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Creative Writing  
  The Movement of Language for over centuries has changed dramatically, but the word Movement is still
alive and breathing. The word Movement has a wide variety of cultures in its heritage, spreading
from Middle France, Latin, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and Old Occitan/Catalan Language. The Fact
is that this word has been incorporated in many of these languages; it’s likely this word will be
around for a very long time into the future of the English Language. No one ever knows when a
language will die. But other Languages Such as Spanish and French have been around a lot longer and,
the Spanish language has 322-400 (Wikipedia) million people that use it as their native language,
French has just over 300 million (Wikipedia). English has roughly 388 million (Wikipedia) native
speakers. English will survive for many years to come, until one those unfortunate days late in the
future, when it will probably be replaced by binary code with the popular use of computers!

The Word Movement is very similar in all dictionaries, most conclude that it means “the act or
process of moving”, which was located in the Webster’s Dictionary or “the act or instance of moving,
a change in place or position” found in the American heritage dictionary. The Oxford English
Dictionary summarizes that movement means “the action or process of moving; change of position or
posture; passage from place to place, or from one situation to another. Also: an instance or kind of
this; a particular act or manner of moving”. With out the word movement we could not describe our
daily lives. With out this word the English language would not be complete
This specific word is 614 years old, dating back first ever used by an author named John Gower in
1393. Confessio Amantis, translated to "The Lover's Confession" is a 33,000-line
Middle English poem. According to its prologue, it was composed at the request of Richard II. It
stands with the works of Chaucer, Langland, and the Pearl poet as one of the great works of late
14th century English literature (Wikipedia).

The Word Movement is still used today in newspaper articles, TV shows, and books. In The New York
Times, the south sudan people stated “The southern Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM)
withdrew its ministers and presidential advisers from Khartoum two weeks ago, saying the central
government had failed to carry out key parts of a north-south peace agreement, signed in 2005.” In
this context the definition of movement would refer to a push towards a plan, especially in
political thoughts. In the New York Times there was an article describing the new equipment that is
used to detect the decaying of bridges they stated “The transmitters were an outgrowth of a military
research program trying to monitor movement on battlefields. They cost about $10 each, and the
sensors another $10, said Mr. Janoyan, who is hoping to start a business providing electronic

Many of the defintions are either dead, obsolete or rare. One example of this idea is a movement in
chess, or another definition like for a moment in time. Another Way to Use the Word Movement is a
change of place or position; a progress, change, development, etc. This annatated is a progress
going forward, ussually for political reasons. These factors show that movement is not going
anywhere but forward.




















Dear Sir Thomas Mallory,
As the Editor of the Prentice Hall Literature series, I’m sorry to inform you that you’re “Le
Morte Darthur” stories will be omitted from the Sophomore British Literature books, this decision
was very difficult. Much of the in this anthology are great pieces of work that have affected the
culture we live in today. For sophomores, the King Arthur series do not have many morals, shows much
of a man lost in the world and the plots are much to coincidental. But your books have lead many
down a path in to the past in their own living rooms. Sorry to say your books just are not suitable
for sophomores, let alone any grade below the junior year.

The King Arthur Series has been passed down for many generations, even centuries. But these stories
of King Arthur never have morals. Especially for teenagers, a book should have morals of friendship,
love or even life in them. For example, In Sir Tristum and The Fair Iseult, Tristums long lost love,
the queen of Cornwell did not unite with him before he died, he said, “‘God keep you, my love Iseult
the fair; he said. ‘ for I shall not look upon you face’, then he ceased to struggle for his life,
and in a few minutes Tristam of Lyonesse was dead,”this ending provides no back bone or lecture to
the story . Again in Sir Percivale of Wales, the speaker said he contributed to many good deeds. In
actuality killing a man for the objects of our Lord is to be considered sinful and actually very
ironic the Red Knight Screamed “With horrible oaths the Red Knight wheeled his horse once more and
came charging up the path, his spear aimed at Percivale.” The fact that there are not any lessons
imbedded with in these stories will not help the students later on in their life. Stories should
always provide wisdom to the audience

The second reason of rejecting your work is that much of the series a man is lost in his own world,
roaming around and that is not a good aspect for a sophomore that will be entering college with in a
matter of two years. In King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table, In the Two Swords, A man
named Uther fell in love with with a man, Gorlois’s wife. There is a lot of love in deceit in the
King Arthur series. “But Uther fell in love with Gorlois’s wife, the Lovely Igrayne, and there was a
battle between them between Gorlois fell, and Uther married his widow. In Sir Tristum, a very young
boy is tricked to play chess on a boat, he is then kidnapped and taken away. “Tristam came and he
beat the merchant at every game. But whikle they played, the sailors drew up the anchor silently,
hoisted the great white sails and slipped out to sea, meaning to sell Tristam as a slave for much
money.” When Tristam was left in Cornwall, by the kidnappers he wandered around until a man, by the
name King Mark took him under his shoulder, he had been lost for so long that his parents came
looking for him. “Then Rual cames, seeking the wide world over for hi lost fosterling and he saw
that God has been working in these things.” This is a great example of a man who doesn’t know his
home nor his family, life should not be like this, especially in this age.

