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Creative Writing  
  The word "school" was created about 800years ago. Over the course of time the word
has come to mean an establishment in which boys or girl, or both, receive instruction. Many people
think that school is a place where we study and steps to go to college. In special meaning, it is
"the place in which an ancient Greek or Roman philosopher taught his hearers." In this
essay, there are the meanings of "school" is different from person to person, however it
originates from status and achievement.

Many people can think different meanings of word "school". Most people said that
school is a place where we can make memories and one of the steps to become an adult. One of my
friends Seung Eun said "School is a place where we can make friends and to make good
memories". My friend Yun Jae said "School is a painful place, because we have to do
homework and study for test". Some people would think that school is a good place and some
people would think that school is a bad place. However, school prepares one for the future by giving
skills and knowledge that is necessary.

The word "school" has a long history, commonly being used during the 14th century.
Over the course of 5 centuries, the word "school" came many means. The common definition
of the word "school" is "a place for learned intercourse and instruction" from
the OED dictionary. In my opinion, the word "school" means a place where it provides one
to gain engough knowledge to enter university. Many people in the world have a different
understanding of the word. The unique definition of "school" is group. This word describes
a group of people, sheep, and tigers. While many people thisnk that "school" is a place
where we study, this definition tells us particular meanings.

The school has a many renowned authors have used in this word. In the play of Merry W,
Shakespeare wrote "How now Sir Hugh, no Schooled to day? This quotation is trying to say that
one of the characters is lazy to goto school and another character said are you no going school?
Also, in the play of the Will, Reynolds wrote "School's up! School's Up!" This
quotation means that one of the characters is trying to say school is up! School is up! So the
character that is sleeping could wake up.

Many Journalists use the word "school" to analyze the current politicaland social
climate in a particular area. In Los Angeles Times, the author used "The motion by school board
member Marguerite Poindexter LaMotte calls for the district to exhaust all legal options with the
MTA to eliminate at grade crossing that present a danger to pedestrians." It was hard to find a
quote that is a unique defintion fo school.

The word "school" was very common to understand. When i asked foreign language
speakers about the word "school", more than 90 percent people understood. One of my
friends James said "it was very easy to understand because the word "school" is so
common word." However, one of another friend Owen said "It was hard because i really
don't care about English." THis guy was stupid to learn English. There are many ways to
combine the word "school" easily to understand the word in a different language.

When I research the word "school", i realized that how we cannot live without school,
because many billions people in the world goes and went to school and live without this word.
Therefore, it was very good time to research about the word "school".















Dear Mr. Shakespeare,

Hello, Shakespeare. This is David Lim, a publisher, and I am very appreciative that you wrote many
sonnets. When I read your sonnets, I thought they were great. Of course you are Shakespeare and I
know they would be great sonnets. However, I am so sorry that I cannot publish your sonnets. It was
difficult to publish your sonnets, because I have a short budget. However, there were three main
reasons that I did not like your sonnets: first, the way you perceive love; second, the way your
sonnets sound melancholy; last, the way your sonnets make mistakes with iambic pentameter.

First, sonnet 116 and sonnet 130 behave in opposite ways. Sonnet 116 shows how love is good and
everlasting. However, sonnet 130 shows how love is bad and dirty. In sonnet 116 line six to seven,
it says, “That looks on tempests and is never shaken. It is the star to every wandering bark.” Also,
in sonnet 116 line eleven, “Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks.” These lines show how
love is important and precious. However, in sonnet 130 line five and six you write, “I have seen
roses damasked, red and white, But no such roses see I in her cheeks.” The character of the poem
demonstrates that he does not feel affectionate towards the girl. Also, line seven and eight says,
“And in some perfumes is there more delight than in the breath that from my mistress reeks.” The
character also demonstrates that love is dirty and nasty. As you know, we want to show that love is
good, but sonnet 130 does not show love in a positive light. Furthermore, we do not want to
contradict messages in your sonnets.

Another thing that I did not like in your sonnet was that it was melancholy. For examples, in
sonnet 29 line three it says, “And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries.” In sonnet 130 line
thirteen, “And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare”, and in sonnet116 line fourteen, “I never
writ, nor no man ever loved.” As you know, many countries in the world are having war and the
economy is not going well. Many people are feeling gloomy and experiencing pain. Therefore, people
want to read something joyful or hopeful, but your poems are making people more melancholy.

