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Creative Writing  
  Over the years there have been many words that came into the English
language and one of the word is called cold.There are different ways of spelling the word and there
are different definitions of the word cold in the Oxford American dictionary. This word teaches us
how the English language changes over time.

the word cold was found around 1499 by the name of Emerson. The next time the word
cold was found it was in the 1866 by E. Smith. another date that was foind was 1889 by Cursor M. .
The word cold has many different definitions one of the definitions from the Oxford dictionary is
"the temperature below o is the freezing mode". another definition of the word cold
from the Webster dictionary" is when you are shivering and get the goose bumps by not keeping
your body warm".

In the word cold you can spell it many different ways. In theOED there are many
different ways of spelling the word cold there are probably or at least 100 or more ways how to
spell the world cold. Some of the different ways of spelling the word cold and some of the ways are
cald, coold, colld, and cauld but there are more ways to spell it. The word cold is a definition of
windy, with a cool breeze.

The most common use of the word cold is a cold windy breeze but there are
different ways of using the word in a definition or in a sentence. It is a word tht is still slive
today the word hasn't died yet it is still a common word that every one uses and it will be
alive for a long time.

The word cold will probobly last for a good couple hundred years. i think
the word cold will be replaced at the year 3000 years and it will be replaced by a better word that
has a better understanding of the word cold.

  According to the oed the word ping pong began in the 1800s in england and the word is 208 years old
from this year.The very first people to ever play ping pong didnt play with a table, net ball and
racket. Ping pong is a popular sport it is played by ameture's but not professional sport.The
sport ping pong is played alot of people in britian because it is a fast going game and alot of
action involved.

The rules of ping poong is that there is a table that is nine feet long, five feet wide and
30inchies high. The net is six inches high and the rackets can be different shapes, size and weight.
To start the game a person flips a coin and calls a side to see who serves first. The person who
serves first has to toss it up and hit it over the net and you go back and forth until a player hits
the ball and misse the table , hits the net, or your opponet misses the ball and then you get one
point. You can not get a point off a serving. The score goes up to 11 but you have to win by two.
The very first people to invent ping pong didnt play on a regular ping pong table,regular net ,
ball and racket. They had to discover how to use all that stuff. They came up with a line of books
for the net, a round ed top of a champagne cork or knot of string would be the ball and they would
use a cigiar box lid as the racket. That was the first way of playing ping pong and equipment.
The game ping pong is not a profeesional game but it is a ameture sport. There are 140 countries
that compete into the national leage. A ameture said that "the reason why i started playing is
bc it was a nice intense game that has to do with alot of movement" by London Times.This sport
must tell you that this ameture must love this game and like to move around alot.

This sort is not ranked in the top sports but it isnt the last sport. England people dont call
it ping pong they call it table tennis. In Britian it is ranked in the top 20. There people like to
play that sport outdoorsecause of the nice weather and more room. It has been knowen that the most
people to enter a tourement is from england in london times.

In the lierautre area not that long ago there was a movie about people who got a golden
paddle around the world to enter and win achampionship game. This movie is called Balls Of Fury. The
main character has to get back into shape to play ping and get that golden paddle. When he was
little he went to the championship game and lost his dad and never played since cause they kidnap
his dad and he was the best kid to play. Then wen he was getting older he gained some weight and
didnt play until he decided to get that golden paddle and win the champion ship a game agaisnt that
same kid and beat him.

This sport ping pong will last for over 400 more years bacause people tell other people about
it and it will also be passed down by generation to generation. Also i think that it could get more
high tec and have a like a floating table or dont even need a table and use your hands as the paddle
and this game will always be a fun game no matter hoe old it will get.