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  Today society has multiple ways on how to define the word “warrior” which has went through many
changes since it was introduced to all.Words that are foreign and have a background to it eventually
joins the English Language when its being spoken more frequently or it had some value of interest
.However as time passes on the word begins to gradually lose its meaning due to how or where its
used.The word “warrior” caught my attention since it has a large history to it and the usage
varies.When someone tries to visualize or comprehend the meaning “warrior”,commonly the word is
defined as “a person habitually engaged in warfare” wikipedia explains.By time the word is used to
describe animals,men,and races and such words derive it from its actual meaning.We need to know its
history of when it was used,how it was used and by who.

Overall ,everyone I surveyed saw to it that the main theme of a warrior is man involved in
warfare.If I was to have a better understanding of my word I needed to know others impressions and
knowledge of the word.My first person to be surveyed was a student named Daniel Brooks.His concept
on the word was “someone who is fearless and strong” as he puts it.I then seeked out answers from my
family and my mother being the first described it to be “a fighter ,soldier or a protector”.I
observed that the attitude to this word had to do with the male gender and the mood seemed
distinguished and proud.I found it rather interesting that no one I surveyed included my word with
the terms of a women or where it didn’t have to refer to combat or anything else that has to do with

Certain definitions of the oxford English dictionary and ordinary dictionaries both have their
unique meaning of “warrior”.To begin with the oxford English dictionary gives its first meaning
which is “one who makes war upon ,a persecutor”.Other definitions are “swarthy band of native chiefs
with the warriors of their several tribes.”From reading these definitions I can conclude that a
warrior is someone involved in war.As I continue reading the oed I find interesting definitions
which I occasionally wouldn’t use with warrior.One phrase used warrior to describe a women “thir
wymmen er noble werrayours and ys she cruell warrior ,cloth her selfe addrsses”.I find this
definition interesting because reading I find hardly anything mentioning a women can be a
warrior.Another definition uses warrior as a word combined to another or attributed which is
identifying animals. “Black warrior an American bird of prey”.Warrior is probably used here to show
that this bird is one of its kind to attack others or it’s a bird of prey.Looking in a regular
dictionary definitions say warrior “someone who have defended and fought for their homes ,countries
and deeply held beliefs”.Comparing and contrasting these definitions I notice that the similarities
between both is that warrior I someone who Is involved in military.Differences proved by the oed is
that it may describe the female gender also.Probably in ancient times warriors were assumed by males
only.The definition where it applies o women may have been used during a time where females did have
a part in the army with position of a “warrior”. These meanings shows warrior can be used in may
matters to describing animals or humanity.

Since the word is being used in many types of literature such as poetry, novels and folktales , the
word itself begins to change by the author who experiments or adds a twist to the word “warrior”.
One author named Milton from the Bible is credited for writing passages explaining the devil and his
realm and uses my word in his sentence “to whom the warrior angle replied”.This word has a great
deal to be used to describe an angel to be someone who persecutes others.William shakespear uses
warrior in the phrase “a nobler man, a braver warrior, lives not this day within the city walls.He
by the senate is accited home from weary wars against the barbarians Goths”.His usage of “warrior”
is directed to men in battle and protecting their kinsmen. Lastly, Lewis Carrol demonstrates his use
of warrior writing “lo warriors,saints,and sages,from out the vanished ages,with solemn pace and
reverand face appear and pass away”.Lewis allows his readers to view the warrior as someone who’s
mysterious or shrouded with secret and seperated from society. “Warrior” began to evolve when it
interacted with authors who specialized in different fields of literature. Warrior has cultural and
a touch of influence from many authors of history to give us the form and meaning we still use

Going through different articles and passages I notice that my word is used in many ways to descibe
a variety of things.One passage was a report on the care of wounded soldiers who were coming back
to United States from the war in Iraq.They didn’t come back as handicaps or heroes but rather sayed
“America`s Returning Wounded Warriors”.Warrior is used as a word to describe a man of significance
or a given position to someone who survived a battle in the report.Searching I came across my word
used in an interesting way to a person.Warrior was used to describe a man named Jonathan Schwartz
that he had “a warrior within”.He’s given this title because this man has a tough background in his
life and came across death’s way but still pursued success.He’s probably given this title to show
how he survived all the outcomes that was bet against him and he still accomplished what he
needed.These were some interesting reports or articles that used warrior in a new way.

