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Creative Writing  
  When you take a chick out of its egg, the chick will cry and beg for its mommy. My word is chick and
was created in the 1400. The word was first used in the book room, Rose the sentence was" Hir
flesh tendre as is a chicke." Many people when they think of the word chick they might think of
a woman (slang term) or a young bird but its actually also means a young child that has just been
born. This word chick teaches us how English has changed over time.

I looked up the word chick in three different dictionaries. The first dictionary which was
Dictionary.com said " its is a young chicken, a child, and a slang term for woman. The second
dictionary was the American Heritage dictionary and it said the same definition " it was a
young chicken, a child, and slang for a young woman." The thir dictionary was the Online
Etymology Dictionary and it said the word chick was " a shorter term for a chicken and slang
for a young woman." In most of these definitions are saying the same thing except for that of
chick can also mean a child.

I also found the OED defintions which some were similar to the defintions I got in other
dictionaries. The first definition was a "young chicken." The second defintion was "
is a young bird still in the egg or only just hatched." The third definition was in "
alliteration of a child." The fourth definition was " a young woman(slang term) like when
you talk about a young woman you may use the word chick." The fifth definition was a
"chick keeper" which can mean a person that watches young birds or chickens. Again its
sounds to me like the OED almost have the same defintions as from the various dictionaries I
visited. The only difference I found was the " alliteration of a child" definition.

My word has been used by many different authors. Here is a quote from an article from a bicycle
" A chart is presented that lists cycling group rides, Quick Chick's Woman Only Ride,
Grand Strand Bicycles Saturday Morning Ride, and Team hobbs' Sunday Ride. It was also used by
Kunerk, K which was written in a Men's Fitness source. He said" Instead of dinner at a
charm restaurant and long, weepy chick flick. Here is another quote from a natural science
source" He documented their courtship, nest building, egg laying, finally, their parenting of
four zebra strped chicks. Near the end of his stint, Doesnt caught the two week old chick pictured
here mid meal." Now what I noticed that the word chick was used in three different ways. One
was using chick as a child, as something that most females would watch, and as saying woman.

Many authors found from the OED have used the word chick in their work. Foe example in the
Washington times ' what with the sleepless in Seattle updating the concept of the violent
place, like the chick film Thelma and Loise." Also Shakespeare used the word chick " My
Ariel:chicke; that is my charge." Also Sinclair Lewis in the book Elmer Gantry " He
didn't want to marry this brainless fluffy chick." And the last author Willam Morris used
my word chick in Earthly Paradise " He had no chick or child bless his house. " As youn
can see again the word chick can be used in many different ways. And has evolved a lot over the past
years when it just was used in 1400.

How long will the word chick last? I think it will last finally stop being used in 40404 whic is a
long time from now. How long will the english language last? I think it will last until 100450.

















Dear Geoffrey Chaucer,

This is a very hard decision for me, but i have to make a cut due to the budgets. Now Geoffrey you
have done some great work for the Prentice Hall Literature Book. You wrote the "Nun's
Priest Tale" and the "Canterbury Tales", which were both great stories that grabbed
peoples attention. You have done a great job for us and always have done what we wanted and made
great stories but there are some things that make your stories not so great. I am rejecting you
because in the story the "Nuns Priest Tale" humans are depicted as evil characters.
Another reason why I am rejecting you is because old people are depicted badly in the story the
"Wife of Bath Tale." The last reason is the fact that you use animals as main characters
in a story is too fantastical.

In you story the "Canterbury tales" and "Nun Priest Tale" humans are seen as
evil people in these stories. In the "Nuns Priest Tale" here is an example " oh the
fox and they all ran after him and after him with their staves went many men." So as you can
see after they all see a fox all them go staight after it and try kill it with their staves. This
shows the evil within the humans by trying to kill animals. Here is another example " And
shouting men and women all did make, they all ran so they thought their hearts would break. They
yelled like fiends out of hell. " Here you can see all hell break loose and the humans have
now gone crazy trying to catch the fox. The last example " Certainly old Jack Straw and his
army never raised shouting half so loud and shrill, when they were chasing Flemings for to kill as
that day as they raised upon the fox. " This just shows the plain cruelty of humans and the
evil they started.