Finally, the last thing that I did not like was that your sonnet type was in iambic pentameter and
that each line had to be ten syllables. However, in Sonnet 29, “Yet in these thoughts myself almost
despising,” this line had eleven syllables. Also, the line in sonnet 130, “My mistress’ eyes are
nothing like the sun” had eleven syllables too. Furthermore, in Sonnet 116, one of your lines says,
“Let me not to the marriage of true minds.” The problem was that “not” has stronger accent than
“me.” Therefore, I want you to change your lines and check again your iambic pentameter.

As I told you before, I am so sorry that I cannot publish your sonnets. However, your plays are
great, and if there is a chance, I hope to publish your sonnet next time. I am confident that your
work will be published next year in “The British Tradition”. Don’t be so disappointed about this and
keep up your good work.

-From David Lim-















The word “basketball” comes from America in early December 1891. It is a game played by two teams of
five players on a rectangular court scored by shooting the ball through the opponent’s basket.
According to “Wikipedia”, the sport originated in America in the 19th century. Basketball was
invented by James Naismith in 1891 at the Birkenhead YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. The
British recognized and started playing basketball right after it was invented in 1892. However, the
British people were not very interested in basketball because they were more interested in football,
rugby, and cricket. In this essay, I will discuss Britain’s basketball history, its professional and
amateur basketball organizations, and British basketball literature. Also, this paper will explain
how the interest in basketball in Great Britain has been low, but is currently growing.

In the history of British basketball, after it was introduced in the country in 1892, it remained
largely unpopular until the 1980’s. During the 1980’s, professional basketball began in England with
a creation of the BBL in 1987. The BBL has helped basketball to become more popular in Britain.

The NBA is the most popular basketball league in the world. Despite the global popularity of
basketball its popularity is still limited in England. Generally speaking, British people are much
more interested in football than basketball. Moreover, the NBA and British basketball have some
differences. First, according to FIBA, are four periods each of which are ten minute, long in
international basketball of which the British National team is part. However, the NBA has four
periods that are twelve minutes each. Also, British basketball has a smaller court length and three
point distance than the NBA. Furthermore, the NBA has a six foul limit, while British basketball has
a five foul limit.

In regard to professional organizations, there are FIBA, BBL (British Basketball League), and the
Olympic team. According to FIBA, the British joined in 1992. However, the United Kingdom is not
included in the ranking, because British people are not very interested in basketball and the team
is not good. The BBL, the professional organization, was started in 1987 and there are now twelve
teams in the league. The famous players in the BBL are James Life, Carlos White, and Rob Yanders.
According to the BBL (British Basketball League), James Life he was born in 1983 and his hometown is
in Florida. Also, during his college years, he was a guard for the basketball team at UMASS. His
coach in UMASS, coach ford said “"I think you will see a big improvement for James in his
senior season. James is probably one of the best shooter on our basketball team”.

In regard to amateur players, there is one player named Stephen Beamond. According to the website,
English Amateur Basketball Players, Stephen Beamond is seventeen years old and lives in England. He
plays for the Birmingham Bullets and Nether Stowe High School. Also, he wants people to call him
“Air Ste”.

According the British Basketball League, the British basketball Olympic team was organized in 1939.
England, along with the basketball team in Scotland and their counterparts in Wales combined forces
to form the Great Britain national basketball team. This illustrates the low interest level for
basketball in Britain, so they needed to combine with Scotland and Wales to make one team.

According to the “Telescope News”, the National Basketball Association (NBA) All Star game could be
staged at London’s 02 Arena in 2011. This shows that the NBA is trying to promote basketball in
England. Also, last October, an exhibition game between the Boston Celtics and the Minnesota
Timberwolves was played in London. The NBA commissioner was full of praise for London’s venue and
said “London is an NBA ready arena”. Furthermore, there have been informal talks between London and
the NBA about the prospect for a regular season game stage in 2009. According to the “Telegraph”, it
has been reported that British basketball seems to be growing and eventually it will develop much
more in the Olympics. FIBA confirmed the ability of team Great Britain to win the Olympics.
Therefore, team Great Britain is now focusing on preparing men’s and women’s teams to complete in
this year’s Euro Basket Division B.

There are some examples of basketball being discussed in British literature. One example is a song
called “Mona lisa and mad hatters part two” by Elton John. This song refers to life in New York
City. In the song, there is a quote about basketball: “I heard a basketball, somewhere out beyond a
chain link fence, inner city prisoners argue for the right of self-defense, but there's a fast
break”. In the movie, “O” which is inspired by Shakespeare’s Othello and this story is focuses on
high school basketball. Also, a movie called “Above the Rim” has a small scene with British men
playing basketball in the park. I think these literatures would help to increase British people to
interest at basketball.