Lastly if I am to better understand this word , I need to know the foreign words for warrior if its
meaning changes or stays the same.In Portuguese its called “guerreiro”or “soldado” ant is defined to
be a soldier.There’s nothing new in this definition since it’s a common definiton.Now in Spanish its
“guerrero” and it says that it’s a state in mexico.A state to be named after a word that means
warrior must have some reason for it maybe because there’s history to the background.Lastly in
French its “guerrier”and it means someone who “is found of war”.When I look at all these words I
notice that it has the same bas to its foreign word which is “guerr”.Basically they all mean the
same thing so I can know they has some sort of influence if their word almost looks alike.

Today in modern times , “warrior” is being used in many ways to describe a variety of things.
Society begins to comprehend that the only usage for warrior is to be placed in a sentence where it
describes a man suited for war. If society thinks outside the box they can see that it can describe
anything to teams as the nba warriors or be a title to someone who proved great significance in
something. If I was to look into the future, years from now this word will change completely to
describe mostly everything to animals and humans. This word can better demonstrate that the English
language is changing over the course of time by the spelling its written in cultures which show some
similarities and differences and the meaning to describing spiritual terms and the naming of states.
Mainly it describes the attitude someone has towards their goal or trying to accomplish something.
The word “warrior” proves that it being used in a variety of ways show that the English language is
evolving through the course of time.

















Dear Master Anonymous,

We the board of The British Traditions are constructing a new edition of our text ultimately
the best. This will include features past editions were not designed with and I feel you should be
notified of a certain conflict that is in our midst during this time.Due to budget cuts and the lack
of money I write to you that I can not allow your work to be printed in our texts.This was a uneasy
decision which needed to be thought over and see if any moral crisis would come out of this.No
matter what we would regret I overcame this problem by time.However let us get to the point that
your work contained some concepts and setting which can’t be seen by readers who fall under a
certain age limit.There are times in this novel that lust and adulterous temptation plays a key role
.The amount of gore and violence such as decapitating can not be tolerated in our texts.Lastly the
quality of your work proves to be issue when you exaggerate to much on the description of the Green
Knight in the story. These exchanging of words are to show that your novel will never again enter
our pages due to these reasons.

The first issue which I like to confirm with you is the amount of violence and gore that is
presented in this novel.We first see an example where The Green Knight crashes into King Arthur’s
feast and challenges him and his knights to a game.King Arthur takes the challenge but Sir Gawain
insists he should do this seeing he needs to gain some recognition.Grasping his ax Gawain “split it
in two , and the scintillating steel struck the ground.The fair head fell from the neck, struck the
floor,and people spurned it as it rolled around blood spurted from the body bright against the
green”.This scene is just violent on how someone decapitates a character and the head just rolls
freely through the court and to be picked up by the body and still be alive is sick. This shows the
material you put down on paper can not be viewed in fear that children under age will view this and
problems from there start.Gore and violence is one reason I can not allow your novel to be present
in our texts.

Secondly , I see you present your female characters in this novel as figures who are lusty and
who tempts others into commiting certain acts or “courtly games” .This game could be no other then a
knight making love to a women .The wife of the Green Knight tries to cause Gawain to sin by making
him be forced onto her.One examples is that “princess pressed him so hotly” which means she was so
close Gawain was about to break all the laws of Arthur.Another is where we first see The lady when
she says “I shall bind you to your bed” which is no other being on top of Gawain and trying to make
this Knight fall in love with her by performing with her in sinful act.Lady Bercilak is also
criticized by the author of “Controlling The Feminine Voice in Cleanness” named Cindy L.Vitto .She
explains “ in each series , the increasing intensity of the feminine voice signals increasing
danger.As the feminine voice gradually grows stronger in the exampla of cleanness,so the lady’s
voice in Gawain becomes stronger,more important ,on each successive morning that she wakes the
Knight”.These quotes argue that This lady ,by the day, increases the danger in her voice and
actions to cause Gawain to submit into her tempting ways which results failure. From the start it
was getting Gawain onto the bed and ending with Gawain taking the girdle ,which was strapped onto
her leg, showed that Lady Bercilak started out with easy tempts and ended with a non restraining
tempt which was a girdle that promised life. All these temptations and the The princess , being a
lusty character, should not be viewed by any readers due to the younger ages who could be reading

