Green
Knights wife because she shows that she is willing to do anything for him even if it involves
another man.” But John Donne begs to differ, he says “love can only be shown to someone from someone
else between them, nothing out side of them being together and talking to each other can show how
much they love you, no matter what they do for each other it all comes down to what they say and how
they act when they are with each other like saying I will be back soon to be with you because I love

The same kind of resolutions can be found in British literature because all of the authors have the
same ideas about how they want a story to end, they give it the happy ending where everything comes
in to reveal its self and nothing is left with a question. Geoffrey Chaucer is here saying “Sir
Gawine and the Green Knight battle against each other though out the story and the resolution at the
end was that Sir Gawine was being tested, everything was shown to you from the Green Knights wife to
the actual reason why Sir Gawine was being tested.” Doris Lessing say “The story’s that tell of
injustices, private battles, and social issues all end in the same way, they are resolved where
everything is brought in and you find out about everything that you weren’t so sure about along the
way.” we can also hear from a citric who says “What on earth are library goers going to make of
Doris Lessing’s formidable multilane novel? With out the author’s note Mrs. Lessing’s purpose will
be hand to discern”

In Jane Austin’s story On Making an Agreeable Marriage there is a gender issue because the males in
the family control the daughter’s decision of who she would be allowed to marry. “I was certainly a
good deal surprised at first- as I had no suspicion that you cannot be in love” sounding surprised
that she will not be able to marry her love. Mary Shelly also has a gender issue, the monster is
alone in the world and as he learns about how the people on early really act he wants to be like
everyone else. “You must create a female for me with whom I can live in the interchange of those
sympathies necessary for my being” is what the monster tells victor to tell him that he wants a
female to comfort him. A critic says “A Summer evening’s Ghost stories, lonely insomnia in a moonlit
alpine room, and a runaway imagination…conspired to produce for Marry Shelly this haunting night
specter. By morning it had become the germ of her Romantic masterpiece.”

Exaggeration is a common form throughout British Literature; it shows how much an author will use
his writing to get his or her point across. An example of this is in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
where the Green knight over exaggerates everything though out the story. Whether it was the battle
that Sir Gawain and the Green Knight would be in or it was the gifts that he was giving to Sir
Gawain. “No, it is not combat I crave, for come to that, on this bench only beardless boys are
sitting” this is the Green Knight over exaggerating his taunting to get on of King Arthur’s Knights
to step up. Also John Milton exaggerates Satin in his story to show the reader that he is very bad.
Milton says “ Satan and hell are the absence of all of God so the exaggeration needs to be shown to
show that he is nothing like God”

Over all British Literature is much the same as world literature but it has its major differences.
Some of the most well known writers in the world are British and have written the best poems and
stories in all of British Literature. They all have themes, settings, resolutions, genders
differences, and forms that make them different from other literature.