Another reason that I am rejecting you is that old people are depicted as bad people in the
"Wife of Baths Tale." In the "Wife of Bath Tale the old people are treated as if they
were nothing. My first example is ( page 3) "she says you will take me as your wife since I
have speared your life. The knight says alas and welaway! That I so have promised I will protest.
For though I am old and poor, I will not for all the metal and all ore, I will still be your
wife." So as you can see being old is a bad thing because the knight doesn't want anything
to do with her. Here is another is a second example ( page 4) "Amended cried the knight alas
nay nay ! It will not be amended ever no ! you are so loathsome." So as you can see old people
are not treated great in the middle ages.

Finally I am rejecting you because of the fact that you use animals as main characters of a story.
In the "Nun's Priest Tale" I don't think it's very realistic to use animals
and to have them talking to each other, because we both know it's not real. My first example is
" the young cock says i do belive in dreams and Penticleer say " I do not belive in
dreams." ( page 532). Its is clearly shown that these two characters are animals and are main
characters. My second example " For he shuts his eyes, When he should see, And willfully, God
let him meer be free." ( page 540) This shows the fox and the cock speaking to each other which
is way too fantastical.

I am very sorry that I had to let you go. But look at it this way I think I can fit you in next
year, into our text book if you just take my advice. We mights have a workbook , so perhaps I can
fit you in there too. And I am sorry that this had to happen to you but the budgets were tough and
you came up last.

Sincerely Editor Murray

  “Hockey!” According to the OED this word hockey has gone as far as 1555 in England. The word started
off the spelling off as the spelling first hoky. This use of the word developed in 1555 early 1600
and used by Nashe in Summer’s Last Will and Test. In 1676 “ Hoacky” was used as a food. The word
hockey had many different form changes as it developed through time. According to the encyclopedia
hockey developed from stick and ball games similar to Native American Lacrosse and Celtic Hurling.
Evolutionary versions of the modern game developed in both the Canadian Maritime cities Nova Scotia
primarily Halfix. Also interior Canadian communities of Ottawa and Montreal. Hockey is not very
popular in Great Britain, in the newspapers they have a very small section for hockey. According to
the OED no one knows exactly where the game hockey originally came from but the game was developed
in Canada in 1788 at Kings College School. The word hockey shows the development of literature in
Great Britain and it tells us that Great Britain doesn’t like violent unorganized sports.

In Britain there are many rules that the player must stick by in the hockey game. For example
according to British Inline Puck Hockey Association, a rule is the stop clock will operate during
the last two minutes of play if teams are tied or within two goals. For example according to British
Inline Puck Hockey Association another interesting rule is in League competitions points shall be
awarded: 2 points to the winner, 1 point for a tie game, and 0 points to the loser. According to
Britain Inline Puck Association there is a range of ages from 10 to 21 years of kids and adults
playing hockey. This is all organized into groups in certain ages. Another interesting rule is in
front of the goal crease shall be marked by a red line 5cm ( 2”)wide. With all of these special
rules tells us that the British don’t like unorganized sports. According to History of hockey the
first Olympic Hockey Competition was held in London in 1908 with men’s teams competing and with
England, Ireland and Scotland competing separately. Women’s hockey was not included in the Olympics
until 1980.

A great Britain player back in 1987 was Tony Hand. According to Wikipedia Tony Hang had remarkable
statistics and he was drafted by Murray field and he was there first choice. He finished that season
with scoring 52 goals and 43 assists in 30 league games after scoring 12 goals and 8 assists in 7
Autumn Cup games. He reached his first Champion ship playoff Final with Murray field but despite
Hand scoring 10 goals and 5 assists in 6 games, they lost 5-4 to Dundee Rockets. He went on to
represent Great Britain at the Junior Championship scoring 6 goals and 3 assists. Here is a quote
from one of the scouts who watched Tony Hand “ He skated well : his intelligence on the ice stood
out. He was a real prospect.”

Hockey is found everywhere its even found in literature. It can be found in movies, poems, and
books. For example there is a poem about hockey by Raymond A. Foss which talks of and describes
Hockey about the ice and practice. It was written July 15 2006.