Lastly ,the quality of your work proves to be concern where you spend to much time writing on one
matter instead of continuing on with the story. I notice you took too much time explaining the
detail The Green Knight had on his armor . When you are describing the detailed armor on the Green
Knight you write “comely cloak on top,accomplished with lining of the finest fur to be found ,made
of one piece….”.You further on describe the designs imprinted and the jewels that are carved into
this suit of armor .You go on still explaining everything that is on the body of the Knight not
knowing you can lose the attention of the audience or bore them to death.Author of the article “Sir
Gawain and the Green Knight” W.R.J Barron writes based of this descriptions that “ the poet is
deliberately unhelpful juxtaposing the ominous axe and the sprig of holly, a sign of peaceful
intent, without comment and avoiding the implications of the Green Knight’s giant stature: “I
believe he actually may have been half giant, but at any rate I declare he was the biggest of
men”.The author tries to explain that the detail of the Green Knight can cause confusion to
misunderstand how to vision this character due to the details of him. Your moment describing the
character of the Green Knight consumes too much time and contains problems within its self.

In the end, we are truly sorry for this inconvience and hope this does not cause you any serious
discomfort. You putting adult content, too much gore, and too much detail on single moments in your
work are some reasons we can not allow your work to be printed in our text.These various matters
prevents your work from entering the new edition of British literature . I the head of the British
literature texts write to you explaining we rejected your work and hope your future novels can meet
our standards .

Sincerely , the head of the British literature.













Looking back, a variety of sports can guide one from the ancient times to the modern era
showing how much history is played into it .The sport that gains my recognition is Boxing.In the
oxford English dictionary the word boxing appeared during 1711 and originates in Parts of Greece and
Rome.In Britian it is said Boxing was introduced to the nation by fights in local bars and pubs
according to BBC London . However, in one period of time this sport diminished and was revived back
in England during 18th century .As Boxing gradually grows into a well-known sport it gains some
popularity even till this day. Popularity in boxing wanes in many occasions and there are many
factors because of it. The level of its popularity can be that it has a controversial history to it
and its graphic nature. Other reasons are getting the sport to be in the media and well known more
often through paper views and the quality of its network in Europe does not attract many viewers.
Understanding Boxing background and its popularity can help us know its contributions to the nation
of Britain and its literature.

Boxing matches usually consist of three minute rounds and much of the time is spent in the assigned
corners of the fighters..According to World Boxing Association there are various rules in Boxing.
fighters receive advice and medical attentions by coaches and staff.Matches begin with Fighters
leaving their corners and returning back when signaled the round has ended.Also there are many
options to determine a victor of a match.One way to be victor is having the highest score in the
match which is rewarded through hits and punches during a round. Bouts can be won through knockouts
where opponents are unable to continue. If the fighter is to touch the canvas with their body beside
their feet the referee is to start counting until reaching 10 and upon this number the down fighter
is ruled KO or knocked out. Fighters are prohibited to hitting under the belt, bitting or using any
moves that fall in wrestling’s category. Punches thrown are to be fists only no other parts of the
body. Fighters are to cease fighting when one player is down and allow the referee to consider if
the match is to continue. These are some basic rules in Boxing.

Boxing has given society many successful athletes who through Boxing achieve popularity. One
professional boxer which the sport has given him much recognition to is Floyd Mayweather. In the
times in an article titled “Floyd mayweather jr is quick to stand his corner in the face of unequal
popularity contest” Floyd is interviewed before his match against Ricky Hatton .At the beginning of
his career there was much controversy on how he should be portrayed. Floyd was being looked at as a
villain or the athlete who plays the bad guy in Boxing.The reason to this is that he left most of
his opponents bloody and in a mess after a bout. Addressing the press and the media Floyd explains
people just have to accept his character.He tells the media that the world does not know what he has
ventured through in his life to witnessing loved ones taken by violence and seeing his mother on
drugs. Floyd feels that boxing is where he can empty all his anger and take it out on others. Having
been judged through media Floyd questions why the world only focuses on his identity in boxing and
not in reality.He didn’t receive any sort of praise when he fed families of 600 on thanksgiving
day or when he funded toy drives. As he prepares to fight Ricky Hatton in the Uk Floyd guarantees
the UK fans will see the real side of Floyd and hopes he earns some respect .

