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  "Hockey"! A game with hooked sticks and ruff edges. That's how we define the game
today. This word has gone as far 1555 in England. Even though that today we look at the word with
pads and nets in an enclosed are, it originated from different spellings and meanings. With that,
the word hockey has changed over time and is still able to tell us about its earliest development.

This word started off with the spelling first of hoky. This use of the eord developed in 1555 early
1600 and used by Nashe in SUmmer's Last Will & Test. As time went on the word hockey
started to look more like it does in modern times. In 1676 "Hoacky" was used as a food.
With the spelling changing over time meaning was Horkey. This form was first used by Bloofield as an
adjective. Horkey was refered to as a sickle.

Then around 1812 hockey starts to look like the word today Hawkie. Hawkir then was considered
harvest-home. This meaning tends to stay the same up to the year 1825 but the pronunciation changes
from "hockay" or "hawkey". The meaning back in the 1500's-1800's is
ebtirley different from what it is in this year. The word hockey today is defined as a game called
ice hockey. PLayed in an arena with two teams who try to score a goal with a rubber disc called a
puck. Hockey can also be refered to as field hockey, which is the older game where the sport is
played on a field with wooden sticks and a ball. For example, an outdoor game played with sticks or
clubs hooked or curved at one end,with which players of each side drive the ball towards the goal at
the other end of the ground. This meanings is almost the same as Hawkey in 1828, used by W.
Holloway. He described this as a game played by several boys on each side with sticks, called
Hawkey-bats and a ball. These different spellings show how the OED has changed over time.

Over time this word generated through the minds of many different authors. An author by the name of
Nashe, he used the earliest form of this word: Hooky, "we have shorn, And we have bound.
Authors then picked up on the word in its use Horkey, Bloomfield the aouthorwho used this form as
and adjective: "twas Farmer Cheerum's Horkey night" Then, as authors such as abbott
and Thackeray used the Hawkey, a "Hawkey is a small, round stick, sbout as long as a man's
cane., with a crook in the lower end, so that a boy can hit balls and little stones with it, when
lying upon the ground". When you take Hawkey and Hockey and compare their meanings they have
roughly the same meaning. Hockey,used in one of its most recent form by Widdowosn, "Hockey is
the most popular sport in Canada". Since the first use of the word, it has been used in
sentences as adjectives nouns to adverbs all sorts of uses, to finally a noun
inwhich"Hockey" is a sport.

In the year 200 Authors have narrowed the word to Hockey. A game playe don an ice rink by two
opposing teames of 5 skaters witha goalie, who try to knock a flat round puck into the opponents
goal with hockey sticks. Or, field hockey played on a field: two opposing teames use curved sticks
to drive a ball into the opponents net. An article today issued in the New York Times the word
Hockey was used to describe a league. In which thw writer described, "with The Rangers as a
free agent this sunmmer, Scott Gomez palyed all seven of his previous National Hockey League seasons
with the Devils". This description is one of the best ways to describe the use of this word.
Along with the London Times they refered to Ice Hockey as "the fastest or cooliest game on
earth, and its followers like to claim that its both". Both of these magazine writers are
pretty much on the same track as far as its uses and forms of spelling which make the wor Hockey
known for the most part the exact same all over the world in the year 2000.

How long withe word " last? Since the word "Hockey" has been around for centuries
now, its future to me seems as bright as the sun. As the people today know of the word Hockey they
know of it was sport with young superstars. With this, the sport has a open future and if the sport
is going to be spread and be around for a much longer period of time. The word Hockey as wwe kno it
today will be around for at least another century.













Dear Mr. Shakespeare, It has come time to start thinking about the Book for next year and are in
the stages of cutting certain stories out of the book. We enjoy reading the
stories your style of writing is good but not really what we are looking for, for our new book. We
have broken down why we have decided not too use your Macbeth story we believe that it is too
fantastical, we se that there is only limited talk about the younger youth and babies and lastly,
that there are to many other conflicts and there should be one main focus.

When we say fantastical we mean that we are trying to keep our stories like this one as true as
possible. For example after Lady Macbeth and Macbeth commit the crime
of killing King Duncan Macbeth starts to feel the guilt and sees the dagger that he used to kill
him. “Mine eyes are made the fools o’ th’ other senses” .(322) This can be a good part of a story if
there is more visuals. With the seeing the dagger , Macbeth after he has to kill Banquo he sees
his ghost, he then remarks “thou canst not say I did it. Never shake
thy glory locks at me”.(346) We like this example but the ghost and the invisible dagger are
qualities we have seen in other stories in which we could use either more of fantasy or no fantasy
at all. This also makes me think that there should only be one main focus and limit the other

As we read through this story we see that there is a lack of youth. We don’t see many parts of
babies being mentioned but there are a few that are. “ thou shalt get kings,
though thou be none”.(306) We enjoyed that the third witch spoke to Banquo that his kids will be
kings. Then later in your play Lady Macbeth talks about her baby “How tender ‘tis to love the babe
that milks me”.(316) These are great examples but we would like to see maybe other characters with

In this story we don’t see one central focus, for example Beowulf the monster is the central focus.
We see that your fantasies would work better with one central conflict. As Macbeth is worrying about
the killing of King Duncan he has to deal with his wife also worrying about the death of Duncan. As
your story goes on Banquo is murdered then his has his death on his mind and how he is one who is
very disobedient . Then Macbeth is interfered with Macduff and Malcom who seem not to like each
other. With all of this running through his mind he has to worry about seeing Banquo’s ghost and
seeing the dagger he used to kill the king. This all would read or appeal to the reader easier if
you explained one of these conflicts just by shorting.