Finally, the future of British basketball will likely experience continued growth in popularity. The
reason is because in the news, the NBA is trying to expand into England and other international
markets. Also, the Celtics had already played in London and the response throughout Britain was
overwhelmingly positive. Furthermore, if there will be additional opportunities to play NBA games in
England, then the interest in basketball in Britain should continue to increase.
















Mr. President, my name is David Lim and we are studying British Literature as sophomores and this
has been a great class. During our freshman year, we studied World Literature in English, while
during our junior year, we study American Literature, and during our senior year, we study college
preparatory English. My experience in British Literature has been very educational. Next year, we
should continue to have sophomores study British Literature because this literature was created by
many important literary figures who have strongly influenced literature around the world.

There are several reasons why British literature has been very helpful to us. First, we learned many
old English words and expressions that are no longer commonly used. Also, we learned many different
types of literature, such as poems, novels, and plays. For example, reading Shakespeare’s Macbeth
introduced us to early British plays. Classmate Joseph Warren’s essay said “I like how Shakespeare
makes the important and mysterious character Macduff investigate Macbeth throughout the entire play
and at the end find out the truth, and still not be crowned king.” Another thing we learned was
reading poetry and different styles such as iambic pentameter and other rhythms commonly used by
poets. Also, we studied symbolism, metaphor, and literary tools that make literature very full. For
example, student Brendan Maciejko learned that “The word light is a word that started in the story
of Beowulf.” Also, Sam Mcgee said “Even still if you were to read the sentence in Beowulf where the
word “swetne” is used, it is clear it still had the same implied meaning.” Therefore, learning these
things gives us a deeper understanding of the history of literature and helps us to improve our own
writing skills.

I researched three other schools that teach British Literature during junior year. First, at Boston
College high school, I contacted with Smith Kim on the phone and she said “We teach British
Literature junior year and in sophomore year, they teach American Literature.” Also, in Boston
College high school’s website says “The English courses will start with an emphasis on developing
critical reading skills, beginning with short stories before moving to novels, drama, and poetry.”
In Brookline high school, I contacted on the phone with Mary Burchenal and she said “Most sophomores
are learning American Literature, but some of them are learning British Literature. However, British
Literature is mostly for junior year.” Last of all, at Boston Latin high school, I contacted with
Ms. Moran on email and she said “We learn British Literature at junior year and in sophomore year,
they learn American Literature.” In the Boston Latin high school’s website, it says “The English
Department is committed to developing the reading, writing, listening, speaking, research, and
critical thinking skills of all Boston Latin School students.” Therefore, three of those schools are
showing that British Literature is very important. The reason is because they think British
Literature is much more important to learn, so they teach at the most important year at junior.

From the Boston Latin School I interviewed Ms. Moran, the British Literature teacher in order to get
a teacher’s perspective on this issue. First, I asked Ms. Moran “Why do you teach British
Literature?” She answered “We teach British literature because, as an English-speaking nation, we
have a responsibility to be well-versed in the writing of our literary ancestors. This work had a
major influence on American literature and is, of course, important and valuable in its own right.”
Also, I asked “Do you think it is good for students to learn this?” and Ms. Moran said she feels it
is vital for students to understand their literary heritage, and for Americans, British literature
is a major part of this. Finally, I asked her “Do you think it is still relevant?” Ms Moran thinks
that British Literature is still relevant because the great writers of any culture explore the
important questions of what it means to be human. Furthermore, Ms Moran said they have read Beowulf,
Paradise Lost, essays by Pope and Swift, the Romantic poets, and much more.

Finally, I contacted Harriet Addison, a British Journalist, and I asked her several questions about
British Literature. First, I asked her “Do you think American students should spend an entire year
learning British Literature?” and she answered “Yes, certainly.” In response to this, I asked “Do
you think classic British Literature is still relevant?” and she answered “Yes the reason why books
become classics, is because they continue to be relevant and influential outside the period in which
they were written.” Furthermore, Ms. Addison said Shakespeare, Dickens, Jane Austen, and the Bronte
sisters are the authors we should study. Finally, I asked her “Do you think foreign students should
learn British Literature?” and she answered “Yes it is an extremely important way to learn about the
culture of the country.” Therefore, Ms. Addison’s opinion supports that high school students in
America should continue to study British Literature, because the classics remain relevant.
Furthermore, learning British Literature is important for understanding the culture and history of

Sophomores at our school should continue to study British Literature. As you can see from the
research I conducted, there are many reasons that support my opinion. It is clear that students have
learned a great deal from studying British Literature. Also, other high schools are teaching British
Literature. The British Literature teacher and British author that I surveyed answered similar
comments about the utility and importance of British Literature outside the period in which it was
written. Therefore, I make a strong opinion for continue to study British Literature at our school.