According to the london times in a article title “Khan’s amateur future in doubt after ticket
disagreement” a amateur boxer named Amir Khan decides whether he should stay in the league of
Amateurs or advance to the professionals . He tells his story how he feels pressured receiving
phone calls to have him consider to be a professional athlete. Frank Warren a promoter plans to
strike a deal with Amir seeing he does have the required potential to be a professional boxer. Yet,
Amir Believes he needs more time in the amateur league since being only eighteen feels he lacks the
necessary skill to progress. He explains that when he sees Boxers that are pro he can’t compare
himself in anyway to them . Amir hasn’t won a satisfying number of titles or belts that
professional boxers achieve. However Amir’s managers see that the amateur league will not benefit
him. What’s left for Amir is to make his decision to go pro or stay in his current position.

Boxing has hit the headlines in the Sunday Times titled “Girls to join school boxing revival” by
Dipesh Gadher.He writes that the government is encouraging schools to offer boxing as activity to
minors including females in Great Britain . Reasons for this is that many want the sport to
resurface back into offered activities since Boxing declined because of its risks. Dipesh explains
“that boxing has the potential to teach pupils discipline and provide them with an outlet for their
youthful aggression”. This might mean that boxing may be the very sport to keep children busy while
teaching them the proper ways to behave. Other interesting facts are that through this Boxing can be
“rolled out nationwide,” meaning become a popular sport. This move is getting angry looks from
medical associations who fear boxing puts children in the risk of brain injury. Reading this article
I can find that this sport is very much controversial and isn’t recommend to be open to minors.

Boxing has also inspired many to write sources of literature as British poet Vernon Scannel.At age
11 Vernon participated in this sport and took part in the british schoolboys championships. Here he
gains a passion for Boxing but later he drops out since he is drafted into the army.However he won
many championship titles at schools and universities.A poem where boxing becomes a major theme in it
is “The loving Game” which recalls all memories he had in Boxing to getting ready for matches and
how he had more defeats then wins.The mood here seems he didn’t get much fame or made any
accomplishments playing the sport making .Vernon’s time in boxing inspired him to write novels based
on the experiences he had playing boxing.

Currently the level where boxing is on at the moment can challenge many to predict the future of
this sport. Boxing is one controversial sport that puts risk on its athletes.Many legends who leave
Boxing have left with some mental of physical damage done to them.This causes Schools to ban the
sport to be played by students and in the higher leagues much precaution is taken.Boxing being an
activity highly played in the local areas as bars and streets show the sport my be promoting
fighting and boxing outside the ring.This surely can show that boxing’s future isn’t so bright. In
the coming years Boxing wont be a sport that’s played by various ages in society. Boxing has made
many contributions to Britain in literature and to the nation.



British literature producing the worlds Best literature pieces inspires other sources or
literature around the world as well. John Milton (1608-1674),Daniel Defoe( 1659-1731), Alexander
Pope (1688-1744), Thomas Gray (1716-1771), Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834), Jane Austen
(1775-1814) ,John Keats (1795-1821), Mary Shelley (1797-1851), Virginia Woolf (1882-1941), A.e
Housmen (1859-1936), George Orwell (1903-1950) ,Doris Lessing (1919_) ,J.K Rowling (1965-) are
authors that through their work show the importance that British literature relies on devices
form,gender,resolution,theme and setting.Importance of resolution is that it determines the ending
and what message readers can take with them.Setting gives vivid images of the background where the
story takes place and the time.Form is important since it composes the writing in the way the author
wants his work to be presented and how it can be read.Prominence of gender is that it shows what
type of voice the poem will have whether it be feminine or masculine.Theme implies the grand idea
behind the story. Having knowledge on these devices helps readers sees that what makes British
literature unique and separates it from the rest .British literature, using these devices In it’s
work, helps world literature understand how to comprise the format of their writing.