The last problem wrong with your stories is that the plot is much too coincidental. In The Two
Swords, when King Uther needed a sword when his previous broke. But when Arthur went to fetch Uther
a new sword, he just happened to pick a sword that will crown him the king of Britain.“Round about
the anvil they found letters of gold set in the great stone and the letters read thus: ‘Whose
pulleth out this sword from this stone and anvil is the true-born king of all Britain’.” Another
Great example of this thought is when in Sir Tristum and the fair Iseult, Queen Isaud found the chip
of the sword that killed her brother. Tristram’s sword matched up with the chip, some how the queen
coinsidentally, the queen noticed the chip missing in his sword and even bothered to look at the
chip. But these scenes make the book that more interesting to read and enjoy. They do though, make
you feel that this would never happen in real life.

All in all we are once again sorry for your rejection. But your work has touched the hearts of
millions of people around the world and for many generations. Your stories are indeed a great text
for older graduates, especially when the curriculum is the middle ages. Once again thank you for the
great stories, and once again we apologize for your rejections. We would like to wish you good luck
on up-coming pieces.


Dan Roche












Bowling has been an excuse to get the family out to spend quality time together for the past
50 years now. The sport has spread through out the world, but more popular in some areas then
others. According to the Britanica encyclopedia the history of the sport can be traced back to the
Stone Age. The origin of the word has also been traced back to 1535, (OED) meaning “any of several
games in which players standing at one end of an alley or green roll balls at standing objects or
toward a mark at the other end, esp. a game in which a heavy ball is rolled from one end of a wooden
alley at wooden pins set up at the opposite end” according to the American Heritage Dictionary. The
word’s etymology “bowling” refers to “playing at bowls” but the word was also implied in 1440
spelled “bowlyn”. The sport has helped formed the culture of the United States, but has not been too
influential in England. Mainly because Indoor Sports in generally are not very popular, the sport is
at a very slow pace and Indoor space is very limited in England.

Bowling has a very rich history. According to the Britanica encyclopedia the first evidence of
bowling was discovered by a British Anthropologist by the name of Sir Flinders Petrie. He and his
team of archeologists discovered the first evidence of bowling in Egypt in the 1930’s. He excavated
and found a collection of objects from a small child’s tomb. Some anthropologists argue that the
game originated much later than that. William Pehle, a German historian claimed that the game
originated in Germany around 300 A.D. The German Game was a religious ritual for determining the
absence of sin. The game was introduced by German monks to the massed as a test of faith according
to the Britanica encyclopedia.

But the sport we consider “bowling” started in the 1100’s, according to btba.org.uk. There are
several variations of bowling such as half bowls, skittle and ninepins, which existed even through
the 1300’s. These forms are mainly played in England today. According to the Britanica encyclopedia
The First written mention of the sport was made by King Edward III in 1336. King Edward banned the
playing of the game among his troops because it was distracting the troops from archery practice.
Later on in England’s history, during the reign of Henry the VIII, the game gained popularity and
was played as a symbol of notability and social status. According to the Britanica encyclopedia this
even spread to the American civilization in the 17th century from the English, Dutch and German

The Bowling we know of here in America is not exactly popular at all in the U.K. Lawn bowls
is a popular sport played in England which is similar to the game of bocce ball. The Goal of the
game is to get as close as possible to the white ball, with out hitting it. This game is usually
played outside and the major league is British Crown Green Bowling Association which was formed in
1907. However the game of 10-pin bowling is somewhat popular the proffesional organization in
Britain is the British Tenpin Bowling Association. There is however a tournament held called the
“weber cup” where America and Europe face off in a three day challenge consisting of team, single
and double players. According the the official Weber cup website team Europe consists of 5
teammates, yet one lives in the British Isles he goes by the name of Paul Moor. According to the
webber cup website, Paul is a 29 year old english man gone by the nickname “Rodger”. He has rolled a
perfect game 23 times and his weber cup stats are that he hasPlayed 14 (singles and doubles
matches), Won 10, Lost 4, and his Winning percentage is71%. Articles in newspaper don’t exactly
report on these types of events, since the sport is not very popular.