In the news it talk of hockey in the newspaper Times online. the London times. It was an ariticle
written Feb 17 2008. It talks of how hockey is booming in Britain. There are also 8000 playing
memebers in the national association. Its also great for workout for high levels of speed power,
agility and anaerobic fitness, and core strength is vital.In addition to leg strength and general
fitness routines, ice hockey training normally includes ab crunches and lower-back strengthening
exercises, moves that strengthen the hip flexor muscles (such as raising your legs while flat on
your back) and one-armed dumbbell rows to work the shoulders. So the popualrity of hockey is rising
because the great workout it gives. In conclusion I think the sport of hockey may
continues for about another 200 years and eventually will become unpopular to the people in the UK.
This sport is just not as popular as sports such as soccer, tennis, and cricket. This sport isn’t
liked the British people because its very unorganized unlike tennis cricket and soccer which are
British people’s favorite sports.













Dear Mr. President,
I would like to let you know that the 10th grade students have been studying British
Literature. I have a lot of experience in English 10 British Literature. I have studied the
Enlighten age and the Victorian age of literature. I have also read many books, such as Animal Farm,
Frankenstein, and Beowulf. Also I have studied many famous authors such as Robert Herrick, William
Blake, and Alexander Pope. I think that you should not abolish British Literature from the school

Mr. President my young peers have learned a great deal about British Literature and it has helped
them learn some things. For example one of my peers Ben Murphy said in one of his papers “As the
people today know of the word Hockey they know of it was sport with young superstars. With this, the
sport has a open future and if the sport is going to be spread and be around for a much longer
period of time.” Ben Murphy discusses the word Hockey and how it does have open future because it
has some young superstars. This would not have happened if this young student had not learned about
British Literature. Another young peer of mine Thomas O Brien has said in one of his papers “The
spelling change of the word clover through these books shows the evolution of the language and the
way we spell and pronounce the words today.” Now this information could not have been learned if
Thomas did not study British Literature. My last example is another peer of mine Samuel McGee “As
you can see between the two modern definitions there is still one main definition that is used in
all modern dictionaries and that the word seems to have maintained one definite definition in all of
it 1000 years.” My peer Mr. Mcgee would not have learned all of this information on the word sweet
if it wasn’t for British Literature.

It seems that certain students have been studying British Literature and seem to think
that it is teaching them something about British Literature. For example Newton North has in there
curriculum that in order to get into the next year which is junior year you must have studied that
course and pass it. The website is www.newton.k12.ma.us/nnhs/. So this proves that the student
must be learning something about British Literature or why else would other schools be teaching it.
Also Another high school that is taking British Literature course is Milton Academy which studies
Shakespeare and reads his poems Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet. The website for this school is
www.milton.edu/. So all of this proves that student are learning about British Literature and its
helps them later on in life. My last example is Newton South high school which does require its
students to learn about British Literature. The schools website is www.newton.k12.ma.us/nshs/. It
seems that in the town of Newton the students seem to enjoy or learn things from British Literature.

It has come very clear to me that students seem to like British Literature and the teachers also
appear to enjoy the subject. I was able to talk to one of the English teachers Mr. Smith. I asked
him what he thought of British Literature and if it should be taught to us students he said “
British Literature is awesome. It very interesting to learn about all of the stories and British
poets. I enjoy it very much.” I also asked him what is his favorite British author he said “ William
Shakespeare because he liked the Macbeth play.” He mostly enjoyed the violence and betrayal. So as
you can see British Literature is enjoyed by the teachers which makes it easier and more enjoyable
to teach for them.

I was able to contact an British author Mathew Parish. I asked him about his opinion on
British Literature and he said “ I have always enjoyed British Literature from my childhood and I
was always fascinated by the poems and stories that I read.” I also asked him who is his favorite
author and he said “Geoffy Chaucer because his poems were always very interesting and never boring
to me.” It seems to me that British authors also enjoy British literature and that it must have
taught them something very educational.

British Literature should be taught to the freshman class. As you can see from the students work I
have showed you, the three local high schools, the English teacher that I have interviewed, also the
British author that I interviewed, it is learned that British Literature is worth while and be
taught to the freshman class. Students might disagree but there minds are still developing and will
soon realize that British Literature is very important in the lives. As you can see that British
Literature is very important because it teaches several things and lessons in life.