In Various works in British literature , the theme Vengeance provides characters to have goals
or missions. Vengeance is presented In Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban ,Where professor
Snape confronts Sirius Black . Sirius is supposedly the murder of Harry’s Parents. “Expelliarmus!
Ah, vengeance is sweet. How I hoped I'd be the one to catch you”(657) Snape says to characters
Lupin and Sirius to mock how close they were to their goal and confirms he will complete Harry’s
Vengeance . Yet in Frankenstein by Mary shelly the creature also is vengeful as one of its
characteristics. Being rejected and losing the chance of having a connection to humanity the monster
begins questioning its appearance done by his creator. "Cursed, cursed creator! Why did I live?
Why, in that instant, did I not extinguish the spark of existence which you had so wantonly
bestowed? I know not; despair had not yet taken possession of me; my feelings were those of rage and
revenge. I could with pleasure have destroyed the cottage and its inhabitants, and have glutted
myself with their shrieks and misery”(chapter 16), the monster says. Soon after he destroys their
cottage and admires the havoc he has done displaying the vengeance he has towards all .This theme
also makes an appearance in Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Rime of The Ancient Mariner. The mariner
killing the albatross will have to endure natures wrath as punishment ,“Of the Spirit that plagued
us so ; Nine fathom deep he had followed us From the land of mist and snow.And every tongue, through
utter drought,
Was withered at the root ;
We could not speak, no more than if

We had been choked with soot” (stanza 132 – 138).The death of this bird causes nature to
seek vengeance on the mariner and his crew are inflicted by being thirsty and exhausted allow the
mariner to respect nature’s beauty.David Wilkes writes in a article titled Review of Taylor
Coleridge’s Mariner “In the end the acquisition of sublime knowledge proves to be both a coveted
blessing and a necessary curse”(5-7).This means it was needed that the mariner goes through all the
punishment from nature to learn to value the preciousness of life. .Vengeance is critical when
shown through Milton’s character Satan in Paradise Lost who swears vengeance against God. Satan
believing he could overthrow God himself wages a war against only to lose and be casted into a realm
of darkness.Satan plots and promises ,“ To wage by Force or guile eternal war irreconcilable to our
grand foe who now triumphs and in the excess of Joy”(book 1 stanza 121).1984 by George Orwell,
Winston demonstrates Vengeance in the short period of hate by directing all vengeance that is mean
towards Goldstein towards Julia. “Winston succeded in transferring his hatred from the face on the
screen to the dark haired Girl…vivid beautiful hallucination flashed through his mind”.The vengeance
party members express towards Goldstein whose beliefs are against their own backfire as Winston
takes it off on his comrade.

Many times in literature there are Physical obstacle in a setting that prevents characters from
accomplishing their goals.In Thomas gray’s novel Elegy written in a country courtyard the setting of
a graveyard emotionally devastates Gray .He is very emotional behind the issues of death and dying
and it becomes a physical obstacle when situated in a cementary. He begins mourning or contemplating
those who died and can’t seem to get over it, “o more shall rouse them from their lowly bed. For
them no more the blazing hearth shall burn”(stanze 5) .Being in this gloomy setting causes the
individual to focus on those that are laid to rest and reevaluate life. Sandro Jung criticizes
Thomas grays novel In “Reviewing Thomas Gray’s Elegy written in a country courtyard” writes “weary
ploughman who has fulfilled his daily labors finds no rest during the night but spends his time in
serious and profound meditation upon the vanity of human life”.Sandro discusses that Thomas gray
ponders the idea of death and human life and its background .Daniel Defoe’s novel Crusoe in Robinson
Crusoe uses physical obstacles by isolating his characters on deserted islands. Crusoe being
shipwrecked on a isolated island discovers qualities he never knew he possessed.By time he figures
that making use of the surroundings one can survive , “After I had solaced my mind with the
comfortable part of my condition, I began to look round me, to see what kind of place I was in, and
what was next to be done; and I soon found my comforts abate”(chapter 2).Stranded , he will need to
use his resources if he is to survive on this physical obstacle . Virginia Woolf’s setting In To
the lighthouse is in a time where women don’t have any rights .Lily’s physical obstacle is man.
Lily as an artist is mocked by Mr.Tansley who tells her ,“women can’t paint, women can’t write”
(75).This setting where women endures bad relationships with man enforces woolf’s belief of the
world where women have physical obstacles which is man. Sense and Sensiblility by Jane Austen uses
Settings to have insights on her characters. The obstacles in the setting is that it takes place in
a time where women are taken away in marriage and money is an issue . "That when the money is
once parted with, it never can return. Your sisters will marry, and it will be gone for ever"
Chapter 2, pg. 8. Fathers will have to find a solution against the obstacle around money.