I believe that the sport will continue to stay here in America, and not leave. This sport
resembles a cheap way to have fun for generation to come. England is a country that just enjoys
there classic sports. Bowling will stick around forever but wont migrate around the world like other














Dear Mr. President,

As a sophomore student of Catholic Memorial I am quite fond of the curriculum founded in our
sophomore English classes. We are currently covering British literature, which is where most of the
greatest authors and poets are usually found. The text selection is great, especially for the age
group of tenth graders. The text is deeply inscribed with morals that can help the students make
great decisions later on in life. One factor that is found in the literature is the use of
symbolism, which pushes your thinking to another “level” beyond literal terms. This will show the
deeper meaning of the text that will later help in more difficult college courses to come. The
passages read during class have helped me increase my vocabulary structure and will better prepare
us for college type standardized testing, reading, and essays. British literature should indeed stay
as the sophomore English curriculum, so that other types of literature can be built off the original
and basic unit of literature. The British Program also fits into a very organized line of English
courses. Of course, the freshman course begins with World Literature, followed by Sophomore British
Literature, the Junior level is American Literature and the Final course study is contemporary

We have discussed, written about and critically thought about many pieces of writing in class, and I
believe that every single student has learned something from it. One of the first essays we wrote in
English 10, was about the history of a certain word. This essay really showed how old and yet how
young our English language is, and that it is somewhat like a being, constantly changing. Since
every student obtained a word, a sophomore Colin Ronayne wrote about the word “dog” and stated “They
used to experiment on dogs called laboratory retrievers. The way you think of dog in modern
day English language is a quadruped of the genus Canis, of which wild species or forms are found in
various parts of the world, and numerous races and breeds, varying greatly in size and in
shape,color, occur in a domesticated or semi-domesticated sate in almost all countries.” This is
actually quite impressive research especially for an English class. He learned about an animal,
learned grammar, using research tools, and so on and so forth. Another student, by the name Ian
Reeb, wrote about the word “discover” and he even made his own poll. “My results from a poll I
conducted are as follows. I chose to interview a reasonable amount of people, and only 20% of the
recipients responded with the correct definition of “discover”. But that means the majority, or 80%,
of the people in the poll weren’t quite correct with their responses, having missed the target they
were aiming for.” This shows that the research paper assigned are showing that students can indeed
write a paper, with completely relying on a machine. At this day and age it is very rare for a
student or really any American not to live without a computer. We go our days with using them in out
daily life, and many of us forget what it really is like to actually “do” research, and many of the
skills that we use in our actual jobs are lost from the over usage of computers. Another sophomore,
Pat Simas wrote about a somewhat popular sport known as “crew”. Patrick learned many interesting
statistics and learned great techniques of quoting such as “The newspapers in England do not have a
fair amount to say about the sport, with every major paper listing it as an “other sport” On March
17th, sport columnist Brian Moore of The Telegraph reported that Leander was the winner of the Head
of the River saying “Leander retained the Head of the Rivertitle yesterday, despite no current Great
Britain oarsmen appearing for them or any other club. The gap between themselves and second-placed
crew Imperial opened by four seconds at Hammersmith and was more than seven seconds by the end.
Molesey, who started second and were overtaken by Imperial, were given a 10-second penalty for the
resulting clash.” Patrick learned also how to use reliable sources that can be found on the internet
with out using the infamous “google”.

British literature is a very popular subject in high schools, but they are not always exactly
labeled “British Literature”. There are three somewhat known school located in and around the town
of Dedham that do not have British Literature, but do have another form of it. Nobles and Greenough
High School is a very prestigious high school, and their courses include “Shakespear I and II”,
“Philosophy and Literature”, and much of the college courses have English authors included such as a
book we read this year, Mary Shelly’s “Frankenstein”. Many other famous British books are also read
such as Moby Dick, Hamlet, and so on.(Nobles.edu) Westwood does not have a specific English Course
but do read many known novels, many of them with British authors such as “Julius Caesar”, “Animal
Farm”,” The Canterbury Tales”, “Frankenstein”, and “MacBeth” .(Westwood.k12.ma.us/) In Dedham High
School, there is not a specific course chosen for Sophomores, the students read great works spanning
from the beginning of the English language, until the present day. This shows that the course does
not necessarily have to be British Literature in order to read great works of the English time
period. Much of the school surrounding the Norfolk county area do indeed read some British
authors.(Dedham.k12.ma.us/dhs/) This shows that much of not only private school but public schools
believe that British Literature is an important and vital course selection.

I interviewed a well known teacher here at Catholic Memorial, Mr. Croteau, who teaches 9th grade
English. I asked hime one simple question, "Do you like British Literature?". In response
he agreed that it is a terrific subject and " a good change instead of gramar". However
Mr. Croteau also said " It should not be taught to the sophomore class". I disagree
however, and British Literaure fits perfectly with the English formats for the Freshman, Shophomore,
Junior and Senior years. On another account I asked a current English 10 teacher, Mrs. Demoura. I
asked her the same question as I did to Mr. Croteau. She answered the same way as Mr. Croteau, but
believes the sophomore class is a wonderful time for instructing this course.

I asked a reporter of the guardian transcript, and asked him "Do you believe that British
Literature is a good course for Sohomores to take?", he then replied "Of course, British
Literature is the foundation of in general the English language". British Literature has
inspired many authors and people, and has been around since the beginning of the English language.
So I propose that British Literature stays as the sophomore English selection, and actually is more
prominent in other classes as well.