With this, the play is well written you are a very creative writer who to us need just a few touch
ups. But if this play is sent to us simplified and the specifics we asked you too do what we asked
you this play should have no problem making this book in the future.

  The first game of golf for which records survive was played at Bruntsfield Links, in
Edinburgh, Scotland, in A.D. 1456, recorded in the archives of the Edinburgh Burgess Golfing
Society, which is now they Royal Burgess Golf Society. The Official Online Gateway Now gave this
information and at this time in history in Scotland golf has taken a wide popularity in all of the
British isles England, Ireland, Scotland, and Whales. In Scotland also known as gowf, and in times
past as goft, golf, and gouff etc, almost certainly comes from a medieval Dutch word, kolf, meaning
a stick used in some kind of similar ball game. Its popularity in Scotland from early times was
helped on the east coast by the links, that is, stretches of undulating sandy ground which provided
ideal terrain for the game, and many of the best golf courses are to be found there to this day.
With this, I would like to focus on the three main things of this sport the rules how it is played,
professional and amateur players, and lastly the history of the sport
in the British isles.

The history of this sport goes back a long time and was played and is still played at all
levels of society in Scotland. The expenditure of King James IV on a visit to Falkland included the
purchase of ‘golf clubs and balls that he play it with’, and was recorded in the Royal &
Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. The well known monarchs, among them Mary, Queen of Scots, were
also keen players. Also In the 18th century the golf game in Scotland became more structured. The
Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, originally just the Gentlemen Golfers, founded in 1744, is
widely accepted as the world’s first golf club; it is now based at Muirfield, East Lothian. Ten
years later, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club began as the Society of St Andrews Golfers.

Their have been many championships held in Scotland, and has many professional players in
tournaments such as US open or the TBC at Saw Grass. Some professionals such as Martin Laird, Colin
Montgomerie. These are currently the two most famous PGA tour members from Scotland Colin loves the
sport and cherishes the sport so much showing this by "I have always wanted to give something
back to this sport which has
given me so much. To design here in the UAE is such a pleasure because golf here is all about having
a good time, with a nod to the traditions of the game."

The first Open, held at Prestwick, Scotland this was won
by Willie Park, but well known play was dominated by a father and son. Tom Morris senior, or Old
Tom, won the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 8th Opens; Young Tom Morris won the trophy in 1868, 1869 and when he
fell short in 1870 he looked at the board of the tournament and told them “wait until next year”,
there by winning the Championship Belt outright. Without a trophy, the Open was not held the
following year, but in 1872 it returned with a new prize, the claret jug, which is still competed

This sport is spread over many countries in today’s history played by young, old rich
poor. But they do so because the game is fun and it is a great way to bring people together on a
Saturday afternoon. This sports future is extremely bright and is a sport that is easily picked up.
By at least 2020 half the population of our universe will have herd of
this sport in some way, shape, or form.














Mr. President as it stands right now as tenth graders we are studding British Literature. Last
year as a Ninth graders we studied world literature as we look upon to the years ahead, as eleventh
graders I would learn American Literature Then as a senior I would be participating in contemporary
Literature. So this year it is important for me to understand the concepts and authors of British
Literature. With this, I would love to see British Literature taught next year by the teachers in
this school.

As I looked through the other students work I found that every tenth grader that was on their
has learned something from this profound Literature. As I read through My class mates work of Brian
Manion he said that “the word stalemate has aspired or was found in 1874 in Britain. This shows me
that Brain has an understanding of British History and a understanding of British Literature. Then I
looked at another class mate of mines work, Dan Mullen said that The OED (Oxford English Dictionary)
of the word basketball is: "A game played indoors or out doors with a large inflated ball,
which is thrown from player to player, the object being to score by casting it into one's
goal, a basket fixed ten feet above the ground at each end of the field of play". He got this
from the Oxford English Dictionary which came from Britain so with out the comprehension of British
Literature Dan might not have been able to look their. Now, I
understand that British History these two students were able to find their information.
I went outside of our school and asked a British Literature teacher / administrator at the
local high school near my house and I asked Lyn Sullivan at Duxbury High School do you teach British
Literature at your school? She told me that they do teach British Literature. She then explained
that by understanding British literature it helps our students find out about other forms of writing
and styles than the writings in American History. Then I contacted a local all girls school near me
and asked Notre Dame Academy f they taught British Literature to their students and a Mrs. Wilburn
explained to me that they found British Literature as a great way to open our young tenth graders
minds. Then I looked on the website of Boston College High School and found that they study British
Literature as juniors and was quoted “This course surveys the literature of England as it developed
in narrative, lyric, and dramatic form“. By having all of these schools studying this form of
literature it shows that it is important to explore the confines of other countries in the world.

Authors that study British literature or from Britain that have numerous works and interest in
writing I looked at the London Times. An author in the business part of the paper said that “British
literature should be taught in schools in Massachusetts because it is a very good way to appreciate
the writings from our country“. Then I asked him what do find most interesting about this form
Literature. He replied “is the fact that kids from other parts of the world can be introduced to
such amazing forms of literature.

As I look at This style of Literature and its future, its future is brighter than any style of
English taught here. This based on the facts that children or young adults enjoy its contexts so
much that they will take the time to sit down to read the stories given to them from British
authors. Most of all they see it as a fun way to kill time or to get an “A”.