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Creative Writing  
  The word is funny. Funny was first used in 1756 by author W. toldervy in the book “Two Orphans II”.
With the word I chose being 251 years old, gives me plenty of research. How do I find all of my
research on the word funny? I have looked at two dictionaries to find it. My word started at meaning
“humor” and throughout the years of it being of it being used, it has been determined in other ways.
Used in our society today it has had the meaning of “crude humor, act of having fun, etc. It (along
with many other words) is used in many different ways. In my thesis opinion the word funny has made
an impact on our society because it is used so often. When it was determined as act of having fun,
it gave it other ways to determine its meaning. It modified the word funny because it gave it other
ways to use it. It changed the vocabulary usage of the word and make it more useable in other
context. Along with the meaning crude humor it let funny be used into a slight different way of
putting the word into a sentence. Funny teaches us how English has changed over it. There are many
different meanings of the word, but most are located in old and modern dictionaries everywhere. My
word had plenty of time to be developed into many different meanings throughout the 251 years. In my
opinions the meaning of the word funny means a comical matter or the act of being funny. The word
funny has been used in books on an average of about 70 times that has been recorded in times before
1970. It has been used more then that in magazines or newspapers, but has been recorded 71 times in
the Oxford English Dictionary. How long will it last ? I think that the word funny will go forever
and be used in all languages.













My Sport is archery and in Britain it is not one of the biggest sports. The first time archery was
used or said was around 1400’s, according to The Oxford Englsih Dictionary.. The word comes from the
word “toxophily” which was used because the toxic in which was put on the bow came from the root of
the word. The first time a bow was seen was on cave drawings. The sport itself was a very spiritual
thing, according to centenaryarchers.gil.com. It was used to scare away spirit’s and helping people
from fictional things.

In the sport archery there is two things you must have to play the sport. The first object is a
bow, when the bow was first invented it was believed to be a thin piece of flexible wood bent into a
shape and located in the back was a piece of fabric that would connect each side so you could use it
to launch something off of it. The second object is an arrow and an arrow was known to be I circular
carved stick with an iron head at the top of it to gauge its target. These objects are believed to
be found in Africa around 5,000 B.C., according to centenaryarchers.gil.com. Today archery is not as
famous as it once was. It still plays a role in the British life in which it is broken into many
different society’s and/or leagues.

In Britain most Professional Archers usually join an association. Joining associations would lead to
other opening’s for jobs that the professional could pursue. There is a lot of different types and
associations of archery in Britain alone, then all over the world. Pete Kendrick began archery at a
young age wining titles all over in junior events, when he got older he pursued to association
titles. He trained for his favorite type of archery wood and then moved on to freestyle archery,
playing since the 1980’s. He joined the Black Sheep Archer Association and completed his courses in
GNAS and NFAS. He was elected the greatest and most experienced member of his association, according
to Blacksheeparchersassociation.com.

Before professionals became professionals they most often were amateurs. Most student associations
are were amateurs started. In Britain most amateurs are not mentioned because they are not in the
major titles of archery, unless they overcome great achievements. Michael Warren became an amateur
archer overnight when his grandmother suggested for him to do a recreation class. When he discovered
his talent he continued to go with the class and win titles.

In most British newspapers archery is not at the top of the sport list. It is rarely spoken about
unless the people in it had accomplished something great or won a title. In a few years there has
rarely been an archery article. It is not common simply by seeing if it is on the sport catalog
which on most sites it is not. In Britain the reason why archery is ever in an article is because
something is in literature about it or something has been achieved.


















Mr. President I am here today on be half of the abolishment of British Literature. As a Sophomore
things are going good academic wise. All the subjects all go well together and I feel that they are
good the way they are. I have seen m peers and they also agree. All The experiences in every course
has open my mind to many things. Most of all British Literature has showed me the most I could
experience. This English Program has increased my peers and I knowledge to its largest fulfillment.
the next few minutes I am going to explain why I am against the abolishment of our Sophomore British
Literature Class.

My peers and I have had a better view of English in general because of this course. Poems and
Stories have taken a big role in our teachings. We have learned not only the poems but also about
the poets and their histories. Writing has also taken a huge role. We have had four essay
assignments throughout this year. My peers have increased they way the write anything. I have looked
through some of their essays and from the beginning of this year to now their essays are better. In
their Essays they write in complete detail because this course has helped us also research. With
this we now know how to find the history and important facts on anything they want now. Based on
what we have learned will simply make these analysis and quotes make perfect sense in why the school
picked this subject. Boston College High School, Quincy High School, and Waldorf High School are
some of the best in Massachusetts. These School’s have all taught British Literature during the
Sophomore year. These schools have shown what an impact it has had on the kids. Knowing kids from
two of these three schools, they have also told me that that were pleased with such a subject. Kids
from other schools have had the same experience as my peers and I have also had.IN my school we have
many different teachers with many different English courses. I interviewed Mr. Hurley a teacher at
my school who has been teaching English for many years. I asked him what he thought of British
literature and he said “It doesn’t differ from all the other courses in a positive way”. He said he
doesn’t enjoy teaching it because he teaches it as often as possible. He also said that in the
course there are more things to learn then just grammar and reading, which had made it harder for

Which I disagree on with an example of how it improved my peers in the second paragraph. I think
that English 10 should be a British Literature course. It helped me and my classmates when needed
and was a much easier but challenging course at the same time . I felt that we could express
ourselves in a much different way then when we could in our previous English classes in such ways as
poetries and stories. I know that my English class has improved in drastic ways, and the only thing
I could imagine it was that caused this positive change is the British Literature Course