Suspense a form raises tension and interest in readers which locks them into reading the book
to figure the outcome of the dramatic piece of work. In Harry potter series this literary technique
urges readers to keep reading to the point of the climax where all questions are answered. Harry’s
confrontation with Malfoy after he discovers his father works with Voldermort puts him in jeopardy.
“You're going to pay; I'm going to make you pay for what you've done to my
father...”(987)Order of Phoenix.This sets suspense Since readers try to guess on how Malfoy will get
Harry back.
 .In George Orwell’s 1984 the moment of suspense is seen during the torture of
Winston from O Brian.This is shown through Winston questioning what room 101 is and O Brian doesn’t
answer it directly.In this room Winston confronts his fear of rats and suspense builds as obrian
moves the rats closer to him each time till he is about to let them loose on him. “O brain picked up
the cage and brought it across to the nearer table.He set it down carefully on the baize
cloth.Winston could hear the blood singing in his ear …. They were enormous rats”
This scene builds up to where readers wonder if this is the end for
Winston..Readers are tense to know if Winston is about to die in the hands of O Brian by the rat
attack. The Fifth child by Doris lessing uses suspense When Ben comes back from the institution and
his brothers and sisters try to distant themselves from him in fear of his character. “But the last
thing before they slept, the other children locked the doors quietly form the inside" (95)
.Children can not predict Bens actions and surely afraid on what he is capable of doing so they lock
their doors to be assured they are safe. In A.e Housman Eight o clock poem a man is sentenced to be
hung and suspense builds as the countdown begins concluding his death. “One, two, three, four, to
market-place and people It tossed them down. Strapped, noosed, nighing his hour, 
stood and counted them and cursed his luck;”(lines 4-6).This man puts his hate towards the clock and
when it reaches zero he will be died .Suspense is also in John Keats Ode on a Grecian urn where
Keats begins to pose a question of what is the story behind these images. “what men or gods are
these? What maidens loth? What mad pursuit? What struggle to escape?”(stanze 1) As suspense builds
as he guesses on what these characters may be after but concludes they are eternal.Even though Keats
does not know what they are doing they are still going to be seen in these positions for a very long
time.Scott Eric Kaufman critic reviews Keats ode on a Grecian urn and writes ,“Keats could have
thought and written as much, but had he, the poem would not have achieved its general effect.He is
dissatisfied with the poemand the message it tries to deliver”.

In many works of fiction twist endings are unexpected resolutions which doesn’t satisfy readers
needs. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein the surprising resolution has an ending no reader would have
predicted.The monster seen in the last chapters goes on a rampage spree by killing other
characters.However the Monster viewing life as miserable promises to commit suicide , "I shall
die, and what I now feel be no longer felt. Soon these burning miseries will be extinct. I shall
ascend my funeral pile triumphantly, and exult in the agony of the torturing flames” (chapter 24).
Readers suspected the monster will continue his murders but the creature deciding there is no joy in
life and to die is a twist ending .Also in To an Athlete Dying Young by A.e Housman the death of
this athlete and understanding it challenges traditional views on death to make it a surprise
ending.Regularly characters who die in novels are forgotten and fade away with history.In this poem
Housman contradicts this.Readers who finish the poem may say its tragic seeing how the young athlete
died.The athlete dieing when winning a race makes him a winner but at his death he is a legend.A
better way to say it is that When You are at the top of Glory its better to die then die in the
future for no one will remember you for you are accomplishments .This athlete won then died so he
leaves with no sort of damage to his reputation.The unfitting ending in Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s
Rime of the ancient mariner is very simplistic and doesn’t answer the question to what drove the
mariner to killing the albatross but the shocking ending is him spreading the tale to everyone to
know the message. It is a surprise ending with The mariner understanding that nature deserves
respect and wants everyone to learn from his mistake "loveth well both man and bird and
beast" (612).The poem should have included a ending where the mariner answers to what drove him
to murdering instead of having this surprising ending where he goes around telling his story. Thomas
Grays Elegy Written In a Courtyard Deals with gray Mourning over the idea of death and the issues
that surrounds it.Gray begins to talk how all those who are buried under him all share similarities
, “And all that beauty, all that wealth e'er gave 
Awaits alike the inevitable hour.

