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Creative Writing  
Over the years the word light has transformed over the ages starting from c 1000 written by Aelfric
Gen. i. 3. The definition at this time was a natural influence which evokes the functional activity
of the first time it was used was liyght. The first sentence it was used in was Til he wit hise
word mage liyght.

Three ordinary dictionaries define the word light in many different ways, the New Websters
Dictionary defines it as "The wave band of electromagnetic radiation between the
wavelengths". The Oxford American dictionary defines the word as "The agent that
stimulates the sense of sight, a kind of radiation". The American Herritage Dictionary defines
the word as "Electromagnetic radiation that has a wavelength".

A unique definition of the word light is the first definition of the word in the OED which is
"That natural agent or influence which proceeds from the sun in day time; daylight. The last
definition which I also believe is unique is "The state being visable or exposed to view.

Many authors have used this word the first ever author to use the word light is Aelfric and he used
it in this sentence, Til he wit hise word made liyght. Another author that used this word was Burke
and the sentence was, All colours depend on the light.

The word light is used in many different ways for scientific uses and for just other uses when
needed. When talking about an agent that stimulates the sense of sight in short stories or in
poems. Also in the London Times they use the word light to talk about daytime and also other news.

The word light is a word that started in the story of Beowulf and seeing how the word light has made
it this far I believe that the word will probably go on for how ever long the English language goes
on for which will probably go on for another 2,000 years. In conclusion I believe that since the
word light started off when the first book was made I think that the word light will die in the last
book that is written in English.


















Dear Sir Thomas Malory,

We are sorry to inform you that after sitting down for the past week and thinking this through that
we are just going to have to drop you out of our next edition of The Prentice Hall Literature book.
Although these past days have been hard deciding who would get cut, we would also kike to inform
you that there are some things that we do like about your work and that is the fact in one of your
stories we liked how you made them go on an adventure looking for the Holy Grail. We like that kind
of adventure. There are three reasons why we had to let you go. The first reason is that your plot
twists are too coincidental. The second reason is that there is too much obsession with the theme
of death, and the last reason we are rejecting your work is because females are not very liked in
the King Arthur stories.

The First reason I am rejecting your work is because the plot twists are too coincidental this of
course meaning that in the story when King Arthur goes to kill someone his sword breaks just what
are the odds of that. Also in the story of “Tristum and Fair Iseult” when Tristum he is trying to
get Iseult and then he has to go slay and of course Tristum does kill the dragon but another man
comes along and cuts the tongue out of the dead dragon that Tristum had slain and now it seems that
the random man had killed it not Tristum. Another example is when Tristum and Iseult were riding
back to King Mark’s ship and Tristum drinks the love potion and of course he falls in love with
Iseult but has to stay a true knight. There were many plot twists as you can see this is just one
of the reason we are rejecting your work.

Another reason we are rejecting your work is because there is too much of an obsession with the
theme of death. For example in the story of Sir Percival when he must kill the red knight to get
King Arthur’s cup back. Why must he kill the red knight when they could have had an intelligent
conversation and then Percival could have just asked for the cup back normally? Another example in
two of your stories is where both Tristum and Percival are adopted at a young age. The fact of the
matter is that their parents had died at a young age. This is once again where there just is too
much obsession of the theme of Death.

The last reason is that females are not very liked in the King Arthur stories this is a big upset to
us at Prentice Hall British Literature because most of our readers are females. Due to this reason
we also have some evidence to back our reason up the one and the only reason that made of decision
clear is that you only mention one woman in all of your king Arthur stories as a main character and
this is in the Sir Tristum story and the one woman who is only talked about in that one story is
Iseult. This was a major upset to us seeing how we really did like a lot of your work.

In Conclusion in order for us to let your work be In a future book we ask that you fix up this
reasons in your stories for us to even consider your work again thank you and have a nice day.
















The word baseball according to the Oxford English Dictionary appeared for the first time in
1815 making the word almost 200 years old. Baseball originated in Russia it was based on the same
concept except it was called Lapta. The first time it was played in Britain was after a cricket
game in the 19th century according to the World Book. Baseball in Britain is not very popular.
Baseball is an unpopular sport in Britain and the British will not adopt a sport coming from

Forms of baseball or rounders have been played in the United Kingdom since at least the 18th
century, and the traditional game of British baseball continues in Wales and Merseyside. In 1890 the
international version of the game was introduced to the United Kingdom in Derby by Francis Ley, a
Derby man who had discovered the game on a trip to the United States, and Albert Goodwill Spalding,
an American sporting goods businessman who saw opportunities to expand his business across the
Atlantic. One of the first baseball clubs was the Derby County Baseball Club which ran away with the
first championship after the National Baseball League of Great Britain and Ireland was established
in 1890. However, pressure from other teams in the league over the number of American players on the
Derby team forced Derby to resign at the end of the league's first season, though the baseball
club itself lasted until 1898. This is all according to the World Book.

Michael Joseph Hopkins was a Major League Baseball catcher, at least for one day, during the
1902 season. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland. Hopkins is one of only eight players in major league
history to be Scottish natives. He now plays in the BBF which stands for “British Baseball
Federation”. This is according to the Major League baseball website which in Britain is the BBF.

David Synnott being an amateur baseball player from Britain was a member of the Great Britain
Junior Team a couple of years ago. This was also according to the BBF website.

According to the Telegraph newspaper one recent article is stating that “the British Olympic
baseball team is in jeopardy of visiting the next Olympics in Beijing China due to the cost per
player which is fifty-thousand Euros”.

The English novelist Jane Austen made a reference to children playing "base-ball" on
a village green in her book “Northanger Abbey”, which was written between 1798 and 1803. The book
was not published until 1818.

Baseball has played a mediocre role in British history. However, even though the sport is not
very popular in the U.K. today its presence can be found worldwide in countries like Japan where the
British have influenced in the past.


















Dear Mr. President,

Hello Mr. President my name is Brendan Maciejko I am currently in tenth grade and I am here today to
try and tell you the reason why we should keep British Literature as a English class at our school.
British Literature is a must while being a tenth grader because first off it is the oldest kind of
Literature. It is very good to learn about your first poems and stories in your own language. My
experiences with British Literature have been very good. It has been the English of tenth graders
for many years and should not be abolished because it teaches us how Literature has developed from
when it was first created to present day. Seeing how British Literature was before American
Literature on the time line it should be taught in the same order it was created.

When you look at what sophomores this year learned in British Literature, it is very necessary that
these lessons be taught to students at Catholic Memorial. Take, for example the work that Michael
Murphy has done in British Literature in Mr. McGonegal's class this year. In his second essay
on lacrosse he wrote, "Lacrosse is a reflection of the English people in several ways, the
rules of the game are very seriously taken, and ejection from games is quite frequent in comparison
to American Leagues. You might say that the English people feel that neat and orderly play are more
important than violent fun, I personally disagree, but that would be a reflection on the English
people." He would have never had enough evidence to make that conclusion about comparing
English people to American people if British Literature had not made him write this paper. Also
take for example another sophomore attending Catholic Memorial Timothy McLaughlin. For example in
his first paper about the word carnage he wrote, "The first person I surveyed was my classmate
Hagop who had this to say when I asked for his thoughts on the word "carnage", "I
dunno. What does it mean?" Needless to say Hagop was incapable of using "carnage" in
a sentence." This proves a lot about the impact this paper is having on Timothy if it was not
for this paper he would be in the same boat that hagop is in.

Recently calling a local high school by the name of English high school I learned that
British literature is not taught at this school. Doing this research lead me to looking at their
testing scores in English and due to the fact they do not teach British literature in their school
26 percent of the students pass English every year. This of course is due to the fact of the lack
of British Literature being taught in their school. Another high school that I called was Boston
Latin School. I learned from the secretary that indeed they do teach British Literature to their
students and yes it did have an effect on their English test scores the scores came back as 100
percent of the students passing English. The last and final school I called was a school by the
name of Fenway High. I learned that they do teach British Literature in their school and it shows
in their test scores because they have 96 percent of the students passing or needs improvement.

I recently emailed a British author by the name of Angus Macleod he wrote an article
for the London times I asked the question do you think tenth graders should learn British literature
he replied " If it were up to me it would be a mandatory subject. I believe it is the base of
all of literature. I am not only saying this because I am a British author I am simply saying this
because I believe it is true." This Mr. President is only another reason why we should keep
British Literature in our school take it from a person that writes for a living.

I also got the chance to interview a teacher at Catholic Memorial and that teacher was
Mr. Hurley. According to Mr. Hurley even though he does not teach British Literature anymore he has
now moved on to teacher English to seniors. He said that it is a good kind of Literature and should
be taught at sometime in your high school career. He too said that it was the base of all the
different literatures.

I do not know what other facts I must present to you. But I do know that I have proven my point
that you should keep British literature at this school as it says in my essay it proves that two
students have learned stuff from British Literature. You have also seen the effects of what happens
to test scores when you do teach British Literature in a school.