The paths of glory lead but to the grave”.He discusses talents that one may have
possessed but never got it to be revealed and there is a lost virtutue.What makes the ending a
surprise is Gray respects or admires those who are dead for they where overlooked and he know
recognizes them. The ending in “this living hand now warm and capable” by John Keats stumps many
readers.The last line “I hold it towards you.” Makes readers wanting an explanation or answer to
what keats expects from them.What Keats could mean through this line that he leaves it up to
readers to decide how it is supposed to end since they are keeping the poem alive and he failed to
.Lastly Daniel Defoe’s Crusoe in Robinson Crusoe has a controversial ending where readers can
question if Crusoe being stranded on a island benefited or harmed him.Stranded Crusoe must use his
knowledge and skills to survive on this remote isles about himself and using resources the
environment provides.Through this adventure he has gained much to help him in life by learning some
facts as using fear and making it into bravery “And thus I have given the first part of a life of
fortune and adventure - a life of Providence's chequer-work, and of a variety which the world
will seldom be able to show the like of; beginning foolishly, but closing much more happily than any
part of it ever gave me leave so much as to hope for”..However We can question if being on this
island alone causes him to go through life by being independent.This could be twist ending asks
readers to look over crusoes character. Critic Sae Fraser reviews Daniel defoes crusoe in robinson
crusoe saying “This is an amazing tale of a marooned boy who against all odds, creates a utopian
society with nothing”.Positive criticism only credits Daniel Defoe ability to make a character who
develops himself throughout the story.

Women in the coarse of literature are always shown in tears. .John Milton trapping Eve with man
in the garden of eden only results in The original sin and she receiving the blame. Eve realizing
what she has done lacks the necessary courage to confront man and God
. “This may be well:
but what if God have seen
and Death ensue? then I shall be no more,
And Adam
wedded to another Eve,
Shall live with her enjoying, I extinct;
A death to
think. Confirm'd then I resolve,” [ 830 ] Book 9 . Eve fears the consequences she will face
ahead and she seems she can not present herself in front of Man and God in fear of how they will
punish her . She is terrified and it seems she is crying. Harriet a mother in The Fifth child has
high hopes of having a perfect family.But giving birth in this pregnancy causes her to be worn out
and uncomfortable with the child and rejects what is growing inside of her.When Ben is born he
doesn’t fit the families ideal image “"She had destroyed her family. Had harmed her life . . .
David's . . . Luke's, Helen's, Jane's . . . and Paul's. Paul's the
worst" (117)”.Harriet will resent what she has brought to the family and blames herself for
bringing it into this world . Ultimately, she sheds tears of the division Ben has brought between
family members. Critic Doris may Taylor gives The fifth child positive criticism on how it embodies
characteristics of a horror story will still discussing important issues that is happening in
society “Like all good horror stories, THE FIFTH CHILD invites the contemplation of the impossible
and unthinkable”. .Alexander Pope’s character Belinda in Rape of the lock professes humiliation when
a strand of her hair is stolen.Belinda sees her image is to be pure and honorable but when violated
by a man who robes her for her she feels inferior and lost her beauty "Oh hadst thou, cruel!
Been content to seize/ Hairs less in sight, or any hairs but these!” Readers can see there is alout
of emotion in these lines as if she is saying it and crying. Women are in shambles in Jane Austen’s
Pride and Prejudice where Elizabeth apologizes on making judgement on Darcy and Wickhams Characters
on first appearance “How humiliating is this discovery!—Yet, how just a humiliation!—Had I been in
love, I could not have been more wretchedly blind. But vanity, not love, has been my folly.”Women
are expected to act noble and Elizabeth coming into Netherfield with muddy skirts only gives her a
humiliating reputation. Virginia’s wolf To the lighthouse character lily is a sensitive artist who
feels she will undergo humilation.Lily fears her work will be tossed away in the attic and to be
forgotten and that life doesn’t appreciate some delights That are made 56-60 ". . . she must
admit that she felt this thing she called life terrible, hostile, and quick to pounce on you if you
gave it a chance.” She’s left in tears that her work doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves.

BY knowing a few famous British authors and their usage of these five devices shows it has a
universal function to contributing to other sources of literature around the world. Setting, Theme,
form, resolution and gender are all needed in literature for these devices allows Literature to
have proper formats.Readers are able to understand and appreciate the work by these devices since it
allows them to break the literature into components to help them understand what message is the
author trying to say to the readers.These devices are a framework behind literature and inspires
literature across the globe to follow the same pattern.

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